THE CHRIST OF THE REDEMPTION: The Leg, the Balance, the Weight and the Volume, The Mechanics of Spiritual Warfare and Energetic Alteration – As a soul meanders through the spiritual life, it is inevitable that a time of persecution will come into their perimeter. This tome engages the reader to understand the mechanism by which such spiritual warfare is confronted by the heavenly powers and how the alteration of the intrinsic matter must occur in order to have a lasting peace with those who engage in battle with the believer. ‘The Christ of the Redemption’ is an experiential commentary on the works of Jacob Boehme and Dionysius describing the mechanism by which God brings transformation from heaven to earth within the soul of humankind. And as you follow this path, their words become ever more clear and understandable and the mechanism becomes a tangible through-way that the seeker can follow when moving through the dangerous world where spiritual warfare has entered into the physical realm. This book will teach you how to move properly through the warfare, and into the peace that transcends all understanding; even when other people are not cooperating with your vision of love.

The Christ of the Redemption: The Leg, the Balance, the Weight and the Volume - The Mechanics of Spiritual Warfare and Energetic Alteration, By Marilynn Hughes