The Fragrance of the Mystical Rose: The Revelation of the Out-of-Body Travel Celestial Mysteries from the Enclosed Garden of God - The Fragrance of the Mystical Rose are those Out-of-Body Experiences which are beyond words and lie only within the energetic spheres of knowledge. The Revelation of the Celestial Mysteries is the admittance of such spheres into words and understanding. The Enclosed Garden of God are the Initiations and Rites of Passage within which the Mysteries of God’s Mercy become energetically embodied within the soul . . . and the energetic potential becomes realized as the old man transforms into the new.

Within this mystery lies the Fragrance of a Mystical Rose, revealed through the Celestial Mysteries . . . but only to be found in the Enclosed Garden of God.

The Fragrance of the Mystical Rose: The Revelation of the Out-of-Body Travel Celestial Mysteries from the Enclosed Garden of God, By Marilynn Hughes

"It's all true, everything your books say. Thank you for providing us the tools... my ascent and rites are beginning." - Antonio Herbert, Reader, Kissimmee, FL

"'The Fragrance of the Mystical Rose' is a book that will say many things to those who are at different stages of the assent to Heaven. I, too, have been reading it slowly and find myself reading many parts over again and meditating about my past experiences and those that I hope to have. At more than one point, I found myself wishing I would have read it many years ago. Thank you for all it took to write this piece. I know it was all you had to give; and not all give as much as you have. A great work . . . astonishing and heart felt. Love, Daniel" - Daniel Delmer, Reader, Philadelphia, PA, USA

"Just wanted to comment that I can clearly see and feel (!!!!) that looking at your new book, God is just expanding your knowledge like speed of light (!!!) Amazing (!!!) You are beautiful instrument of God, I can feel it . . . beautiful . . . I have started to read little by little . . . I am still beginning of this book; but it is an amazing, breathtaking and shocking book. Can't believe this kind of book exists..really no word to describe how thankful I am to have this book, Marilynn.

Feeling already that this book is a guide sign of my path. Now, I am climbing huge mountain aiming to reach top step by step...tiny step...looks impossible to reach for me to get to the top. Often times, I lose my way. I get confused. But I know this holy book will help me as a map to get there..exactly tells me what to expect.
Can't wait to read the entire book. It will take time for me to finish as I am just so shocked what I am reading is actually available to me . . . I have to put it down often times and talk to God. So it will take time, but I am really really thankful for this holy holy treasure book. Thank you so so much Marilynn. And most of all; thanks be to God." - Mari Tang, Reader, Sacramento, CA, USA

“I finished your book ‘The Fragrance of the Mystical Rose.’ Beautiful and very helpful continuation  . . . of your previous books, especial ‘The Mysteries of the Redemption: A Treatise on Out-of-Body Travel and Mysticism,’ and ‘Galactica: A Treatise on Death, Dying and Afterlife.’ It explains more in detail why we have to seek God, the way of our purification and in this sense the reason, why we are here on this mortal realm. Really beautiful and very helpful book for study and meditation." - Darja, Reader, Ljubljana, Slovenia

"Thank you for your paper on the fragrance of the mystical rose. I was so taken back by your depth and knowledge, I couldn't stop reading! Thank you for all the time you put into this paper and for sharing it with us." - Ian Alexander, Academia, USA