'The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation's' Marilynn Hughes Joins
'Swedenborg and Life' with Curtis Schilds

'The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation's' Marilynn Hughes on Journey into the Light

Video Two: Books by Friends and Colleagues of Marilynn Hughes

Marilynn Hughes and Dr. Rudy Schild, Harvard Emeritus Professor in Astrophysics, Editor of the Journal Cosmology wrote the Chapter 'The Science for Moral Law'.
Read it here. 

Video One: Collaborations with Friends and Colleagues of Marilynn Hughes

(Music From 'The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation Hymnals on 5 CD's, By Marilynn Hughes)

(Music From 'The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation Hymnals on 5 CD's, By Marilynn Hughes)

The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation's

  • Universal Light Expo, Columbus, OH
  • The Whole Life Expo, Durango, CO
  • Barnes & Noble, Cincinnati, OH
  • Books & Co., Dayton, OH
  • The Borders, Columbus, OH
  • Galaxy 10, Dayton, OH
  • First Church of Religious Science, Dayton, OH
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Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell

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Articles/Contributions By Marilynn Hughes

       Spiritual Lifestyles Magazinee

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Interviews Involving Discussion on Marilynn Hughes

'The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation's' Marilynn Hughes on Paranormal Palace

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Other Books Written by Marilynn Hughes
Published by Hampton Roads Publishing

The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation's
Articles About Marilynn Hughes

  • Alternate Means,' Article By Preeta Samarasan, Writer for the Hyphen Journal, San Francisco, CA
  • Marilynn Hughes Out-of-Body Travel Experiment Stuns Skeptiko Host
  • Dayton Daily News, Hometown – Woman’s Website a Source for Spiritual Needs
  • Edge Life Review
  • Columbus Dispatch, Tipp City Mother Goes Where few Have Travelled

'The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation's' Marilynn Hughes on
Being a Member of the Board for
'The Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Extraterrestrial Experiences'

Marrotech, Into the Blue Light, Inspired by the Star Tunnel in the Writings of
'The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation's' Marilynn Hughes

'The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation's' Marilynn Hughes on Good Afternoon Colorado

Kendall Hyatt, Swedenborg and Life Listener, USA - "I just watched the episode of Swedenborg and Life that you are featured in, Children in Heaven. What an inspiring hour and a half that was. I have grown up Swedenborgian and love learning about the afterlife, so I am just thrilled to hear from others who have a thirst for exploring the spiritual world. I was intrigued by the name of your website, so earlier today I watched the documentary featured on the home page. I am writing to say that I really appreciate how unapologetic and open you are about your mystical experiences. I also appreciate hearing the message of selflessness over and over again . . . Thank you for doing the work you do and for passing on the message that our lives here on Earth have purpose. It renews my desire to keep fighting the good fight. "

Rachel Heinrichs, Lake Worth, FL, USA - "I just watched the offthelefteye video about marriage and I really loved what you said, especially right in the middle of the video. Very good and well put. Thank you!!"

Sara Jane, Portland, OR - "I watched the Swedenborg interview a few months ago and I swear I didn't hear a word she said because there was this radiant energy about her and all I could think was, 'Wow, she's so beautiful'"

'The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation's' Marilynn Hughes on Night Dreams Talk Radio
with Gary Anderson

'The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation's' Marilynn Hughes on X - Zone Radio
with Rob McConnell

'The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation's' Marilynn Hughes on the Joan Rivers Show

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'The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation's' Marilynn Hughes
Michael Jackson: The Afterlife Experiences

The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation's on Selflessness

Bob Wagner, San Franciso, CA, USA - "During Your Show I was wide awake. Loads of Energy and Light. I was able to Tune Up my Entire Spiritual life. Next after the Show I was in Spirit the rest of the Night. I helped five Lost Souls. People I knew who have crossed over. What a Great Night!!!"

Antonio Herbert, Lubbock, TX, USA - "You are brilliant on air."

Sunshine Aziv, Reader, SERBIA - “Every night, I listen to your interviews with George Noory and your Youtube videos as well . . . and I shared it with my children. It has been my dream to travel out-of-body.”

John Lyssatikos, New Jersey, NY, USA - "I just finished listening to you with George on Coast-to-Coast. You were outstanding. I very much admire not only the depth of your knowledge and experiences but you communicate and listen so well to both George and the callers. Thank you as always for all you do and share for all of us."

George Zgourides, MD, PsyD, Physician, Psychologist, Author, Speaker, Media Guest, Medical Director - "Wonderful listening to you on C2C earlier this morning, Marilynn! Thank you for what you do!"

The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation's
Marilynn Hughes, Collaborations

  • The Military UFO Files of C. Ronald Garner, Ron Garner asked Marilynn Hughes to preserve and distribute his                                  work after his death. Jean Librero, French to English Translator of UFO Books, Collaborated with                              Marilynn Hughes to work towards making sure that Garner's Books all get translated into French.

  • f                                           Realization.'   

  • The Mind Design Academy asked Marilynn Hughes to join forces to introduce new technology which helps to                                 decode illness with sound frequencies according to science introduced at the 1984 Geneva                                          Convention - The Jupiter Voice Scan.
  • Dr. Hanny Hanna, Director of Antiquities, Cairo, invited Marilynn Hughes to join him at archeaological                                               conference.

  • Dr. Stephen Royal Jackson, America's Premiere Stress Doctor, worked together on Reiki and Stress and how
    •                 these things impact on Out-of-Body Travel states. 

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  • 'The Economics of Happiness', Author Mark Anielski and Marilynn Hughes communicated in depth on creating                              societies with new goals which are defined by quotients of well-being. 
  • John Walker of the Rennes Les Chateau Society corresponded with Marilynn Hughes regarding the mysteries                                of Rennes Les Chateau and offered his historical knowledge of the Mary Magdalene Church in the                             below named article.
  • The Future Life Institute's, J.L. Mee, contacted Marilynn Hughes about teaching courses on Out-of-Body                                          Experiences and Consciousness. 
  • Willy Whitefeather, Cherokee Elder, asked Marilynn Hughes to help with preserving the sacred stories, wisdom                           and knowledge of the people before he passes.   

Linda Miroslav Sabbath, Mystic, close friend of Thomas Merton, Author of 'The Unveiling of God', reached out
                                to Marilynn Hughes for sharing of the mystic path shortly before her passing.

Chandresh Singh Krishna read 'The Hammer of Mysticism', by Marilynn Hughes and wished to and Contrast the                                            Work with Vedic Systems in his Work 'Concept of Atman (Soul) in Philosophical Systems:                                                    Analysing Samkhya as a Tool to Realize Nature of Yoga and its Practices in Context of Self                                                  Realization.'

The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation's How to Prepare for an Out-of-Body Experience

The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation's How does it Feel to Astral Travel

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Stations of the Cross with Marilynn Hughes

'The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation's' Marilynn Hughes on Coast to Coast AM
with George Noory

Matthew Martin, Listener, Toledo, OH, USA - "I love listening to Marilynn Hughes! She is my go to spiritual teacher via her talks and books. I hope you take the time to tune into this session!"

The Out-of-Body Experiment with Alex Tsakiris and Skeptiko

'The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation's' Marilynn Hughes on the
'The Unexplained with Howard Hughes' and The Paranormal Peep Show UK

Bill Tuck, Phelan, CA USA - "Just listened to Mr. Hughes show with you. You were Excellent, him being a non-believer brought out some interesting things from you. I was so happy to hear you promote your books! That for me has totally opened up the Astral World to me. From top to bottom. Also meeting with you in spirit (and being taught there)! It took me a few years after meeting you and reading your books to get squared away in my own experiences. I enjoy my night life so much that I don`t share it. But I for sure will recomend your books. If people are serious they will find themself in their own world up there. But that's up to them. Thanks for the show! I have left many posts on Amazon affirming the reality of your work! Please keep me posted on future shows!"

The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation's Marilynn Hughes with Paranormal Science Radio

Written to Define Contact Modalities

Twenty Seven Years after her First Interview with Art Bell in 1992, The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation's Marilynn Hughes Speaks to Tim Weisburg on Midnight in the Desert

Art Bell

The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation's
Marilynn Hughes, Appearances

The Road to Armageddon: A Spiritual Documentary

Featuring Marilynn Hughes

    Sammy Anderson, Host of Soul Curious Podcast, WA, USA - "First I just want to say how incredible you are. I had such a good time re listening and editing this episode-I could listen over and over!!! I would love to have you on again in the future!!! You are amazing. Can’t thank you enough!!!"

    'The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation's' Marilynn Hughes on
    Soul Curious with Sammy Anderson

    Karin Schilds, Producer, Swedenborg and Life - "Your enthusiasm is inspiring, and our live audience last night really like what you had to say!"

    The Economics of Well Being

    Justin Lang, Vancouver B.C., CANADA - "I was really impressed with your most recent interview that you had with Curtis Childs from the Swedenborg Foundation. I checked out your website and was (also) impressed !!!!"

    Pamella Elisabetto Zippo,  Ragioneria ist. Margherita di Savoia Roma, Rome, ITALY - "Your videos are very beautiful and special. Thanks for the gift!" 

    Maria Anna Hargrove (Pseudonym), Minneapolis, MN, USA - "Hello Marilynn. It was a sincere pleasure to share in our discussion group with you this evening. I first watched the Road to Armageddon video over a year ago and sat numb for a long time afterwards. Hearing what you and Howard shared touched me and affected me in a profound way. I wanted to go through the screen and sit with you and Howard. I couldn't get enough of the truth you shared. It was the first I had come across that brought the depth of the hellish realms, ancient scripture, the mystics and Catholicism in one message. AMAZING to me. In pure excitement, I shared that video with some friends, one being my dear friend Ralph and he also was affected so much that he reached out to you and now today we were able to share in a mystical discussion. A discussion I was eager to have over a year ago. I love seeing how God works in us, through us and with us. Tonight was a grace from God and I am truly blessed to have shared with you and the video group tonight. God bless. I hope we are able to talk again in the near future. - Lovingly, Maria"

    'The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation's' Marilynn Hughes on Midnight in the Desert

    The Other Side of Midnight with Richard C. Hoagland

    • 'Dying to Fit In,' Erika McKenzie, Guest on Dr. Oz, and Marilynn Hughes Coordinated on the  John Hopkins Study                           on Near Death and Non-Ordinary Experiences
    • The Triad Mind, Mark Certo, Sound Engineer for the Monroe Institute. We are sharing the importance of the 
    •                          sound technology he is researching for Out-of-Body Travel.
    • A Short History of Mass Retrievals references the work of Marilynn Hughes. 
    • Stargate Remote Viewers, Joseph McMoneagle and Major Ed Dames Collaborate on getting the word out on                                   Remote Viewing Training. 
    • 'Quantum Energetics,' Dr. Lynn Sereda and Marilynn Hughes ollaborate on defining consciousness states into                              the higher transcendental
    • 'From Here to Andromeda', David Sereda and Marilynn Hughes compared notes on the similarity of their out-of-                          body experiences. 

    Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Apollo Astronaut and founder of 'The Institute for Noetic Sciences

    The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation's
    Books Including Research On Marilynn Hughes

    John Lyssikatos, New Jersey, NJ, USA  - "I recently discovered you through your documentary, 'The Road to Armageddon'. The work you have been doing is so amazing and important. I listen to your audio CD on your most memorable out of body experiences on a daily basis and have also begun listening to your audio CD for 'Come To Wisdom's Door'. I am so thankful for the sacred prayers that you shared from the various faiths. I read almost all of them each morning and every night. Thank you for the sacred work and service you do for all of us. You are indeed doing God's work."

    'The Road to Armageddon: A Spiritual Documentary,' Featuring
    'The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation's' Marilynn Hughes


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