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Adriana, Youtube Subscriber and Member, USA -  "Hello Dear Marilynn, It was indeed an honor to catch you “live” last week for the first time and I was delighted to listen to the books you read live. I had no idea about these books at all and I look forward to reading some of them one day as time allows me.  I did sign up for the membership and I look forward to be blessed with many more of your  “live” videos and learning from  you who have done ample research and reading and have had many spiritual experiences.  

My journey seeking God started many years ago when I started reading many, many, many, NDE books and reading the scriptures and some gnostic writings like the Nag Hammadi Library and some non-canonical books.  I remember long ago reading your NDE stairway to heaven ( I can’t quite remember what website maybe NDERF or IANDS archives or a book or another) but never looked you up until when I was listening to the Seeking Heaven Channel (I listen to all the major NDE interview channels like Jeff Mara, Kirsty Salisbury, Passion Harvest, NDE Radio, etc)  a few weeks ago and I watched your interview.  I was amazed with the extent of all the work you have done and something prompt me to look up your channel and I am so glad I did.  

For the first time, I was able to ask a question in regards to what I have experienced for many  many years since childhood in my life (sleeping paralysis, very loud vibration noises, etc when I wake up sometimes ). I never really read much about astral travel/projection, etc… because growing up religious, I was always told to stay away from those things. Well…even reading the Bible in a modern version other than King James was a no no and reading non-canonical books, I definitely kept that to myself and never spoke about it at church.

I watched all of your 95 Q&A questions and oh.... I was delighted as you answered some of my deepest questions and I watched 'The Road to  Armageddon' with Howard Storm ( I just love Howard Storm) and you touched my heart with what I felt was deepest truths... like a remembrance... hard to explain….and  the beauty of it is that you are open & you study teachings from  other faiths  without being bias/judgmental about it.

I always felt I can learn from many good teachers and know that Jesus Christ is our Savior the Messiah. I do look forward to watching all the contents in your channel big time!!!!!!  And I hope to conquer my fears. I did download all your recommended ebooks and I started reading 'The Mysteries of the Redemption: A Treatise on Out-of-Body Travel and Mysticism' and this morning, I listened to your newest interview and I was speechless and joyful  when I heard you saying you were raised Mormon because I too grew up Mormon and I know that you totally understand my struggles trying to get rid of all the incorrect ideologies from  religious denominations. I am taking one step at time, little by little I try to learn more.  Thank you for answering my question last week and may God be with you, always. 

Thank you for the most inspirational Live today. I got a little busy at work towards the end and had to finish up listening now. I really needed the messages of Faith and Mercy so much, you have no idea. Please keep them coming in your upcoming Livestreams. Most websites about mystical experiences are all new age stuff and they all toss our Lord and Savior Jesus out the window. Thank you for your faith in Christ. It gives me hope. Good night and May the Lord bless you. L
ove, Adriana "