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Tales of the Mendicant Preachers

Vikki Burke, Nashville, TN, USA - "I just wanted to thank you for sharing your vision. I wanted to express what I felt now coming off of you, as if you have been touched, in some new way - as never before - it was deep and penetrating and felt very significant and different than before. It was as if something had now begun to bloom differently - its fragrance gentler somehow and humbling. Your words now carried a tint of some new tenderness . . . it's hard to put into words. Perhaps it will bring you some joy to know this." 

Paul Haze, Youtube Subscriber, USA -  " God Bless you for this timely story from the book of Enoch. It is a confirmation for me regarding something that The Lord has been speaking to me about. I’ve always been fascinated with how Elijah and Enoch ascended into heaven without dying and from different sources I’ve read and you reconfirmed that they changed into archangels.  Thanks again Marilynn. Love your work and am always blessed by it. Thanks."

AstroLibera, Youtube Subscriber, Finland - "Your work is tangible on the Mendicant Preachers."

Raw Reverence Awe and Wonder, Youtube Subscriber, USA -"I have now ordered this book...Thank you for such a great share!!  Always interesting. Time is very precious, I so appreciate you taking a single moment to share!!"