Out-of-Body Experiences: What you Need to Know, By Marilynn Hughes

Out-of-Body Experiences: What you Need to Know -  In the modern world, man has begun to seek a higher calling. And what he seeks in an age of technological development and massive advances in human science is of all things - an age old experience. Out-of-Body Experiences have been happening throughout time, though many seem to perceive them as something new. In reality, the great masters of our faiths have laid out the path for us to achieve such states in very explicit writings.

                       The great teachers in our many faiths attained realization and liberation. They achieved the highest mystical states known to man: Samadhi, Ecstasy, Nirvana and the Absolute. Most of all, their journeys were filled with knowledge-seeking, the kind of wisdom that can only be known through the experience of it energetically by the hand of God.

                       For those who have been seeking prudently the path to achieve Out-of-Body Experiences, this is how it's done . . . and it will not be what you expect.

"I am nearly finished with the subject book. Initially, it seemed just 'interesting,' but around 80% into it you talk about time constructs, etc. Darned if you haven't nailed it! It is helping me integrate several experiences from over the years. Thank you!" - Lukman Clark, Riverside, CA, USA