The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation Reviews

"You will see its title 'Now I am a Carthusian in Spirit.' It is yours! And I hope you enjoy it! Marilynn, it simply happened on my mind, exactly in that moment I know I was thinking of angels. Then, I was thinking of you. Yeah, you are a so decent and full of delicacy person, that you turned into an angel in my mind. Do you permit me to call you Angel? Well then, to me, you already were born an Angel! I love to read your texts. Once more, a strong and friendly hug, with all my blessings." Eduardo de Andrade, Former Carthusian Monk, BRAZIL

From the Critics

Joseph McMoneagle, Author “Stargate: Memoirs of Psychic Spy,” World-Renowned Remote Viewer
– “Marilynn’s energy and enthusiasm for the spiritual subjects she writes about is only surpassed by the amount of hard work that goes into her writings. She has established herself as an authority within the unique and experiential field of the (Out-of-Body and) Near Death Experience. Anything she presents is well worth the time and attention one might spend on it."

Heather Wade, Host of 'The Kingdom of Nye' and Art Bell's Protege - "You're a shining example and inspiration to us all."

Terry Burka, Author of 'Meditation Manual for Seekers,' Vedic/Upanashadic Scholar, Los Angeles, CA, USA - "You are the real thing Marilynn Hughes, I tore your books apart, scrubbed them hard, not a word is a contradiction to Vedas or Upanishads. I am so honored to have met you and for the value you've added to my life. Thank you."

Dr. Rudy Schild, Professor Emeritus Career Astronomer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics and the Editor of Cosmology Magazine - "I excitedly read your chapter and am very pleased with it. Thank you for sending to me the final version, which I have read and approve. I strongly endorse your writing material that brings new understanding of the workings of the Universe, and a focused scientist like myself has a hard time bringing such clarification to the experience of any. We need enlightened persons like yourself to lead this charge. I like working with spiritual individuals to try to bring grounded meaning to their work, as here. Bless you for your work to spread peace and love through understanding. My best wishes to you."

Chandra Bhandari, Former Ambassador from India - "I am in awe after reading your expansion of Dr. Rudy Schild's response to your query on Moral values. Your depth into the Spriritual World is truly laudatory and obviously guided by the Divine."

Kid Rock, American Singer-Songwriter, Rappers, Musician, Record Producer, USA - "May almighty god bless you so much. Most kindly and respectfully, Kid Rock"

Yogi Sandeep Tiwari, Motivational Speaker and Meditation Teacher, INDIA - "It's a pleasure to connect with an inspiring person like you."

Willy Whitefeather, Cherokee Elder and Master Storyteller, Grants Pass, OR, USA - "You're such a great writer and you're doing great things in this world."

Mark Anielski, Author of 'The Economics of Happiness,' and 'The Economics of Well-Being, Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA - "They both (Justin Abraham and Arun Bulchandani) talk about out of body. You have been such a pioneer my friend. "

Chandresh Singh, Founder of the Institute for Research and Deveopment (Understanding Samkhya as Primordial Theory Behind Yoga), Haridwar, INDIA - " I found your activities very interesting and relevant to the modern world."

Leading Edge Review - "This book will fascinate and inspire you!"

Body, Mind and Spirit - "Hughes's book is far from mere entertainment; it contains many fascinating descriptions of astral travel. It is also sincere, loving, perceptive, instructive, and highly original." Katherine Diehl

Australian Parapsychology Review - "From the 1800's to the present, about 70 OBE books have been published, but only three are about women. The last autobiographical OBE book about a woman is Carol Larson's 'My Travels in the Spirit World' (1927), though the first book on astral projection was an 1832 book entitled 'History of a Female Somnambulist.' Many readers will be familiar with Robert Monroe's book, 'Journeys Out of the Body' (1971) . . . The book by Hughes - broadcaster, singer and mother - parallels Monroe's, except she offers more of a running spiritual commentary on her experiences . . . Hughes tells about her first OBE, then captivates the reader with many subsequent deliberate experiences. As with Monroe's, these astral adventures are nothing less than fascinating." Philip Paul

The Columbus Dispatch - "If Guinness tracked such new-age feats, Hughes might hold the record for astral projections. The 27-year old California native says she has had 'thousands' of out-of-body deliverances since her daughter, Melissa, was born four years ago." Dennis Fiely

Jean Galliano, Author of ' . . . Is . . . What a Poet Said, and 'Desposyni' Major Motion Picture on the Ture Mystical Life of Mary Magdalene - " Dearest Marilynn, thank you for being beautiful and brave . . . and for sharing your out of body journies with the whole world! You helped me and guided me through the astral realms. My poetry comes from there! Please accept this book with my ongoing gratitude. Congratulations on such great and inspiring work! You have shared so much with the world... and remain one of my greatest mentors. Thank you. much love and respect, Much Love Jean Galliano"

UFO's and the Paranormal, BBS International Radio, - "Marilynn Hughes is one of the world’s leading researchers and practitioners of astral travel. She began having out-of-body experiences shortly following the birth of her first child. Since then, she has had thousands of out-of-body journeys, and experience a wide variety of highly mystical events including healings, visiting enlightened beings, meeting with deceased love ones, learning about past lives and much more. Do you want to go out of body? Come learn from one of today’s leading experts. If you are interested in Spiritual Enlightenment, then this is one show you cannot afford to miss. It could quite literally change your life." Preston Dennett [12/14/06]

Alternate Means, From an Article by Preeta Samarasan, Writer for the Hyphen Journal, San Francisco, CA, USA - "Marilynn Hughes, mother of three, founder of the Out-of-Body Travel Foundation, (, author, publisher, and mystic, has traveled, by her own account, to every realm from the “the twenty-third-dimensional, beautiful existences of the golden angels” to “the lowest hell where pure evil resides.” Marilynn is forty-two; she has been making these journeys regularly for about twenty years. They all begin in the same way: her body begins to vibrate uncontrollably, as if there were a jet plane next to her in bed then she either falls out of her body or is lifted out of it. The different realms are accessible through different kinds of tunnels: whirling cloud tunnels to the higher realms, dark tunnels deceptively similar to those commonly described in near-death experiences, but leading instead to a previous life of the traveler, and dirt or mud tunnels to lower realms."

Hampton Roads Publishing - "Hughes's Book is 'destined to become a seminal classic in the literature of out-of-body experience (OBE). A natural follow-up to the pioneering works of Robert Monroe and D. Scott Rogo, This is one woman's diary of her experiences on the 'other side.'"

Eduard F.T. Charfauros, Author 'Repeat With Me: I Am', San Diego, CA, USA - "Dream brilliantly, think intelligently, talk positively, work smartly, do hearteningly, and live happily! " CHEERS ~ to your Purpose and to your Passion! Best of will, great fortune, and many blessings upon all endeavors, as your success continues . . . When you spread the wealth around you it's good. Spread the wealth beyond your physical reach then it's great, but continue to spread the wealth well beyond your death, then that is a blessing worth living toward!"

Mari Tang, San Francisco, CA, USA - "I've learned from you so very much from this union with you, Marilynn. You have no idea how grateful I am to you. God shows me so very much what his servant is like in a true manner. I realise that there are no easy ways to become one unless you carry the cross in union with our Lord. I learned so very much from you, and it is funny it is kicking in more within me after I left. I went to Mass and prayed and received Holy Eucharist in union with your spirit."

Josiah Joshua Bildner, Audible Narrator, USA - "Such a joy to do your projects it gives my spirit a cleansing just reading these vows." 

William Buhlman, Author of ‘Adventures in the Afterlife’ and Others, Monroe Institute Induction Workshops  – “Thanks . . . It would be beneficial to reach as many people as possible about the profound benefits of OBE's (Out-of-Body Experiences.)" 

Chandresh Singh Krishna, Scholar, INDIA - "I have gone through your work 'The Hammer of Mysticism:  Encyclopedic Journey into Out-of-Body Travel, Mystical Processes and Terms'. Really a great work (one of its kind)." 

David Sereda, Coast to Coast AM Regular, From Here to Andromeda, Documentary Film, CANADA - "There is so much you have done." 

Jean Galliano, Author of ' . . . Is . . . What a Poet Said,' - " Dearest Marilynn, thank you for being beautiful and brave . . . and for sharing your out of body journies with the whole world! You helped me and guided me through the astral realms. My poetry comes from there! Please accept this book with my ongoing gratitude. Much Love, Jean."

Robert Meagher, The Center for Spiritual Awakening, Ottawa, Ontario, CN and Granda, SPAIN - "Thank you for your message, for your support, and for reaching out." 

Erica McKenzie, BSN, RN, Author of 'Dying to Fit In,' Dr. Oz Guest on 7/11/2017 - "GOD IS GREAT! You are such a gift and I am so blessed to have had the 'divinely led opportunity' to meet with you today! I was a constant goosebump. Looking forward to what God has in store for us! I am very impressed with your work. You are indeed a beautiful soul full of Wisdom.""

Jane Maria, Author of 'Hidden in Liquid', Texas, US -  "Wow Marilynn, you are an absolutely beautiful soul . . . my friend, sister and mentor. Love you so much as we all do."

Douglas Gillette, Author of 'Thresholds of Elysium' -"I'm very much looking forward to working with you. The work you are doing is fantastic!"

John Francis, Associate Producer 'The Ogher Side of Midnight' with Richard Hoagland - " I heard you last night on Midnight in the Desert. You were amazing. I am deriving tremendous benefit from studying your work since I heard you on "Midnight in the Desert" two days ago. God bless you."

Michelle Freed Bulgats, Producer, Midnight in the Desert, NV, USA - "Fantastic show, just flew by. I actually feel I need to listen again. The information you presented was insightful and helpful."

Chris Ransford, Author of 'You are Fundamental' (Consciousness in a Fully Mathematical Universe') - "There is at this time a fascinating emerging discussion on what you, aka your consciousness is – a number of compelling, hard-science based arguments make the strong case that (your) consciousness is a fundamental feature of the universe and cannot possibly be emergent from matter or biochemistry (as, say, the brain’s), as some allegedly hard-nosed scientists are trying had to tell us. Do keep up your good work, in a world sorely in need of it." 


"Here is a poem from me to you:

I am that . . .
In the stillness, between two moments and
as the glass clears;
Turn to see the reflection you cast
and remember;
The Breath of you,
like the Wind are the same."
Tim Figueroa

"You’ll probably never know how many lives you have saved till you get to Heaven, the line to greet you will be lengthy & worth the wait.What ever currently troubles you is greatly outweighed by your unending charity.May Almighty GOD protect you." Gail Sanders, Reader, Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

""I sent an angel to watch over you last night, but it came back and asked "Why?" The angel said, "Angels don't watch over angels!"" Peter Reese, Tampa, FL, USA

"Your book opens the portal for me. I feel I am being directed always back to your books." Mari Tang, San Francisco, CA, USA

"Miss Marilynn, All we have been given by Him, we've been given for all. Thank you from all of my heart for being so much for so many. Words cannot tell how I feel for you and the Foundation woven into the fabric of so many lives. Thank you for all of the time that you have dedicated to us, your fellow sisters and brothers to light the many paths over so long a journey. To feel your Love in your words, your voice and your prayers is one of the things in life that I look forward too. You and what your faith has created is monumental for me, and I Love You. Many blessings to you woman, and all of yours. Thank You M, for your generous Love and your prayers. You are a soul saver helper and someday you will know how big a difference you have made. God Bless You Always. The books are having an effect on my heart and my life in a way I never thought possible . . . can't keep my nose out of them."
Daniel Delmer, Reader, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

"Wow! your mission is incredible." - Ian Faulkner, Sydney, AUSTRALIA

"I am very impressed with your experience and background and quite the author." - Michael Wisotzke, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Portland, OR, USA

From Our Out-of-Body Travel Readers

Vidal,  Orlando, FL, USA
- "Your writings and the work you have done on the heavenly realms have nurtured 'more than a few' lost souls, myself included."

Dennis Lee, Lake Illawarra, New South Wales, Australia - “I am a retired citizen of the world recognising your efforts from afar. G’day to you beautiful Marilynn! In retirement I take great pleasure beautiful Marilynn in reaching out to striving folk and letting them know their efforts are recognised and appreciated. I figure it doesn’t cost much for us older (in my case read ancient) folk to look back over our shoulders occasionally and notice the great efforts and accomplishments of those coming behind us. You certainly qualify there. Great respect for your many talents, your career accomplishments and successes, your expertise and experience, your hopes and aspirations, but particularly your inspirational leadership and your fearless determination to excel, good onya cobber. G’day to you beautiful Marilynn! All the very best.”

Suresh Sukumuran, Holistic Practitioner, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, INDIA - "I can feel your intuitively deep compassion , empathy and love; emanating from your soul in involution. It is timeless, blissful, all pervading ETERNAL PRESENCE of non dual pure intelligence / undivided awareness, consciousness}   beyond sprouting, growing, withering - creation illusion. I wish you love, dear sister."

Sekayi Edwards, California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, CA, USA - "Wow! I don't think I've been this excited for one in a long while. I've always been interested in OBEs and have only recently been exploring the topic more. I look forward to doing so through your website and foundation, and learning more of your work."

Amber Adams, The Rising Way, Lagos, PORTUGAL - "I feel blessed by your friendship, and  . . . please know that I am eternally honoured and uplifted by and through our connection. Your friendship and energetic support of 'The Rising Way's' work is appreciated beyond measure and means a lot to me and to all of us. You are a rock star and we are all One!   With Infinite Love and Gratitude, always, Amber."

Greg Erickson, (John Daremo Black Wolf), American Indian Movement, USA - "Peace Be With You. Very grateful for our connection Blessed in your friendship and kindness!! Thank you!! The kingdom of God is close to you! Believe in yourself!! Believe in love!!"

Blue Lily Lotus, Reader, USA - "Listening to George Noory on Coast to Coast AM, I came across this incredible woman around ten years ago. To say her words totally changed my life is to put it mildly. Recently, I found a note in the back of an old notebook with the date I first listened to her and a note to myself about how much she had impacted me. I have read many of her books through the years and have always, always found spiritual comfort and direction. Thank you Marilynn for putting yourself out there so that we could all benefit from your experiences. Of course I will pray for Marilynn. But, how do you pray for a hero? God Bless!?

Lea Beatriz Fleck, Reader, BRAZIL - "I'm so thankful to have found out about Marilynn Hughes's existence on earth. Knowing her and her work, has made a huge diffence in my life. I love her very much!"

Neil Roberts, Reader, UNITED KINGDOM - " I bet you are so busy that you don't spend much time looking back at your catalog of books but I'm re-eading 'Books of Terror: Evil Exists, It's Closer than you Think' and 'The Mysteries of the Redemption Devotions.' Oh, my God, they are amazing! I still get so much out of your books and when I look back I get emotional thinking about how much you have helped me personally and still do even without you knowing! Take care Marilynn!"

Steve H., 12 Step Recovery Procedures, LinkedIn, USA - "Wow, Your web site looks inc redible. I will have to take some time to familiarize myself with all you offer. I am aficionado but never had much success with (other organizations or institutes on the subject)." ('Thanks so much, Steve, let me know if I can help or answer any questions. We have many, many success stories. Most people start with 'Come to Wisdom's Door' and 'The Mysteries of the Redemption' and many of them spontaneously start having experiences while reading those books. And you'll see that part of what is often missing in these other techniques is the purpose behind it, the eternal purpose. Once a soul links up with that, it comes almost naturally. Great to meet you, we have a forum and other social networks you can join, as well. You can ask any questions you may have through facebook, here on linkedin, or at my email address at Many Blessings, Marilynn')

Wisdom Kosi Ayitey, Lolubi Kumasi, Volta, GHANA – “Thank you for the acceptance.May the Lord continue to guide you and protect you in your mission.”

Ian Lake Moffet, Reader, USA - "Hello Marilynn Hughes! I don't know if this is is a facebook account that you even deal with, ugh and I'm sure you get too much fan mail for words. I'll make this short. I found out about you first on coast to coast and was completely awe-struck by your interview. I'm a very skeptical person by nature and . . . I believed you from the gate and have had one or two mystical experiences myself. It's something I'm so interested in. People like you, Robert Monroe, obviously even Eben Alexander have tremendous stories to tell. They all pale in comparison to your testimony though. I believe you to be within one of the top probably five most important people in the world today. I'm serious as a heart attack about that. I would do practically anything to go to a seminar of yours, let alone sit down and have a conversation with you. You are a role model of mine and it is awesome that god has such a special and unique purpose for you. Marilynn, I am a huge fan of yours! I've read several of your books and you've been quite an inspiration in my life! God bless and Namaste."

Henry Hriczko, Los Angeles, CA, USA - "Awesome soul, I feel you, I see you. You are me to a degree. awesome. Oh Marilyn, I am so beside myself, outside of this space which I am tingling positively above the norm for me. So existentially fulfilling as I read a fantastic part of your brilliant writings, which I say in thought, I know you know what I know now and so on that note . . .  I love you, I thank you, I look forward in continuing our blessed friendship, which has been waiting until now to bring our souls in touch. WOW monumental."

Marki Cosmico, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA - "Marilynn your books are a bliss, you are a bliss for humanity! Thanks for being such a inspiration! I send you hugs."

Swami Vinod Hans, Patiala, INDIA - "Good BETTER BEST. All good for. You are respected, Marilynn Hughes."

Melissa Reuter, Minneapolis St. Paul, MN - "Thank you so much! I love the spirit you bring! Glad you found me. Blessings dear one. Keep up the good work. :)"

Terry Sanchez, Los Angeles, CA, USA - "You are the bravest and most courageous person I've ever met. My heart is full knowing your are in my life. All love to you Marilynn, whose heart is getting purer all the time."

Peter Komaromi, HUNGARY - "I never encountered anyone with such benevolence like yours. You show me the way. You should show the way for mankind, how to behave with each other. I think you are an angel, among many other great things. You're wonderful, you truly make and made great differences in my life."

Austin Verive, Modesto CA, USA - "Thank you for your work with Angels of Hope! And thank you so much for all your writings and wisdom on your website. It has been a tremendous help for the spiritual journey I'm on."

Matthew Imanuel, Vratsa, BULGARIA - "I read your book . . . beautiful. Jesus has given you a great and magnificent crown."

Lt. Col. Ares Koumis, U.S. Air Force Retired, Colorado Springs, CO, US - "About Marilynn: she is simple, honest, kind, thoughtfully and completely authentic. I consider her an amazing gift and a friend in faith for life."

Rajbir Singh, Author of 'Himesha,' Orange County, CA, USA - "Perhaps, we need more people like yourself here on this planet."

Qumran Taj, East Newport, NY, USA - "Has anyone ever told you that you write a completely satisfying email!? ;-) Thank you so much Marilynn. I will check out all of the links you provided."

Ada Marie, The Golden Oracle, Oracle, AZ - "Thank goodness we have connected. I am so glad to see you here. What you do is so important. Love and light." 

Jean Galliano, Author, 'Is . . . What a Poet Said, USA -  "Oh Marilynn, Thank you. You are one of the most beautiful people in the world and you made it possible for me to accept my gift by being so confident and giving with yours. You are one of my greatest mentors, I pray for you daily. Thank you for being so beautiful and brave . . . and for sharing your out of body journey's with the whole world! You helped me and guided me through the astral realms. My poetry comes from there. I am writing because you have always been so kind . . .  I want to thank you for being such a wonderful inspiration to me. Please accept . . . my ongoing gratitude." 

Erdene Tsetseg, MONGOLIA - "Hello, Marilynn. Do you remember me? How have you been? I wanted to reply to you since that last mail. But my health problems came back and I've been very sick. I never told you that I have extremely weak and complicated health issues myself. Lost lots of blood and been basically bedridden till about a week ago. Can you imagine that? I also have extreme CFS, sometimes I even have trouble standing up and getting my chin up. Had a rough seven months. But overall my emotional state has been gradually improving bit by bit. Thoughts of suicide have crossed my mind a few times. But now that I'm not bedridden anymore, even though I'm still weak, I don't have suicidal thoughts anymore, thanks be to God. And I have to tell you that your words were always with me through those hard times. How about you? Write me . . . "

Matt Crux, Phoenix, AZ, USA - "Looks like you are doing beautiful things for the Universe!"

Edna Cetina, West Palm Beach, FL, USA - "Dear Marilynn, I just got to work and as I am ready to start my workload . . . I always look at emails first. As I am glancing through to prioritize I saw your email . . . my heart jumped! I am very pleased to hear from you and I am sooooo grateful that you took this immense amount of time to respond . . . thank you! I forgot about all the other emails and I read yours sobbing and sobbing . . . gratefully I am in a cubical and no one can see my drama; I have printed your message . . . rest assured I will read it over & over so I understand it fully.  It is so relieving to have someone understand! Thank you!"

Jessie Maguire, Queen Margaret University, York, UNITED KINGDOM - "I had a look at your website. You do some great work!"

Peter Moon, Author of the Yeshua Series, USA - "Truly it is my honor and pleasure to be your friend of the heart. When first your profile popped-up, instantly I recognized your beautiful spirit. Your devotion is inspiring, your gifts sublime, The Light within you that you bestow upon others is the quantum divine. In this age of the illuminated Heart, i look forward to sharing and working with you in whatever capacities arise. If ever you should need my assistance, please let me know. I cherish you. With Light and Love and Joy,"

Duane Holt, Author of 'My Cloud of Dreams and Visions', USA - "Thank you for for insight, wisdom and selflessness. You have inspired me more than once."

Peter Schiff, HUNGARY - "I listen to your interviews and readings almost every day now, and you continously are ever inspiring for which I am grateful and give my everlasting gratitude. I thank you! I know I'm supposed to be my primary catalyst, but you do indeed inspire and give me great strength. I practiced martial arts passionately for about 20 years, yet you showed me a more ultimate dimension which overwhelms any three dimensional physical combat. I feel less need for martial arts physically. My vices are way tougher and sophisticated battles! THANK YOU again for keeping me on the right track! Bless You! Bless you . . . I can't say that I see such unbroken benevolence in others so often, as I see such benevolence in you, Marilynn. Sweet Marilynn, thank you for your kind words. They mean a great deal to me. I'll try to get back into the habit of praying, where you always remain among my first thoughts. Apart from my prayers you also remain a beacon and a reference point to return to or to stay near to. I actually found myself telling my children about you and your influence on my life. The practical values you describe and demonstrate readily applicable to their ( my daughters ) individual young lives. My thanks to you. Take care"

Chinua Erden, Reader, MONGOLIA - "I opened my email and fell to the floor in gratitude and tears to Mary, Jesus, Buddha and Avalokiteswara.  You didn't have to do any of this . . .you're an embodiment of angel. I don't know how to thank you. I've been reading your letter and crying. You're so kind hearted for doing these even when you're sick. You don't know how much those prayers mean to me. You're an embodiment of a Tara. Thank you for taking my mom in your heart."

Ann Ngo, Honolulu, HI, USA - "Greetings, I am a (somewhat) recent Out of Body Travel Foundation reader and Facebook follower. I would to like to express sincere thanks for all your hard work and dedication into this foundation and into philanthropic causes. It has certainly open new spiritual and emotional doors for me and everyone who have explored your resources."

Gavin Johnston, Reader, Westport, NY, USA- "There is such a beautiful desire to reach out and love everybody, but so many continue to recoil from it and perceive some pain that justifies their lashing out.  We all know there is a greater Love that would prevent all such happenings, it is just that we haven’t yet brought it down yet and realized it upon earth to the greatest extant possible.  That is what I  believe and admire in individuals like yourself  Marilynn, of course you are clear on your mission, but it is just such an inspiration. You’re right, there is so much Evil, so much confusion, so much pain, so much refusal to take an outstretched hand.  So often the Evil seems more real than the Good on our material planes.  That is why we need people to make the Sacrifice, to let go of their own obstacles and limitations to fight the very real battles embroiling our earth.  So although I have so much more to reflect upon, let me leave there, with a thank you!  Thank you for the sacrifice.  We will all get there someday!" UPDATE - "Hello Marilynn!  Remember me!?  Gavin!? I have thought about you lately because I want to let you know that I'm entering into the Rites of Christian Initiation of Adults! I was confused when I first started corresponding with you about why you were Catholic . . . well, needless to say, now I know!  Just thought you might like to hear that.  Thank you for all the time you spent sharing God's truths with me as I'm certain it helped me along this path! God Bless!  Gavin." (Former Hindu, and OF COURSE I remember you.)

Bob Levy, Lynnwood, WA, USA"Sounds most interesting your path . . . seems like wherever you, you still have to be there."

Daniel Delmer, Pittsburgh, PA, USA - "Thank you for the many years of sharing all you know with me and us."

Rosalyn Myers, Staunton, VA, USA  - " I know you've been through a lot and you really are very authentic with what you teach. I am very honored and humbled to have this conversation with you."

Steph Brooks, Visual Arts Teacher, USA - "I watched your spirituality movie (The Road to Armageddon: A Spiritual Documentary) as well as this OBT book (Out-of-Body Travel and Mysticism: A Primer on the Basics of Out-of-Body Experiences and  Energetic Law in Out-of-Body Travel and Mysticism). It was all familiar to me from Anthroposophy (Rudolf Steiner). Your writing is very approachable and concise, and I am very much looking forward to reading more. Thank you for sharing your gifts and time with us."

Carlo-Mac Gayares Juanola, Elk Grove, CA, USA - "Thank you for all the books that you have written."

Bill Tuck, Phelan, CA, USA - "When I first heard you on Coast to Coast AM, lightning struck! Over the years, so many people stop in. I know God touches them. So they are introduced to the higher things of life. Through your ministry and the friends I met here and still have I hit GOLD!! I found God in a real and permanant way! Everything opened up to me. All my Dreams have come true right here in this lifetime! The variety of information you have in your books and ministry is endless and will meet any need! This ministry will soon be in the mainstream. It has been hidden by God and He will soon be opening it up to millions of hungry people! It will be a GREAT day! To be a helper in your Ministry is the most fantastic adventure I have ever been on. You are taking all who want to, to join you right into the heart and center of God! Love You."

Paul Martin, Shaman, Boca Raton, FL, USA - "Wow, I must have been living in a cave! You are impressive and a beautiful soul. Thank you for all the wonderful and hard work you have done and the special gifts you have given.
It is an honor to meet you."

Vima Lamura, Author, Vocalist, Conservatory of Music, Honolulu, HI, USA - "I saw parts of your site. It's beautiful and moving."

Gary Ajami, Restaurant Owner, Akron, Ohio, USA  - "It seems to me the journey you undertook is no less radical, mind expanding and earth shaking in its way than the one undertaken by Neil Armstrong."

Maria Scollo, Nurse, New York, USA - "Just downloaded your book!  Wow. It is amazing so far . . . Marilynn, I can't thank you enough for making your book available to me. I'm soaking this up like a sponge. I can hardly put it down...I'm up to chapter 5 and I just took a break because there is so much information now for me to absorb and put together. And reflections and questions . . . ! By far this is the best spiritual text I've ever read in terms of honesty and intrigue. I also think it is a good book for me being very skeptical of others and especially of religion . . . . because I don't feel Marilynn has the hidden agenda many others do. I don't feel as though she is trying to indoctrinate me or sell me something. I can tell she put a great deal of work into this and feel fortunate to be given the gift of her story!"

Duaine Reeder, Reader, San Jacinto, CA – "Hello Marilynn, I have never been overly excited about reading in my life. That is, until my search lead me to your web site. I am glad to see that God is still alive and assisting mankind with fresh ideas and information to help mankind in their pursuit of God. I would have normally resisted your ideas, not giving them a second look, feeling you were just another religious fanatic. Your books, on the other hand, have opened up yet another doorway for me to expand my learning. And they are a welcome addition in my search. With my bad taste for organized religion, my opinion instantly changed after reading just one of your books then another - then another. I have recorded them to mp3 format to listen to them on my way to and from work. I feel real good about your project and thank God for the information He is bringing to the world through you. God Bless you."

Deborah Allen, Minister and Televangelist, North Carolina, USA - "Dear Marilynn, I was divinely led to your web sight by an angel, after capturing images of orbs in my digital camera. Believe me, I had no previous knowledge of your ministry.It all happened this month when I attended a conference in Las Vegas with Rev. Dr. Frank Stranges “Inner Circle” group.   Dr. Stranges is the Pastor who was visited by an ET. It was difficult for me to believe, until these orbs started showing up on all of my photos. No one else at the conference was able to photograph them, but they saw them in my camera.I have read some of your books and have been enlightened.  I believe I have experienced out-of-body travels, but I didn't understand it until reading your books.  Many nights I feel a presence in my bedroom. However, I am not sure of what GOD is requiring of me.  I am a ministry and have a Christian TV show here in the North Carolina area.  I was recently healed of cancer, and from that experience I have been inundated with information and desires for the mysteries of GOD.In His Service, Deborah Allen"

William Jamerson, SINGAPORE  - "I'm reading the Mysteries of the Redemption Series. The Material is moving as well as enlightening. Thank you, Marilynn, for these revelations of love."

Susie Dillenberger, Mother, Texas, USA  -  "You have the voice of an angel and your out-of-body works are a blessing to my life.  I am listening to you sing while I read your books. You are truly from God! A precious gift indeed! Thank you!!"

C.W., Anonymous Reader - "Wow . . . What an incredible story!"

David W. Shouse, Reader, Shelbyville, KY, US - "I Just Wanted To THANK YOU and All Involved!"

Chuck Sanders, Reader, Houston, TX - "I love your work!!!"

Joshua Kaltenmark, Student, Boulder, CO - "I have started to read 'Come to Wisdoms Door', so I must say that this book is incredible. It is not only very well written but it speaks to the reader with such clarity that it is understood by all. I'm eager to continue reading your book, it is truly amazing!!!"

Anonymous Reader, USA (Formerly Possessed and Currently Diagnosed with Psychotic Disorder; The Possession was dealt with and removed mystically from a distance by Marilynn Hughes) - "Marilynn! You are amazing beyond words! I mean that truly, from the bottom of my heart. I think that very possibly, you have been working on improving many lives around me, including my own. You're a true blessing. I will keep you in my prayers, your work is extremely valuable, you're a part of the light that keeps this world from crumbling!! I can't praise you enough Marilynn. My illness (Psychotic Disorder) has now been treated properly, and I'm not suffering needlessly from it, which is amazing. I have a few scrapes and bruises along the way, but I'm disease free and in the prime of my life. I've lost a bunch of weight and my doctor said that I don't need chemical medications anymore and I've been improving in so many other ways. Thank you so much for being you, Marilynn, I've learnt a lot from having met you. You're a blessing to the world.  I think my dream may have expanded since you applied yourself so humbly and generously to my life's karma. I think you healed a lot of issues in the areas you told me you thought were important to look into. I'll pray that God bless you, because I don't have the wisdom to know what to ask for when it comes to others, but I will definitely plea my humble prayers that God Bless you. Thank you, thank you, Thank you!!!!"

Dr. Arvind Patel, Physician, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA - "Thanks a lot Marilynn, for being so kind to reply. It rarely happens that people takes care to reply. I am really glad to meet your such a kind and caring personality. You are really kind and true at your heart. I do appreciate your such polite response. Thanks for wishes and caring. I wish you to be at pink of your health and most successful life. Have a great day."

Gustavo Leonetti, VENEZUELA - "The other day I remembered about something you wrote somewhere. I am always sneaking around . . . reading things I believe will help me expand on what I (think I know) about God and the spirit world. A lot of what I read comes through me and doesn't stay for too long. Many things you have said have stuck though. That tells me you are connected to something grand and beautiful. You were talking about ways to disguise our presence while roaming through dangerous places on the other side. I had a vivid dream the other night where I had to do that, remembering my experience led me to understand what it was you were actually saying. That skill is very valuable in my mundane life as well."
Charles Orozko, Lynnwood, WA, USA - "What you do is fascinating!"

Rick Dennis, Charlottesville, NC, USA - "I must be very honest with you, you have the most amazing smile I've seen this year... What is your secret?" 

Wisdom Kosey Atiyey, Manila, PHILIPPINNES - "Thanks to God for giving you this opportunity to share with the world the divinity that lies within and beyound our imagination.Great work and wish you God's guidance and blessing." 

Bobby Joyner, Oklahoma City, OK, USA - "I think Marilynn that you have one of the most beautiful smiles that reflects you posses a great deal of compassion and loving kindness. It's an honor to have crossed your path."

Daniel Kiser, Temple, TX, USA - "I've had some experiences with God that started my journey while I was in jail; such as visions, revelations, being ministered to by spirits and the first time I ever shot out of body at will. But I shot back in because of fear of the unknown.  I’ve had so many questions since then, and I'd like to thank you for your book, and helping me with my walk. I know that running across your book was not by accident, because nothing happens outside His will. Thank you, Marilynn. You are a true sister."

Henry Nguyen, Monk in the Catholic Church, Denver, CO - "Hey Marilynn! Just a small fan of yours... I'm on my spiritual path, I'm actually applying for the religious life for the Catholic Church   I have a question, and I think only you can answer it since you inspired it. It's about your teaching of the fingertips of one hand connecting with the corresponding fingertips of the other hand and creating energy. Can you at all manipulate this energy as to maybe make it into the loving energy of God, or as mysticism may call it, "Divine Light"? I'm sorry if I sound stupid or not well learned. It's because I'm not. But I seek to explore the spiritual like so many others, and found this small path! (which is out of body travel) And what a hidden path, especially in the Holy Church!! I know there is truth it, I just know it!" (Answer: Ironically, that is absolutely what you are tapping into when you do this as it comes and moves through our bodies and souls. It's all part of bringing that which is of heaven to earth.)

Karen Marie Oakley Young, Reader, Medford, OR, USA - "Just a little note to say hi and tell you how often I've thought of you lately! I have to catch up with you here etc., I've been super busy reading yet another of your amazing books! (I'm seriously lacking adequate descriptives at the moment!!) As always, I'm so grateful to have found you and the truth you bring to everything you do. I just wish you lived closer to me, we'd be the best of friends, I know it! 😊 Have a wonderful holiday weekend! Much love & God Bless you always."

Abegunde Julius Taiwo, Reader, Lagos, NIGERIA - "You are a ray of golden sunshine. May The vibration of love within your most natural state of being ever continue to Radiate Love Everywhere you go From now till eternity!!!"

Jennifer Stark, Reader, Conroe, TX, USA - "I love your writings."

Ian  Lake Moffat, Reader, USA - "You're seriously one of my heroes, Marilynn. You are the reason I became intrigued with mysticism and then became mystical myself. God bless you!"

Paul Martin, Shaman, Boca Raton, FL, USA - "Wow, I must have been living in a cave! You are impressive and a beautiful soul. Thank you for all the wonderful and hard work you have done and the special gifts you have given.
It is an honor to meet you."

Scott Castille, Reader, Dallas, TX - "You know you have brought me closer to Jesus. After watching the video ('The Road to Armageddon: A Spiritual Documentary') a few months ago, made me realize, my faith is stronger, and I feel the Lords presents in Church , causes me to have happy tears, It is a Wonderful Experience!"

Cathy Greer Gonzales, Reader, Spirit Heart Counsel, USA - "I honor your vision and bow to the Spirit in you."

本当の真実, Reader, Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA - "Wow . . . I really was reading about your works, books and watching you here. The huge wonderful thing you create is really make our deep pure tears always appreciate to your wonderful spirit and kindness existing awarenesses."

Anonymous - "BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT!!!!!!!! I've been thinking about your book all day --- it's so beautifully and clearly written, like a perfect little melody you can't get out of your head. I love how you weave the Buddhist concepts in amongst the Christian ones and it is so instructional about how to go into silence and what to do when you are there. This is GREAT!  It feels almost like a different voice than the past that possible? The books are beautiful beyond belief. I could almost cry in thankfulness for what you've done for the world, Marilynn.  I am so humbled and so profoundly moved by your work. They overwhelm with encouragement, with love and with truth. The more I get into them, the more thunder struck I am. I actually love the larger pages and the bigger size of the Mysteries. I realize now that it's a holy book and the larger format matches the content. My husband and I keep talking about it nonstop. It is so fantastic that you are bringing this information forward. I have started Galactica ---- Holy COW!!!! It's even better than the first book -- I am SO EXCITED! The second book is rocking my world . . . Everything resonated as being true which was not the case with any of the new age books I've read. Also, I found a lot of ego invested in new age books, which I don't find in Marilynn's at all. I love how much she puts herself aside in her search for truth."

Ana Isabel Loureiro de Sousa, Reader, Lisboa, PORTUGAL - "Dear Marilynn, First, I say "dear" because although I do not know you; you have opened your experiences and wisdom to me in a way only a friend would do. I thank you so much for advising which books I could begin with, and I thank you also for offering them. At this moment in my life such an offer is a very beautiful gift. A very big hug to you, Ana."

Tom, Reader, Colville, WA, USA - "I get comfort here at this web site!"

Lia Fleck, Reader, BRAZIL - "It is my honor to have met you and finding such a wonderful teacher, friend and sister. You have helped me so much I don't have enough words to express my gratitude for all that you've done for me ..."

Mark Certo, Atlanta, GA, USA - "Allow me to express my gratitude once again for your support and well wishes.  I feel your heart is in exactly the right place and I appreciate that there are teachers such as yourself."

Karen Marie, Reader, Medford, OR, USA - "Thank you so much! I'm very happy to be among friends in this wondrous place. Once again, that feeling of familiarity, of something comfortable has settled upon me, just by being here. Thank you for the book suggestions as well! I'm going to begin immediately. Wish I could give you a big hug! With gratitude & hope~"

Fariyah, Reader, Winnipeg, CANADA - "Thank you for sharing your wisdom so selflessly."

Julija Holega Halilovic, Reader, Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA -  "I'm listening the audio book of 'The Mysteries of the Redemption: A Treatise on Out-of-Body Travel and Mysticism.' It is a mind blowing! Thank you for sharing it with us!"

Ramzi Almahayri, Reader, Toronto, CA - "Dear Marilynn, we are doing almost nothing to reward you for your unconditional love and bringing new awareness to humans. There are two theologians I liked so much: you and Emanuel Swedenborg. While you are helping hundreds of thousands of humans without conditions, we are hardly helping ourselves or even each other! Your sacrifices are very appreciated and respected, and I will look forward to any little help I can offer to express little thankfulness to you. May God love us, as He loves you . . . Brotherly Hugs, Ramzi" 

Mark Anderson, Reader, Philadelphia, PA, USA – “WOW Marilynn this is AMAZING and extremely helpful in absorbing matters that I hear through you on OOB experiences and church teachings. I feel like I need to reset this copy in beautiful type and hang it framed on the wall. I know this must have taken a long time to write – perhaps hours – so I am extraordinarily grateful for the generous display of your time which I'm sure must be very stretched. At any rate, I will be keeping these words and reflecting on them often.  I too get goosebumps hearing your experiences that are grounded both in the mystic but also in Christian traditions. Also, the consideration and links to other world religions make such sense to me. It can be so disheartening hearing folks evangelizing at the expense of others or other religions. Religions and beliefs that I really believe are rooted in truths themselves. As an aside, I find that your spoken experiences and thoughts – as brought forward a few times on C2C and most particularly on Road to Armageddon – help to ground me back when I feel my spirit more concerned with day to day distractions. I also enjoyed your Redneck interview. These have become weekly or monthly meditations I listen during these times over and over at work. It really helps to realign and tune me up. I selfishly hope more possibilities will arise for broadcast interviews. Thank you so very, very much for this and all you do! Wow! Thanks Marilynn; a lot of material to go through. Thank you very much. Your experience and knowledge is such an incredible gift! I can't tell you how beneficial it has been to me in order to synthesize and reconcile spirituality with Christian dogma. It gives me great comfort and confidence when considering all the spiritual / mystical matters.”
Jojo Valdez, Reader, Los Angeles, CA, USA – “I just want Marilyn to know that I think she so beautiful inside and out. I watched her videos and heard her on coast to coast. She is so right on the mark and so very inspirational to me. I believe in Jesus and know that God and the Angels are real but to have the ability to travel out-of-body in these realms and to have the ability to advance in spirituality; I am so interested!”

Ramzi Almahayhri, Reader, Toronto, CA, USA – “Every time I listen to your lectures, I feel happy for the wisdom you speak, and for accepting different religious views, which creates a broad space for dialogue among different religions. You are my best Christian sister. Brotherly hugs, Ramzi”
Mark Olson, Reader, Manitoba, CANADA - "The world is a better place because of you. Thank you for what you do!"
K Gal, Reader, Traverse City, MI, USA - "I am almost ready to make this wonderful leap of faith . . . I cannot express how much comfort your message has brought to me . . .  have been preparing, diving into knowledge, strengthening my faith, praying and having my conversations with God, meditating, reading Marilynn's books which has by the way been a HUGE BLESSING and so packed with vital information, wisdom, and more knowledge then I would ever hope for. She is one amazing Lady!! . . .  Our beloved Marilynn has been blessed with amazing journeys! You sure have a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to impart. Not to mention your creative talents! You are truly blessed dear sister!  I am ever so blessed and grateful to have found you!! You are  an amazing and a sweet and  generous soul to want to help and be willing to bless us all with your time and energy in helping all of us find our way.  So rare to find such a beautiful and giving soul these days . . . After taking your suggestion and reading your book, 'Come To Wisdom's Door: How to Have an Out-of-Body Experience,' I feel even more prepared to take my journey when I am called. The tools, wisdom, and knowledge you provide is such a wonderful blessing Marilynn, and I am ever so grateful for your love and generosity both in the sharing of your gifts  as well as the personal time you devote to all of us here. You are a kind, loving and generous soul and I have a BIG feeling that your reward in heaven will reflect that of your loving  and very giving soul. You give so unselfishly. God Bless You!"
Kayla Anne Reno, Reader, Daytona Beach, FL, USA -  "You're such a sweet lady! Thank you for all you are doing!!  God Bless**** I'm truly amazed at the volume of material you are able to read and write!!  You're vast Marilynn! You Rock! God Bless."

Chantal Nauke, Reader, GERMANY - "I sometimes visit your site and then I find another treasure to read. I'm now reading the captive series. I'm reading the words out loud, to really feel the vibe of the words. I love them, because I know they are true. Thank you so much!"

Terry R. Constanza, Los Angeles, CA, USA - "Hi Sweet Marilynn, sweet because your heart is pure, and because you serve God, and you are a blessing to so many. I only wish to be like you, and like Jesus , and Like Archangel Michael, and to be invited as an Ambassador . . . Marilynn, thank you so much. I am very thankful that you are here . . . have to say again, that I read your books, only because you are expert, not to be trifled with, not to be challenged because your insights are true and inspired by God, and from my way of seeing it unassailable. I will let you know if I see anything I question. But for now, I have not read a single thing you’ve written in your own tongue that has broken ranks with ancient texts, or Upanishads, or any of the books that I use as benchmarks, which I’ve shared with you to date. etc. That explains why I don’t ask you what you mean when you write stuff, because I tend to take it on face value as the truth, and because you write from direct cognition."

Lakota de la Cruz, Reader, London, UK - "It is a great honor to be here among such beautiful divine souls."

Kim Gal, Hazel Park, MI, USA - "I just love your website and I am so blessed that God led me to you my beautiful new friend. You are such a gifted writer, and artist. I am really enjoying your E- books. They are extremely well written, and informative.  The places you have traveled, and the wisdom you impart has been a huge blessing to me. Looking forward to talking to you soon. Your kindness has touched me in ways you will never know. Again, Thank you for this very precious gift of love. May Gods Light shine on you all the days of your life."

Neil Brent, Reader, London, United Kingdom – “I've just read this for a second time and I have been greatly moved by it. Your work has had such a profound impact. A big thank you and lots of love from me for your response here. I was looking forward to your reply but was still blown away by it. A lot of this you have done an excellent job of describing before, but you have added here such a clarity, this just lays things out in a very down to earth manner. You are so very gifted when it comes to communicating these matters, I hope you realize this and just how much your help is appreciated. We are very lucky to have you around. I got goosebumps with this! Thanks again for beginning this amazing and important discussion. I could read this stuff all day long.Thank you, Marilynn. God bless you.”

JoAnne Taylor, Reader, Dallas, TX, USA – “Wow!  Thank you, Marilynn, for your amazing answers and insights!  I, too, am Catholic, and have been unsure about reincarnation.  I am looking so forward to reaching the heavenly realms after this life, and Marilynn has explained everything so thoroughly and with such clarity, that I can now relax and just praise Jesus that I am blessed to know Him, love Him and am serving my hope is that the purgatorial states are completed for me after this lifetime.........God bless you, Marilynn!....what a godsend you are! Saying "thank you", Marilynn, for giving so much of your time, energy and concern for us is not enough.  You are a true spiritual mentor for all of us.  God bless you! I lifting you and your intentions up in prayer EVERY day.....much love.....Jane.”
Hee Jeon Shuh, Reader, Seoul, KOREA - "Wow you have a beautiful and efficient website. I am impressed. Never been invited in person and to be invited to leave a message!!! Thank you. I intend to read all and learn all from your writings and writings you studied. I also have Hemi Sync. Never works for me, but it is for rent for you anytime! I shall grow from today on!"

Rae Bridges, Reader, Decatur, GA, USA - "You are the best and you do so much for people on this side of the veil and the other!! God bless you my friend!!

Darja, Reader, Ljubilana, SLOVENIA - "God has such beautiful plan for you. I am so happy for you and for all the Blessings you get from our Beloved Lord and share them so selfless with us."

Melissa Mock, Reader, Annandale, VA, USA – “I just wanted to say ‘Thank You,’ for all of the love and light you are passing along through the world. There is a grievous need as you know. Your incredible work is greatly appreciated.”

Julio Cesar, Reader, ARGENTINA – “Marilynn thank you for being in constant working for the development of the human mind and soul. I'll put my effort in keeping up with  the fantastic journey that you and many others pioners have been paving; and I hope to reach my full potential along with all members. Greetings from Argentina.”
David Alderson, Reader, Indianapolis, IN, USA - “Thank you sooooo much for your contribution to everyone. Your books, art, and music are amazing and your story is incredible. You have enough knowledge for many lifetimes. God bless you!”
Kaye Spalding, Reader, South Australia, AUSTRALIA - "I have great faith in God and Jesus Christ our Lord. My quest is a spiritual one, hence I wish to keep growing and seeking knowledge. I watched your video "The Road to Armageddon" and thought it was brilliant. Thank you so much. Sincerely yours . . ."

Qing Jie Dolinsky, Reader, Edmonton, Alberta, CA - "This is day two into your earth-shattering master piece the Mysteries of Redemption. I was totally captured by the spiritual power shining forth from your brilliant writings. What a privilege to be taken under your wings and see the worlds from the eyes of God! Thank you, beautiful soul! I am deeply honored by your divine love and grateful for your assistance on my journey home! ***Namaste!***   -  Jiejie"

Robert Ongoles, Undergoing Exorcism, Sacramento, CA, USA - "My faith has been restored - it's hard to describe so I won't but The Lord has done what I could not. Thanks be to GOD. My faith will be tested by the 'enemy', it already has been, I pray constantly - it seems GOD has removed all human aid from me for the time being (aside from you) - have to lean on Him & my mystical Mother. She came through in an awesome way on the feast of the Annunciation, that day my faith was restored as it was in my childhood. I prayed to Mother Antonia and she responded - "Rest now child, this battle will be a long one." Who else would be understanding of this experience but you. You are a gift from GOD Marilynn."

Dom G., Reader, Staten Island, NY, USA - "The world is a richer place with ones like you, Marilynn. Thanks again and God Bless you and those you Love."

Dennis Gay, Reader, Charlotte, VT, USA – “Marilynn, God has given me the Holy Sacraments of the Roman Catholic Church, Maria Valtorta's Poem of The Man-God, and now The Mystical Captive Series.  I'm floating on the surface of the ocean of Captive and wish to dive deeply.  I am grateful for your work.”

Rebecca Bedford, Reader and Narrator, IL, USA - "I have to say this was a great issue (The Out-Of-Body Travel Foundation Journal: Issue Nine: Huzur Maharaj Sawan Sing - Sant Mat (Sikh) Master Guru and Grandson Maharaj Chawan Singh - Sant Mat (Sikh Master Guru)) and I learned alot! I actually was so moved in chapter six that I had to stop because I was crying. I have had a long spiritual journey, not an easy one, there were some thought provoking points that were raised for me, I am grateful."

Lil, Reader, Providence, RI, USA - "Dear Marilynn, I am sure I speak for many when I say you have opened our souls  to a new dimension of awareness and sanctity and for such we must abundantly thank you."

Kavannah, Reader, Naples, FL, USA - "Marilynn, it is interesting how things come on our path at certain times in life and you and your website just made a surprise entrance onto mine.  I'm looking forward to reading and learning all the soul enriching information you provide.  I have many very interesting and uplifting experiences happening in my life and I would like to learn more because I am filled with wonder and curiosity and sense only positive and uplifting energies, I expect your information will help me learn about this and much more.  Thank you for all the love and work you have put into this site."

Divine Love, Toronto, CA  - “I love the work you do. Your books are absolutely splendid! :) Please continue to be a beacon of light, facilitating others in their quest for Truth, and for God.With Lot's of Love and Gratitude.”

Caroline Pi Pui, Reader, Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL - “I`m still not finished with the mysteries of redemption, reading it I realized how much fear I have of not being loved and rejection, its huge and im working on it. This book is really powerful stuff, Marilynn.”
Gurmit Singh, Bakersfield, CA, USA - "Thank you so much for making me part of the divine journey. I hope I will fulfill the purpose of life with your help." 

Nader Taleghany, London, UNITED KINGDOM - "Thank you for welcoming me to your wonderful site which I came across accidentally, but once I heard your voice & experiences I knew you were speaking from your Heart & Soul. God Bless you for all the good work you are doing."
Nicolle Menegalso, Wales, UNITED KINGDOM - "I am really excited about joining your website...I only listened to one conversation you had online, and I am hooked!!! I so admire what you do and hope one day I too can do what you do to help souls cross over."

Janet O., Houston, TX, USA - "I just happened to see one of your books, "Heaven, Hell, & Purgatory" on the iBooks lists, then looked up your bio since I was unfamiliar. I bought the book and I'm on the last chapter. It is absolutely fascinating!! That is why I decided to join your organization. I am Catholic, have been interested in the paranormal, afterlife, & desire to gain more knowledge of the mysteries of our awesome God and our universe.....desiring to know Truth. I believe you have truly been blessed with abilities and experiences to help the rest of us gain insight and draw closer to our heavenly Father and home! I am looking forward to reading more of your books."

Alex Fane, Minneapolis, MN, USA - "Thanks so much for your greeting Marilynn! I just turned 60 today, and it was a great reminder of the wonderful material on your site, and the excitement of exploring all these mysteries of history, life, love, and the world of the spirit. I'm amazed at how interesting each article is. Your site is better than ever. Thanks so much for sharing your discoveries with us, the best preparation for our life beyond. Or even for what tomorrow will bring. This is a very touching forum. Blessings to you all and who visit here. It's a real oasis of peace and light. You seem to have put so much that is positive together in wonderful way, with no boundaries. It's easy to feel the love you have put in to it all. Thank you!"

Grace Reader, Providence, RI, USA - “Returning to a life of faith has helped me greatly. For years I have suffered the darkness of unmitigated depression. No amount of counseling or antidepressants had any effect on it until I started receiving communion regularly. One particular day I was restless in Mass and I said to Jesus: I am trying Lord, I am trying! Forgive me that I can't feel any joy in being here. Then I went and received Holy Communion. At that moment I felt a tiny crack open my spirit and for the first time felt his Love for me. The connection was nothing spectacular, it was more like a quiet, soft whisper. But it was definitely there and so I fell in love with the Eucharist. I still have much amends to make and a long road to walk but I know I am making progress . . . My dear Marilynn, you have been so instrumental in my returning to the Catholic faith that I don't have words to express my gratitude. Thank you so much! AND MAY THE LORD JESUS CHRIST BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY!”

Bob, Reader, Torrance, CA, USA - “Hi Marilynn, I'm glad to be a part of your site. Your story is very inspirational. Many of the things you share confirm my experience as well. I'm currently reading your book ‘Come to Wisdom's Door: How to Have an Out-of-Body Experience,’ and next will be diving into Mysteries. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm with the world. Peace, Lee”
Bernadette Bailey, Reader, Chickasaw, AL, USA - "Thank you for writing the things you do, because there are people out here that drink it up like thirsty folks in the desert!"

Sandie Myers, Reader, Canton, OH, USA - “Marilyn I just want to thank you for your service and time and COURAGE! I tried to add you as a friend but you are TOO popular! The funny thing is that my MOTHER Amara is already your friend! We took VERY different paths to get to the same place! I look forward to reading your information and will continue to listen to your interviews on Coast to Coast. You are one of the FEW people I consider an authority on ANYTHING spiritual. Stay safe...”

Sarah N., Reader, Montana, USA – “Thanks so much for helping my soul. I love you.”

Vinny Richards, Reader, Des Moines, IA, USA - "An honor to be supporting you, Marilynn. Your light is pure and bright and touches uncounted souls in uncounted realms. One person can make a difference.... Vin"

David Stitt, Reader, Parker, AZ, USA - "2011 will be the most memorable year of my Life!!! Reading the various books that you have composed has brought me extremely close to both Mary and her son ‘Lord Jesus Christ Michael of Nazareth.’ What I have lost in my retirement; is offset by the personal Peace of Mind I have been given!!! Many beautiful blessings to you."
Varsha Ramanna, Reader, Bangalore, INDIA - “Dear Marilynn, How are you doing friend? It's been quite a long time since I wrote to you and lately I had been feeling too depressed and numb and deep pain in my heart. But each time I felt lonely and hurt and saddened I always remembered God and it felt a lot better and I felt as though the Lord was right beside me comforting me and watching me . . . Marilynn . . .I want to take this opportunity to thank you so much for getting God so close to us. When I read your writings, I often cry with joy and happiness to feel and realize how much our Lord loves us and wants to heal us and I feel so blessed for having met you in my life to enhance my spiritual world and meet the Divine Light in my visions. Yes...I have had around two to three visions of the Divine Light. Thank you  so much once again and thank you for being here for us and for spreading God's love and messages and giving us back to ourselves and helping us to see our Inner Light!”
April, Reader, USA – “Thank God for you being here on earth as a beacon of hope, direction and light for those of us who find you on our spiritual journeys.”

Daniel Danson, Reader, Pennsylvania, USA – “Thanks for being such a fine person and friend and for keep on keepin’ on like you do! I am overwhelmed with all the things I have found on our site and when I think of all the energy that you have given, well all I can say is you are SPECIAL in more ways than I probably know and I feel blessed to have been able to know you."

Amanda Alysia Daniels, Reader, Hayward, CA, US – “I have read most of your information (ebooks) and found them so very interesting! I enjoy the wisdom that you have on OBE. God bless and I look forward to learning more from you and others on this site! :)”

John Ballou, Reader, San Francisco, CA, USA – “The gift you are giving to the world trumps any of man's laws or ways.”

Janet Olson, Reader, Rhode Island, USA – “I joined this site November '12 and I was in awe from the start. I was already a believer in God (and am Catholic), but I was desiring more knowledge and understanding of the mystery of God and what's out there beyond the "veil". I've read "Come to Wisdom's Door" and the "Mysteries of the Redemption". I am totally fascinated with Marilynn's gift into the mysteries of it ALL. I believe she was chosen and blessed with that gift to help people like us! I hope your journey leads you more into the Truth and may it be filled with the Light of God and His beauty!.....Blessings...”

Rolf Fischer, Reader, Irvine, CA, USA –“Dear Marilynn, Thank you for the welcoming message you left me. I can't start to express my gratitude to God for having recently pointed me to you though the documentary - "The Road to Armageddon". After watching it, I immediately connected with you on so many levels. Your sincere, vivid, happy, authentic, faithful spirit (that only the light of God can forge) hit me right on! It was so refreshing to see a person that is respectful and devoted to Christ and to His church, but that at the same time, is so open to complementary spiritual paths. You simply reflect to me the teachings that Jesus has left us in all your works in this realm and in others. In summary, what a timely blessing you have been to all of us! Praises to God!!! :) May God, our Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit continue to guide, protect and bless you, the Foundation, and your family! :) Much love & abraços, Rolf Fischer”

Jim A., Reader, Toronto, CANADA - “Endless Blessings, to you, for this incredible website and material that you publish. This is by far, one of the best sites in the world.”

Arnold Nelson, Reader, London, UNITED KINGDOM - "I know everyone who comes here will agree that your books are such an important element in our lives, they definitely are in mine and always will be. Thanks, Neil"

Lorna, Reader, Tampa, FL, USA - "Every new book from Marilynn looks so interesting . . . we want to read."

Rick Johnson, Reader, Mason, OH, USA - "I thank God for you, Marilynn, and your website. I am glad to be a part of it. God bless you and your family."

Anonymous, Reader, USA - "Please pass this message on to Marilynn . . . I have twin four month old grandchildren who  . . .  can communicate. I'm sure you understand their mission. This morning I asked the girl how often she leaves. She replied 'Every day.' (I asked her because she appeared 2 weeks ago while I was removing an entity from my classroom (I'm a teacher). That's a different story . . . Then I asked if her mom and uncle 'go out.' She said 'yes.' My response was 'Well, I was reading a book by Marilynn Hughes . . . ' She cut me off with the most excited response of 'I KNOW MARILYNN...she comes to heaven a LOT. I started to laugh ... she followed up with 'She's a nice lady.' I responded 'I suppose she is.' Thought you might like to know even our new babies remember you . . . of course, they . . . have that special tie with Jesus, Mary, and the universe."

Linda Howe, Akashic Records Teacher, Oak Park, IL, USA - "Your site is so exciting.  I appreciate your generosity."

Michael Hopkins, U.S. Army Corps. of Engineers, USA - "You are a very prolific writer. I really can't imagine reading let alone writing 130 books. The creative writing writing gods must like you. :=)"

Neil Walker, Reader, UNITED KINGDOM - "Thank you so much Marilynn, for that wonderful passage. I'm truly blessed to be a part of this Family. I sometimes get lost in the world of distractions and chaos. But then when that emptiness finds me grasping for the connection with the divine, the Holy Father that it feels like I've lost. Then this is, so often my first port of call. And I've you to thank for that.... God Bless, Neil."

Pamela Ervin, Reader, Hollis, NY, USA - "Thank you for your welcome and recommendations.  Although I have always been spiritual, even when I did not know it, I am now starting my conscious journey as a spiritual being into this realm and have an insatiable appetite to know more.  I heard an old interview of yours on Coast to Coast and was immediately drawn to you and visited your website right away (unlike me) and found that it is just what I've been searching for.  I look forward to exploring your site further and will read your recommendations and much more.  Everything I see here resonates with me so well.  I feel like it's an answer to my prayers.  I am so grateful and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Namaste, Pamela"

James, Reader, Tshwane, SOUTH AFRICA - "Its great to find a place to be able to chat about these things finally.  I am stunned with all the material you have created, well done!?

James A. McVean, Reader, London, UK - “All I can say is what a find you are! I cannot believe that I hadn't heard of you as I have been interested in spiritual, UFO and Out-of-Body Experiences for many many years and I look forward to joining in with your community. Cheers, X”

Brother Bo, Reader, Pikesville, MD - " I search the internet and read books along with my meditation in an effort to obtain spiritual insight. It is a breath of fresh air to have one such as you who offers gifted wisdom on a donation basis. I am so appreciative of you."

Allison Alexander, Reader, Bronx, NY, USA - "Thanks for your love and encouragement. The wisdom you share here on these pages are priceless. Thank you so much for your help. Also never doubt how much you mean to me Marilynn, never. You have been a friend to me who have listened and guided me through some rather tough times since I have come to know you. It is hard when you have no one you could talk to and I have lived through that for most of my life. Your friendship to me reminds me of the trunk of a large oak tree, solid and strong. Unbendable. For that you will always have my love, admiration, thanks and friendship. So from the bottom of my heart . . . thank you, Sis." 

Jim Pantols, Reader, Ontario, CA - "I wish to express from the deepest part of me, great gratitude for all this wonderful content that you have authored. This is a place, for advanced souls. And I feel like this is a very unique and wonderful learning portal. Also, your commitment to this practice, and your devotion to God, are beautifully communicated in your works. I am reading "Mysteries of the Redemption." And thus far, you are the only person, who has provided concrete answers to some of the most pressing questions.  Great Love and Blessings, for all the wonderful work that you have done here, and for your time." 

Jack Church, Retired Air Force, Virginia, USA - "Dear Mrs. Hughes, I would like to take a moment to thank you for your writings.  They have inspired me and consumed my thoughts every since I came across your coast to coast interview and went on to your website.  I have never written to authors or anyone of importance for that matter but felt moved to let you know how much your experiences have affected me.  While I have never experienced an OBE or anything unusual for that matter, your experiences ring true to me.  It seemed like a light went on while reading your works.   I don't belong to any church but have always believed in Christ and have gone to baptist church's and was baptized at age 20 while in the air force.  Bits and pieces of things I always believed to be true come together in your writings (even though I have only scratched the surface of your works so far)  Anyway, I retired from the Air Force 10 years ago, and work as a sales rep here in Va.  Married for 31 yrs to a wonderful woman and have 3 beautiful children and 3 grand children.  Why Im getting into all this I dont know, I guess just to let you know a little about me so if we cross paths in the future (or past) you might say hi.  More than anything, i just wanted to thank you for your work and I cant read the books fast enough.  I wish I had more spare time.  Also, I would like to mail some money to your foundation because I dont use paypal and dont like to do credit cards over the internet, (old school I guess). So, if you would send me an address for the foundation I would love to support your work.  If your work is touching others as it has moved me it is a wonderful thing.  I look forward to the address. God Bless. Sincerely, Jack Church"

Ronnie Mccarrell, Reader, USA - "I read Come to Wisdom's Door last night . . . it was a great read! It answered some of my questions, and completely expanded my understanding. I will continue to read more of your writings this evening. Thank you for allowing God to use you in such a profound way. You are blessing to the body of Christ."

Priscilla Honor, Reader, Anonymous Location - "Thank you so much. You have been such a tremendous help to me. I shall never forget my vibration dilemmas. Well, back then I didn't know what was happening to me. But throughout my life, while falling asleep or being awaken from sleep I'd have these strong vibrations throughout my body, and when I dared to confide in someone they'd conclude the devil was trying to get my spirit or no explanation at all. It wasn't until I stumbled upon you that I learned what was happening. Now I'm so excited about learning more about out of body experiences, astral and spiritual realms. You just can't imagine what a relief it is to know what is happening to me. For this I say thank you and I truly do love you for sharing with myself and the rest of the world your experiences. I pray for you and your family and ask God to continue blessing you and your loved ones. Yours in Christ."

Philip Brown, Reader, Yorba Linda, CA, USA - " I can’t thank you enough Marilynn for all that you do.  I have such deep respect for you and find your interviews fascinating.  Thank you for keeping your literature free and easily accessible to guys like me.  The email you sent me telling me what (my wife) showed you has been the most important piece of information I've been given since she died."

Aaron Caezar, Reader, St. Georges, BERMUDA - "You are indeed the most influencial person in my life and I simply thank you with all my heart. God's blessings always."

Alex Johnson, Reader, Charleston, WV, USA – “I have been getting into Marilynn's work by watching videos and reading PDFs from the site. I read ‘Come to Wisdom's Door’ and am in the process of reading the other, lengthier one that Marilynn recommended. All I can really say so far is, wow. What I have read so far is basically the most amazing thing I have ever read. I have been searching for the truth for the past 5 years or so now, in any way that I can. Honestly, I don't think that what Marilynn is putting out can be topped. Her information makes everything else seem irrelevant. I am most definitely looking forward to having an OBE of my own. I think if I could focus on meditation and stop my mind, that would help a lot. Marilynn, I think you're amazing  . . . ”

Ramzi Almahayri, Reader, Toronto, CANADA - "Thank you for serving God, and taking the time to write back. You must be very busy and dedicated. From your writings, you seem to have depth and purity like that of Emanuel Swedenborg.  It is pleasing and blessing to have a genuine servant of God like you among us.Thank you for opening your heart to the source, at a time when many have locked their hearts.  The mind cannot be wise unless the heart is open to God. Your generosity is appreciated, and I promise that I will not be selfish and take all your books for free. May God bring you closer to Him and give you more vibration, light and bliss."

Nordine Zahra, Reader, Bristol, UNITED KINGDOM - "Thank you and may God bless you and bestow on you more grace and benediction !!!"

Radical Notion, Reader, UNITED KINGDOM - "You are truly blessed, Marilynn. Thank you for all the wisdom you've brought to earth. Looking forward to your documentary. God Bless."

Rae Bridges, Reader, Buford, GA, USA - "You are such a generous soul! Thank you so much for the free e-books! I'm struggling financially, as are many people these days, and the e-books are such a gift! I watched the videos of you showing your home. I love it!!! I love all the pictures and statues you have! I thought I had a lot, but you have me beat! My favorite spiritual author is St. Alphonsus de Ligouri. I bet you have some of his books! He is so amazing and I've learned a lot from him. I put together our Church Bulletin each month and I like to include excerpts from his books in there. It's so edifying for the parishioners to read it. I go to a traditional chapel called "St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church". It's about 45 minutes from my home, but there are many people who travel much further than that. I'm a convert to the faith and converted in 2005. Thank you so much for your time and commitment to your site. It's going to be one of my favorites!"

Abay Amare, Reader, Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA - "Thanks for opening the way that would lead to my spiritual progress. Out of the two books you have suggested for my reading, I have already read 'The Mysteries of the Redemption: A Treatise on Out-of-Body Travel and Mysticism." Even though I am not a Christian and do not believe in Christ, this book has mad an impression inside me that your experiences are possible and even made me come closer to God. Up until recently, I used to hold agnostic views and I know now that there is a deity as I had an OBE in which a I had a momentary conversation with an entity which I still am sure to be God. I hope the second book will bring me even more close. Thank you."

Carlo Mac Ganayeres Juanola, Elk Grove, CA - "I enjoy all your books very much. Thank you."

Kuldip Singh, Reader, Panaji Goa, INDIA - “Dear Marilyn, you are the only community I am connected to On Earth! Sharing Love, Peace and Energy, Kuldip”

Maha, Reader, Chicago, IL, USA – “Thank you for welcoming me in your foundation. I give thanks also for the two books you recommended me to read. It is just the perfect way to commence the path in the right way. Gratefully, Maha”

Husheder Daruwalla, Zoroastrian, Originally from Bombay, INDIA - "Dear Marilynn, We have a very avid reader in a 9 year old (boy) and a very curious 7 year old (girl) in Dunwoody, Georgia. I bumped into your book - Teaching Stories of the Prophets in World Religions for Young People - and am extremely grateful to the work that you have done for young minds. I cannot think of a single place that could give our young minds such powerful positive stories and thoughts. Truly helping them shape their spirit and sense of being. You've done a truly noble task by organizing this book. Rarely acting anything on impulse, I have been so moved and touched by your work that I could not help sending you this note expressing my gratefulness for your work. May God Bless you and your family."

Kathy Matheson, Reader, Columbis, OH, USA - "I'm glad to see that you have continued with your books and are sharing information that undoubtedly spreads ripples of change (uplifting Mass Consciousness) - probably more than you can even imagine! And now that I've "rediscovered" you, I intend to make use of this knowledge. Before you, Marilynn, the OB experiences that I had read about were more or less limited to flying around town, having close calls with unsavory entities, dealing with catalepsy, et al. The worlds and experiences that you described were so rich, so meaningful, I wanted more! I never get enough answers when it comes to my spiritual thirst, and I always question everything - but your information comes from a purer source (than, say, dreams, psychics, or someone's vision), so I'm very happy that you took it upon yourself to share this knowledge. Peace and Light, Kathy."

Bill Grant, Reader, New York, NY, USA - "I just had to write you, because of your MOST important role to me and my wife in mom's crossing... just about every today! I think of your contact with her spirit. And, again how your email was/is such comfort. I should print it out in gold! You, your site, your words are the GREATEST comfort I have ever known!"

Kam, Reader, Los Angeles, CA, USA - "My faith has really solidified since we last communicated and I have become a firm believer and am trying to be a faithful servant. Again, your books played a profound role in my evolution of spirit and still do to this very day."

Gustavo Aponte, Reader, Seattle, WA, USA - "I have read some of your books and they have helped me clear so many doubts! It's obvious to me that your path is that of bringing light into many of those corners (that have only been explored casually or ignored before). Don't stop! You'll someday realize the huge impact you have had on so many souls (I think more, at a personal level). :) I am doing really well, actually. My life has turned around and I now feel closer to Jesus Christ (by accepting the fact that I'm flawed, that I feel sorry about my human condition and by understanding the magnitude of his sacrifice on the cross). I was reading your blog last night, you were talking about spiritual desolation and how easy it is to long for our true home (once you have been granted some access). I have learned to be mundane and embrace my human side while staying far from so many traps and temptations. I am so honored to be your friend! I hope your health is under control so you can continue with your beautiful mission."

Robert Hickey, Reader, Forth Worth, TX, USA - "Hey Marilynn, you are a bright light!"

Wyndra, Reader, CA, USA - "Oh my Gosh, Marilynn, that book is the bomb!! (The Mysteries of the Redemption: A Treatise on Out-of-Body Travel and Mysticism) I have been reading it ALL DAY.  I have 100 pages left, probably will finish it tonight. That is my type of reading, I have been in awe of Out-of-Body Travel books but this one tops the cake. I can't believe how much I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!! It all sounds SO FAMILIAR to me and gives me so much hope. I now know that I have traveling for YEARS!!! I just need to wake back up. Thank you so much for writing this book . . .  Wow how VAST it is out there. I can't wait, I am extremely happy now!!!! Thank you and much LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Sheila, Reader, Halifax, NS, CANADA - "Hello Marilynn, It is an honor to be your friend. You are such a delight and a blessing to bring wonderful messages to seekers of Truth. Stay beautiful, divinely unique ♥"

Gary Weber, Reader, Cleveland, OH, USA - "Marilynn, I am so grateful to you for all you have done to help souls like me who are searching for the truth about life and the universe(s). I read Odysseys many years ago and searched for you on the internet to no avail. I just tried again and found your site. I am reading Come to Wisdom's Door. It is exactly what I have been looking for. I feel things happening and am so excited for what lies ahead. Thank you!!!!!!!"

Robin James Manning, Reader, Carson City, NV, USA  - "This looks amazing, information I can't wait to start reading. Thank you and I will share this with others."

Jean Galliano, Reader, Philadelphia, PA, USA - "Blessings and thank you [for all aspects] of your incredible work, and for your courage in the eloquent, gracious way you share it with us all. For many years I have sought a mentor, one of who understood and revered the out of body experience as relevant and sacred [and who was a woman]... You have so inspired me to press forward in a more fearless way with expressing my own out of body experiences. So, thank you for that and for just being able to be - and believe in yourself. Thank you Marilynn, 'Ive been reading your books... I admire your fearlessness. I have similar out of body experiences but have not been so confident in the expression of them. Thank you for believing in yourself and for bringing that belief so directly to me [and all of us]. ... For not editing yourself and for trusting your senses. Wonderful literature.  I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge your great presence in the world and to let you know what a vital mentor you are to me. You are very special. God Bless you."

Gil, Reader, St. Cloud, FL, USA - "I just wanted you to know that I regard your input to my questions, and your general comments, and writings, with the highest spiritual and intellectual worth than most any others, along with my Pastor, and that I truly value your works, responses, and positive attitude, and consider you a true friend in God. Thank you for all your efforts in Communicating truths to the internet audience. Thanks for being you."

Carol Sloan, Reader, Sacramento, CA USA - "Thank you for making the receiving of your gift possible. It is truly a magical world that you are allowing others to be a part of, Marilynn."

Erika Cagliari-Sarkadi, Reader, Ojai, CA, USA  - “I have read a few of your books on-line and I’d like to thank you for the comfort reading them brought to me. Your website lets us read your books for free. I lost someone very very special to me last summer. His death was sudden. God was gracious to give him a painless death and I’m grateful for it. When grief hits one the raw emotions are absolutely indescribable. I kept praying to God to give me comfort but I literally lost my ground from under my feet.  I always considered myself to be a religious Christian, I know that God promised us life after death, and I so want to believe it, Marilynn. But when my beloved passed on I felt nothing but devastation, grief, pain and utter desperation. I know that my devastation and pain are all from selfish reasons; I just want him to be here with me so I can talk to him, hug him and have him around whenever I want to.  In my desperation, I was reaching out to God and to everyone. I have to tell you it was very hard not to "buy into" contacting mediums, psychics because I looked at them as my opportunity to contact my beloved just one more time ... like that would have made up for the rest of the loneliness that one is left with after losing someone beloved. But I would never dare to disobey or disrespect God’s laws. I just so wanted to know that his soul lives on, that while his body is resting, he still is as energetic, as full of life so to speak, as intelligent, as beautiful now in the new realm as I knew him here on Earth. You are truly fortunate to have this gift of reaching beyond to places that remains mystery for most of the regular humans. I feel nothing but gratitude that you were gracious to share your life experience with many of us in your books. I’m sure it takes a lot of courage, too, to write down and publish it for the whole world to see and hear controversial experiences that you are privy to by the grace of God.  People can be cruel or gracious when you share anything personal with them.  I hope that the majority of people were gracious and grateful to you for your writings. I don’t purport to claim that I understood everything in your books that I read. Still, whatever I understood from it I believe was meant for me to know. Your writings gave me comfort and I thank you for it from the bottom of my heart. May God bless you and your family and may he give you more inspiration to help and comfort people.”
Matthew Ellidge, Reader, Manchester, UK  - “Your work and guidance mean a lot to me and thousands of others I'm sure. If I can come to help others in the same way I'd be a happy man. I am a happy man, but would be an even happier man! Much Love!”

Tom, Reader, Colville, WA, USA - "I feel as if I am in an understudy course at the time being "prepared" for an indescribable journey . . . Thank You Marilynn. Peace. Tom"

Mike, Reader, NC, USA - "Brilliance is not necessarily a part of wisdom, your words are more like the softness of white flowers."

Mark Anielski, College Professor and Author, CANADA – “Dear Marilynn, your words and suggestions bring my heart great joy! Thank you for your presence in my life and in this world. Your experience has helped me greatly affirm both the spiritual work necessary in this 4th dimension (earth) and confirmation that your experiences of spiritual/energetic vibration (as a Catholic) are aligned with my own (which continue to grow). You also affirm the importance of the sacrament of reconciliation (confession) and the Blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist in the Holy Mass . . . I am picking up Tanqueray's book today (The Spiritual Life). Meanwhile, I will continue to read your amazing life story in ‘The Mysteries of the Redemption.’ What you have experienced and shared with the world is a true gift of God. Thank you for you! I thank God for your gift to me! You are very blessed Marilynn . . . Thank God for your life!”

Karen Dittman, Contest Winner, Wakefield, RI, USA - "I want to thank you so much for the book Out-of-Body Travel and Near Death Experiences that I won in last month's monthly drawing. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the book and all that you're doing in this field."

Dave Strickland, Editor, Doncaster, ENGLAND - "I just finished 'The Mysteries of the Redemption' and am now studying 'Galactica.' You are everything I hoped for in my search for a genuine messenger."

Mark De Puy, Forest Ranger, Ramah, New Mexico, USA - "A warm thank you for your free ebooks that I have just begun to read. A good feeling that this is an important discovery."

Khalilah Aleem, Student, JAPAN - "The book title itself sounds soooo interesting and profound."

Lillian Cleveland, Reader, Wilmington, DE, USA - "Thank you Marilynn for having created this site that helps us to grow  so much in the mysteries of heaven. Our souls will thank you forever. Praise be to the Lord!"

Jennifer Start, Reader, Conroe, TX, USA - "Keep up the good work you're an inspiration!"

Bill Brown, Writer, Madison, AL, USA - "WOW is an understatement to your site."

Maria de las Nieves, Water Treatment, CURACAO - "When I talk about you with my mom I tell her, 'Mom my friend wrote me.' I am happy to know you. You are and will always be in my heart, as strange it might sound, but without you knowing you also give me strength. You don't know how much you are helping me, Thank you with all my soul, I thank God for knowing you. You are in my heart. Thank You for being there."

Alison Wylie, Mother and Writer, ITALY - "My name is Alison Wylie, friends call me Ali, I'm 42, married with 2 children and I live in Italy. I have just found your website through a recommendation of a friend from an OBE forum I frequently visit. I was particularly interested in the 'Ghosts and Lost Souls' book. I downloaded it, I haven't read it fully yet but I will. I am interested in your stories of helping people who are lost in the astral."

Gayle West, Birmingham, AL, USA – “Reading issue six of the Journal, just wanted to give you hugs and thanks for what you do . . . You're a blessing to the world :)”

Hank Snow, Rosicrucian Armis Sub Rosa - Lex et Ordo, Salinas, CA, USA - "Thank you so much for your assistance in this. I've only begun to scratch the surface of the volume of material you have so graciously made available to me. In this life, on this side of the veil, it is so difficult to decipher what is true and what is false. However, I recall reading from an ancient text once that the "Truly Enlightened Ones" do not peddle knowledge like some worthless trinket , but offer it freely to all who are willing to listen or able to see. With so much out there, claiming to be "the path" I use this as a simple litmus test. The fact that you have made so much of your work freely available to all who are willing to look tells me volumes about your character, and perhaps more importantly the veracity of the source. Needless to say, I will be delving more deeply into your work as soon as time permits. May the Peace of Christ be with you always, Hank Snow"

Martin C., Reader, San Anselmo, CA - "Dear Marilynn, dear Sister, I finished reading the two books you recommended when I joined ("The Mysteries of the Redemption: A Treatise on Out-of-Body Travel and Mysticism" and "Come to Wisdoms Door: How to Have an Out-of-Body Experience"). Praise God for the spiritual blessings made available to humanity through you!"

Dustin, Reader, Shreveport, LA - "Marilynn you're contagious-in a good way. I have a rather long and winding spiritual story to tell but I will keep it short. I grew up Southern Baptist and was basically forced by my parents to go to church which I ended up resenting. I had a lot of questions in my teenage years, none of which Christianity ever answered and still doesn't. I became attracted to Buddhism, ESP, Zen. To me Eastern Philosophy was a very closed-ended system that seemed to answer most of my questions. I also became interested in New Age and in astral travel which I've had limited success. But I have had these dream-states in which the dreams were of a high level and I felt like there was this constant stream of information coming into my awareness which mostly is just out of reach, but I wake up feeling like you often did that something very important was imparted. I never really respected who Christ was or how he became who he was until I read Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda. This was several years ago but more importantly, I never understood the purpose of Christ's message until I started reading your writing just a couple of days ago. Christianity it seems, and correct me if I am wrong, is about surrender and complete trust. I have always wanted to understand everything, and Buddhism does try to explain everything, but I realized that even intellectually understanding it wasn't helping as much as totally experiencing the path to God. With Christianity, you don't have to understand everything, you just trust Christ to reveal that which you need to know when you need it. So to wrap it up, since I've read your writings and have had this new epiphany, I have started having those spiritual high level dreams again. Hopefully with dedicated meditation, I will be able to have out of body experiences in which I can heal and help people like you do. I feel that a time of great change and difficulty is nearing and I want to be ready to help. Thanks for listening."

Kavannah, Reader, Naples, FL, USA - "You are truly an inspiration for me and perfect timing of God to find you and your foundation filled with such wonderful people and information. I'm very excited about it all."

Robert Pieper, Reader, Toledo, OH, USA - "Dear Marilynn, I love the work you are doing spiritually and your openess in sharing your spiritual journeys.  Thanks for sharing your love of God and your understandings of the spiritual worlds. Blessings to you always. Robert"

Kathleen McGinty, Reader, San Antonio, TX, USA - "Thank you for your beautiful heart and your work for humanity, it means so much to me. Blessings to you for being here at this auspicious time in Earth and the galaxy's history. You've spent much time and effort with your book, which I've just begun reading. (The Hammer of Mysticism: Encyclopedic Journey into Mystical Processes and Terms') For all your work to help humanity, may I offer thanks. Namaste"

Sue, Yahoo Group Member, NEW ZEALAND - "Dear Marilynn, I have been reading the Redemption series and every paragraph rekindles memories I thought forgotten, that I had doubted to be real and in some cases thought crazy.  I have no words to express my thanks to you.  You have, through your sharing and love allowed me to open up my heart again, to trust and know that the Divine is guiding us, always there through spiritual guidance, and through love.  Many experiences pushed aside due to my doubts are now becoming clear. I am now also aware that my fears have held me back from moving forward to higher vibrations. There is much I would love to share. From my heart with love, Sue"

John Owen, Reader, Mariposa, CA, USA - "A friend shared with me and I with others. Wonderful site and so giving of self. You have been a busy woman ... and I see  you drew to you all kinds of spiritual mentors. Sai Baba among them. Thanks a bunch."

Vandria Rayner, Reader, San Mateo, CA, USA - "As someone with MS, who also does THE GREAT WORK as best she can, I am so inspired by your loving dedication, yielding intelligence, and sanctified skill as a server of the light. Thank you for the candor and self effacing moral lessons you share, which I both need and cherish. My work is a rewarding yet lonely trek at times. Reading your words has given me an honest and candid spirit to follow, and trust, and feel at home with. Bless you for your profound gift and givingness.”

Paul Lowrance, Reader, CA, USA - I'm a big fan of Marilynn Hughes's books. Over the last decade, I've recommended Odysseys of Light and Crystal River Flowing to so many people. But this book, Mysteries of the Redemption, is so much more. It's a wealth of information that will feed your Soul for years. This book is vital to journeying out of body and in Spirit. After reading nearly every OBE book, I am now a firm believer in letting the experience come to you, rather than forcing it to you. I believe the information in this book leads to healthy spiritual growth which in turn will lead to beautiful and natural Out of Body Experiences, and the eventual Ascension. See you in Paradise!" 

Michael Maurer, Reader, Huntington Valley, PA, USA - "I feel you are a genuine seeker plus a great soul (and I like the way you laugh!). I had 1 OBE some years ago through Bob Monroes Hemi-sync tapes but I was a bit fearful of the event and quickly shot back in my body. I had been feeling the strong vibrations you get right before you have a OBE for some time before finally achieving it. I saw three or four guides/entities as I left my body but didn't communicate with any of them. But it did prove to me we are NOT our bodies, and we DO survive death.  I listen to your downloads often and enjoy the info which I feel is really the truth. You're a great person and I hope to meet you someday. May you have blue skies and green lights! All the best, Mike"

Dennis Harwood, Reader, Anonymous Location - "I want to thank you for your fine site and prolific output of fascinating reading."

Miss Eva, Reader, Grants Pass, OR, USA - "God Bless your Family. You are a beautiful soul."

John Stone, Author, Contractor, Dallas, TX, USA - "May be your best work so far, certainly among the most important . . . " (Suffering: The Fruits of Utter Desolation)

Deborah Domer, April 2007 Contest Winner, Lake Oswego, OR, USA - "Thanks for this. I think I need it! (Suffering: The Fruits of Utter Desolation) I began reading your other books, but somehow there have been too many distractions and I have been unable to focus, so your short book sounds perfect. I HAVE been through devastation. It feels as though there is light at the end of the tunnel now, and I have been sent a lot of unseen help. I am grateful for these connections with the unseen spirits, and they have graciously revealed themselves to me here on this plane. I KNOW there is so much more to experience - and for a reason. Thanks for offering yourself for questions/comments. I like the personal connections! Thanks for your open heart of love -- I see it and it's beautiful. Best, Deborah"

Daniel, Reader, Cincinnatti, OH, USA - "You are a soul saver woman, you are as valuable as gold. God bless you, Marilynn. He has blessed me through your life and I thank Him and you for the way you carry your cross . . . you are a strong light in the darkness."

Darja, Reader, Ljubljana, SLOVENIA - "Dear Marilynn, I just finished to read your book The Mysteries of the Redemption. I got answers on a lot of my questions, I got a lot of new knowledge to better understand my life, the world around me, knowledge to better understand, what is happening in the world. I got many information how I can better follow the Lord and listen to his call. I also know I have a lot more to learn, a lot work to do on myself. As the demons try to come back, now I also know, I have just to call our Lord, repeat I love him and they have to go. Yes, they do not give up easy, they try to come back, but they do not have power if I do not allow them to come back if I clear say and do love and follow only our Lord Christ. I am really happy to be here and thank you for your advice. Your books will realy be very important writings in the future, as mankind will "make that change" to be able to understand them. Thank you, Much Love, Many Blessings, Darja"

Ruth Moncrieff, Reader, Sydney, NSW, AUSTRALIA - "I have just purchased Marilynn's book Mysteries of the Redemption through Amazon and I had no idea what it was about - until I read it. I'm fascinated and love to visit the spiritual realms with Marilyn. Her words make me feel as though I'm there with her. One day I hope to meet her - somewhere 'out there'."
Yami, Reader, Fort Lauderdale, FL USA  - “I’ve already read ‘Come to Wisdom’s Door, which I completely inhaled – and I’m still reading ‘The Mysteries of the Redemption.’ May I just say, ‘WOW! Thank you, again, for sharing. You are truly a testament to God’s perfection. I feel honored, yet humbled, to have been led to your website. I feel so much love as I read your experiences., and at times, moved to tears; even laughter. My love for God and all that is divine has grown by reading Mysteries; it has given me the knowing that this is His plan – for all who read your words to love Him and know His love. I only wish I was able to devote longer periods of time to reading, as I feel so at peace and in the light when I do. I have never felt so much of His love when reading ‘The Bible' . . . it’s just so difficult to understand and relate to.” 

Greg, Reader, UNITED STATES - "I was changed by you."
Jorge, Reader, INDIA - "Wow it is amazing to know you and your books! Really I am proud of you. Love it."

Fernando Angel Carranza, Jazz Musician, ARGENTINA - "Great site, Marilynn, keep spreading seeds of Love, of Peace, of Compassion, of Mercy, of God!!!! Stay blessed and keep moving forward . . . . " 

Janet, Reader, UNITED STATES - “Your books are VERY helpful to me.   Thank you for completing your mission ... it's a daunting task.”
Jordan Thurston, Reader, CANADA - How very kind of you to send all these birthday greetings!  I accept the blessings and the love absolutely and hold these always in my heart. One thing I can tell you, you are held in high esteem and I hope you receive back all that you give, and this includes my love and best wishes.  
Erika Purdon, Reader, SOUTH AFRICA - "What a surprise I got. I thought you were just another person posting pretty things on FB until I went onto your blog!! You are awesome!! I love everything I have seen so far.

John Lyssakos, New Jersey, NY, USA - "God Bless you in your work here and when your time comes to move on, I pray you ascend right up to the highest levels with the Lord and become one of the Holy Writers as you shared in your most memorable experiences. Keep up the Holy Work. You will probably never know how many people you help but I believe you are having far more of an effect than you may realize and you know of at least one person, :-), who is grateful beyond my capacity to express in words for your embracing me and pulling me out of my spiritual grave. Thank you so very much for all the time and wisdom and knowledge and effort you have been sharing with me. I do recognize it and very much appreciate all you've done for me. I think what you have experienced and continue to experience and share with us is priceless. I'm certainly sharing my knowledge of you with those who I believe may be receptive to your message
. I cannot imagine how awesome and glorious all these experiences are for you Marilynn. You are truly immensely Blessed and I am Blessed to have found you. Thank you for all you share with all of us. I am in awe of what you do."

Gregory Holston, Lafayette, CO, USA - "Wow, are you a sight to behold? I just thought you were an amazing person, the words you used; the wisdom, knowledge, and laughter. I went to your web site and watched a video. I am impressed. You are very good at what you do."

Robert Pipert, Goodyear, AZ, USA - "You are such a beautiful soul!"

Pastor Sylvia J. Malone, Lubbock, TX, USA - "I want to thank you for sharing your journey with the world."

Gustavo Aponte, VENEZUELA - "I always got the feeling the topics you teach are really advanced and that most of us aren't ready for them! I also suspect you might be an alien or an angel disguised as a human. Regardless of who you are, I think that you are awesome and I'm honored we can still communicate. If you see me on the other side please don't run my rookie soul over with your shiny and luxuriously wide aura. 😄"

Patrick Hall, C2C Listener, USA -  “Great to hear you on C2C am the other day. You were so informative and graceful how you described your work. I loved your description of helping those that pass to find their way home and raise their vibration.”

Justin Lang, Victoria, B.C., CANADA - "Ever since I discovered (Emanuel) Swedenborg's theology, I always thought that it would be the most amazing thing to have the out of body experiences that he had, as well as yourself and Robert Monroe !!!!!! Since a very young age, my soul and mind has always been searching for the truth about life and the hereafter !!!!!"

The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation
Recipients of Rosaries

Robin Hunstad, St. Cloud, MN, USA - "I am looking to renew my relationship with the lord, strenthen my faith,and find guidance and peace."

Thissa Dusyanthi, Badulla, SRI LANKA - "Today  I received my rosary, bag, crucifix and two prayer books that you sent. Thank you very much for sending them. I will pray for your good work also. Thank you again. God Bless You! Dushyanthi"

Regina Young, Andhra Pradhesh, INDIA - "May God Bless You All for the stuff you are sending to the one who is in need."

Taiwo Akinsaway, Lagos, NIGERIA - "I want to be a part of this organization and send light to the world."

Sara Norris, Hawthorne, NV, USA - "My Rosary has gone missing after a cross country move and I would desperately like another one. Praying the Rosary has always been so important and uplifting for me and I miss that part of my spiritual practice greatly. May God Bless You." (On its way.)

Donald Buerina, Karachi, PAKISTAN - "I pray the rosary every day (but don't have a rosary to pray it on). Please send . . . thank you."

Yvonne Taruc, Saskatchewan, CANADA - "I can't wait to see and use my new rosary and prayer book from your good team. May God continuously bless you with all your good deeds."

Winarto Phan, Manila, PHILIPINNES - "Thank you so much for supporting my daily prayer to this blessed rosary."

Peter Tysdale, Sidney, TX, USA - "Thank you so much for the rosary! I used it today and I feel so purified from the power of the Sorrowful Mystery. thank you so much for what you do. God please bless these people!"

Wilbert Bacudio, Paranaque City, PHILIPPINNES - "Thank you for sharing the blessings of the Lord."

Vinatee Jokhun, Ontario, CANADA - "Thank you very much for sending the rosary, bag, crucifix and prayerbooks.  Very much appreciated. May God bless you all for all the efforts you make. Grateful to all of you who make it possible. Kind regards."

Zoey Lillith, Gainesville, GA, USA - "My mother, father and older sister have received your rosary packet. We are all learning to pray together. My mother said that if I want one of my own I have to write to you and ask and say why I want a rosary so I can have my own rosary to pray with my family and get closer to God. So could you please help? Thank you.thank you for bringing my family closer together through Christ." (You betcha, and you are welcome. It is an honor! - Marilynn Hughes)

Michelle Anthony, Covington, GA, USA - "I would like to receive one of your rosary packets please. My family is converting to Catholicism because of my mothers new marriage. I am taking RICA classes but feel alone without having a rosary or knowing the prayers. I am 28 and I have spent much of my life in doubt of God's glory and power. But he has saved my mother's life from a cruel disease and brought her the joy of a good man and us a good father after many years of unhappiness. For this, I am grateful and give thanks to Him. I hope that through your kind gift I will learn more about Catholicism. Thank you. God bless." (Beautiful story, and I am so happy to help out. I know the prayer book will help you a lot in learning the prayers, and please let us know if there is any other ways in which we can help. God Bless You and Your Family. - Marilynn Hughes)

Darren Carson, Fort Dodge, IA, USA - "I got the rosary today in the mail and it is a lot more beautiful then I could have imagined. Thank you so much . . . it's not usual to get something without being asked for something in return! Thanks again, my faith is a lot more stronger now. :)"

Fr. Benedict, St. Anthony's Church, Kerala, INDIA - "Thanks for sending the holy rosary to all around the world."

Charles Alexander, Fort Morgan, CO - "Thank you very much, I will use it proud. Again thank you and God bless You . . ."

Jason Van Clief, Trumansburg, NY, USA - "Thank you for doing God's work and may he bestow many blessings upon you."

Catherine Grant, Ontario, CANADA - "I saw you in The Road to Armageddon and was moved to want more. I want to learn how to pray. Thank-you for what you are doing for everyone."

Susannah Umbras, Rockingham City, WESTERN AUSTRALIA - ""Just wanted to let you know that I received the books, rosary beads and necklace. Thank you so much. They came at the perfect time, right when I need them most."

Edward Dobrowolski, Miami, FL, USA - "Thank you for all your help teaching us how to elevate our level of conscience . . . God Bless You always."

Ronald Sanichara, GUYANA - "Thank you for your kindness in this difficult time."

Brandlynn Young, Dardanelle, AR, USA - "Thank you so much! You made my day! Wow. This is a huge blessing for our family. I can't begin to thank you enough. Peace and hugs. And stay warm. ;)"

Danielle Baker, Parker City, IN - "I am looking for peace and guidance! I wanted to let you know that I received the books, crucifix and rosary today in the mail. They are beautiful and very much worth the wait!! I feel very comforted by them.  You are a very beautiful person!!!"


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More Reviews . . . 

Pamela Elisabetta Zippo, Reader, Rome, ITALY - "Your videos are very beautiful and special . . . thanks for the gifts!"

Arvind Patel, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India - "I wish that the Divine Lights of Infinite Energy May bring infinite Joy, Peace and Prosperity in your Life."

Joe Edward Terry, Guadalupe, CA, USA - "I enjoy your work, by the way. Continued success ... "

Carole McMechan, Vedic Astrologer, Kelowna, British Columbia,  CANADA - "Thank you for sending me the links to your gorgeous site! Wow, so amazing!"

Carole David, Vedic Astrologer, Masters in Counseling, University of Victoria, British Colombia, CANADA -"I just want you to know that I am so grateful to you and your kind, wise words. You are so valuable to me and I am sure to many on this disturbed planet called earth. You are an angel in a world of misguided humans."

Barry Mccollum, Screen Actors Guild Actor for Eighteen Years, Las Vegas, NV, USA -"Wow, your a very special lady! Your summary is extremely impressive not to mention your sphere of influence."

Gail Raborn, Hypnotherapist/Psychotherapist, San Francisco, CA, USA - "What a fascinating woman you are! I wish you lived in the San Francisco area so we could meet. I'm sure we'd enjoy conversing. I'm a hypnotherapist/ psychotherapist with forty plus years working with clients. I've had many spiritual experiences as well as spiritual "rescues" from life threatening situations, and I feel very connected to Spirit, as obviously you do as well. But have never done any out of the body travel . . . . Wonderful to connect with you. I think now I'll look into your books . . . Warmly."

Juliet Casing, Visayas State University, Central Visayas, PHILIPPINNES - "Hi, Marilynn. I checked your website, and I really love what you do. You anchored your mission on Mother Teresa's great works."

Mary Potter, Atlanta, GA - "The website is really good and I am listening to each of the interviews under the appearances tab.. I first heard you on Coast to Coast.. Thank you for all you do . . . I now know about Swedenborg."

Yogi Simon Gill, Founder of Light In Himalayas Yoga Center International, Dehra Dun, INDIA - "🙏May the STRENGTH hof God pilots you,🌹The POWER of God Preserve you, 🍀WISDOM of God Instruct you, 🌺And HANDS of God Protect you.❤️Sending Love, Peace & Light to you, your family and all those around you.��🌷Have a wonderful day my friend.🙏🌺🌹  🙏Yogi Simon Gill🙏"

Ernesto Tamayo, Design Research Initiative V.T.I.,La Salle College, C.I.T. , V.M.A., Philippines - "Its an exciting experience getting one's consciousness out of the living flesh and exploring the entire universe in the twinkling of an eye (I think during that state the eye need not to wink at all, lol)."

Mozelle Martin, MA, TPsyD, FHWE, FMHP, Phoenix, AZ, USA – “I personally wanted to say how much I love your work… I love how you combine “realness” with spirituality as I believe that is soooo important and many miss out on the power of that connection. You are a powerful, successful woman and, because of that, you have been a true inspiration to many . . . your success will help motivate many other women so they don’t too-easily give up on their goals and dreams. I . . . love it if (when you are just being) your awesome self, and shar(ing) your passion, wisdom, and inspiration. I feel that your mission of empowerment is very powerful. I know there are many out there who can share on this topic, but in the opinion of many (including myself), you are a front-runner and I could not think of anyone better. That is why I (feel) honored and very grateful, as I know first-hand the difference you have made in my life, for which I am forever grateful.”

Marko Marjanovic, Hamburg, GERMANY - "Welcome to my humble pages Mrs.Marilynn Hughes. I am a follower of you. I am very excited to see you here. A fascinating personality makes us feel like we have never dreamed of
thanks for that . . . Your loyal fan. Thank you from your faithful fan."

Marchia Carnicelli Minor, Cleveland, OH, USA - "Looks like you are doing wonderfull things!! "

Lance Hale, KY, USA - "I am a Christian and have long been interested in mystic traditions. I have read Out of Body Travel and Mysticism and Come to Wisdom's Door and enjoyed them very much, I am currently reading The Mysteries of the Redemption. I wanted to say thank you for publishing these experiences, they are providing me valuable insight into a part of Christianity that so many have forgotten. Thank you for all you do for the Kingdom of God."

Lillian Vidal, CT, USA - "Marilynn you are so special! You just don’t know how much. So many of us have been saved through your writings! When the day comes and you meet our Lord all the souls you helped saved will be there to thank you. Me included!"

Jane Maria, USA - "Thanks, Marilynn for all you do for us! You have been such an amazing mentor in your vast knowledge of OOB."

Lea Beatriz Fleck, BRAZIL - "You helped me so much on the forum! I’m really sure I wouldn’t be well today if it weren’t for all the chats we had at that time with so many nice and lovely people. It’s unforgettable! Thank you so much!"

John Pitkethly, Omaha, NE, USA - "Please keep writing and publishing your experiences. I finished reading your latest book on Kindle and I was very impressed with the quality of your writings and your experiences. I hope you continue to share your knowledge and insights with everyone who will listen.Your writings have given me a great sense of confidence and comfort, and you are certainly going to help and inspire many more people."

Paul N., Central Alberta, CANADA - "
I really like listening to your interviews on youtube, and I think you have a wonderful website. I connect with your Catholic mysticism, it is great to hear someone talk like you. I say the rosary every day and am now also saying the chaplet of Divine Mercy. I have meditated a great deal over the years, the inner landscape is a familiar zone for me. Have listened to a lot of Monroe CD's etc. And I live a relatively solitary life. God Bless you Marilynn. Hopefully you may see me as one of the praying lights one day.
And I so look forward to projecting and connecting with all that is holy and good."

Rebecca Stone (Windsong), USA - "May God’s Eternal Love, Peace and Blessings be upon you and the work you do to help others continue to prosper and touch many lives. 🙏🏻❤️😌🦋 Naaste"

Cius Bertrand, New Haven, CT, USA - "You have so many important books on your website that are free to ownload. I got In touch with you, and that changed everything. After a decade, your books will worth more than gold."

John Lyssitakos, IT Specialist/Physicist, New Jersey, USA - "In 'Prelude to a Dream', when the Runner came alongside of you, that entire experience was very beautiful. A peaceful guiding moment between a Master and a student. Your past life as Thread Bear was so interesting and such a sweet ending. Having all those songs of the Music camp written for you, very touching and beautiful, as well as the glowing pine. And 'The Twin Trees' - WOW, what a precious poem. I was crying as immediately when I saw the hand of the girl touching the pine's branches... oh man... I'm tearing up again! What a precious poem :-) ... and that ending... very special and warm. Thank you for including it. Not that you need this confirmation, but when I was definitely feeling the Holy Spirit when I read these sentences spoken by Red Jacket on page 49: "There is a being," he said, "who is at ONE with these mountains. The animals and the trees are far friends, and she speaks with all life. In her heart, she has lived here for centuries." I can't imagine who beautiful and sublime that feeling must be, to be consciously united in peace and friendship with the mountains and all the animals on it. WOW :-). Wow - I am always so amazed and impressed at all the Holy People you have been blessed to see and with whom to interact. Just singularly amazing! Thank you for sharing your experiences with all of the Holy Spirits you have encountered. You know, I'm feeling the Holy Spirit, building in strength as I read your words. Thank you again my dear Friend, for all you share - in wisdom, experiences, knowledge, time and caring concern. I do NOT take it or YOU for granted at all. Spiritually, you my dear Friend are still standing :-) Many have fallen throughout the history of humanity and you stand steadfast and faithful. I greatly admire your faith and strength and loyalty and hope. You've been having these experiences, literally across time, space, dimensions and the universe, for 30+ years, engaging with all levels of the Holy and Unholy and you still speak with reverence and awe. You're a beautiful Soul Marilynn. We're all very blessed God let's you stay with us :-)"

Agnes Kippen, Jacksonville, Florida, USA - "It has been over ten years since I have been in contact with you. To be concise, at one time I shared a guitar with your family! That was so many years ago! You may have passed that guitar on,( I never mind if gifts are shared) but it might be a link you would remember! I have remembered you kindly over the years. I so much appreciate the work you do! I just heard a you tube recording made most recently, with Coast to Coast AM.(which was still some time ago.) That is how I first learned about you some ten years ago! ( the first time you were on). I so much want to be a part of working for the Spiritual good of mankind. Thank you for sharing so many of your experiences in this regard!  I remember all your generosity to different organizations in India from years ago, and I know you share extravagantly by the Grace of God what He gives you. So just wanted to send you a prayerful, grateful, and warm greeting. With thanks to God. May God's richest Blessings continue to be with you."

Sherry Jagneaux, Host of 'Unbiased and On the Fence', Google Hangouts, USA - "I hope you know how much I love you!!! I’ve never been so happy!!! You know- I think YOU should be a saint!!! You don’t know how much I believe this!!!! You Rock!!!!"

David Murphy, NEW ZEALAND - "Just letting you know I respect you quite a bit . . . You’re quite an interesting person for sure."

David Dockersfield, Erie, PA, USA - "Marilynn, for the last three days I have felt the Lord looking to me and being with me during prayer. IN MY HEART. And I can't begin to tell you how much it means to me and I know it's from your prayers and the prayers of all who have been praying for us. THIS IS A BIG BIG BIG DEAL FOR ME! It started right after I read your post to me about how He is with me in this difficult time and also as I've been reading St. Faustina's diary. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR LOVE FOR THE LORD AND WELL EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE IN SEVICE TO THE LORD WITH YOUR LIFE! ITS AN HONOR TO PRAY FOR YOU."

Consuelo Nepochatov  - Hello Marilynn. I would just like to say thank you for your books and information. I knew it was what I needed right from the start. I am Catholic and feel so much closer to God since I started reading your books. I’ve just re- read 'Come to Wisdom's Door: How to Have an Out-of-Body Experience' and about to re-read 'The Mysteries of the Redemption: A Treatise on Out-of-Body Travel and Mysticism'. I’m finding new meaning again and recalling my experiences as I’m re-reading it, and how my soul has progressed. I now understand so much more! Especially since my mother has just passed away. I have felt her maternal spirit in others, like the Virgin Mary. I don’t know how to explain it, but will just accept it’s beauty! My question is about a recurring dream about exorcisms. I’ve had them for 20 years. And I recite the Lord’s Prayer and expel evil forces around. And I do it for others as well. I have always wondered if this is something I’m called to do for the Lord that I’m seeing in dreams as a premonition, or if I’m actually doing it in the spirit world. It feels like both. Maybe you could give me some insight. I look forward to reading your new book soon and may God continue to bless you with your work! Thank you. Also, do you have any books in Spanish? I would love to share them with my friends who are native Spanish speakers. God Bless"

Yoram Weis, Asheville, NC, USA - "“Dear Marilynn, You are a walking glow of awareness and love and a gift to this Earth. With each birthday your heart reaches deeper and your kindness spreads wider. May the richness of your soul continue to light up not only your path, but also the fertile fields of care, wisdom and encouragement that you gracefully share with all the lives you touch. How beautiful are these abundant fields, in which we all grow, share and blossom in our love. Love and light to you 💖 Stay safe! Yoram”

Luis Gustavo, Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL - "I like talking to you. It's like the only people I can talk to sounding crazy, hahaha. And also, you have a crazy amount of experiences. And you're just so cool to be helping all those people online everyday, including me. I'm glad we have people like you in this world" 

Windsong, Houston, TX, USA - "Thank you so very much for the gift of your friendship and beautiful soul. God, through you, gives me hope for the future I always wanted. In His Service., but enjoying what all I have gained in addition to your video’s! Thank you so very much for all you have done and are doing to help me and so many on this planet. God bless you Marilynn. I just felt an overwhelming peace wash over me. The Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi was breathed into my spirit and I just posted it. So much is happening energetically right now, and I know so many are feeling the changes. Thank you so much for being YOU. A radiant light and soul. God bless you, Marilynn. I find comfort in your writings. Many Blessings! My life is forever changed because of you. So grateful, thank you! With Love"

Gustavo Aponte, VENEZUELA - "I
 told my brother the other day (who grew up sharing my love formusic) that you are the Steve Vai of out-of-body-traveling. Steve Vai is a guitar player whose music is basically impossible to replicate. We all send you hugs and positive thoughts, you are such a beautiful person inside and out. I send my best wishes, you are beautiful, deep and a super interesting human being."

Alice MacIntyre, Melbourne, FL, USA - “I am enjoying your You Tube videos and also downloading your books from Audible, which is so good! Listened to Spiritual warfare Audible book from one of your series last night. I don't think I could get through reading and hearing all the books and information you have published in one lifetime! Prolific could be an accurate description, perhaps even an understatement. Thank you again for all you do and all the encouragement you offer us who want to go within and be loving Children and servants of the Most High God.”

Vikki Collins, USA -"I have several of your books, I find them quite fascinating, such extraordinary experiences...I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you sharing your God given insights and travels...They have many times been a gift to me...I just wanted to let you know you are in this moment in my heart...I was reading on Franchezzo an warmth affections of you also arose!! Thank you for the work you do Marilynn..Thank you!!"

Kriston Couchey, AK, USA - "Thanks for the truth, I have been encouraged and challenged."

Elmar Kask, Thunder Bay, Ontario, CANADA - "Marilynn, thank you so much for the heart you left me. You have been so much of an inspiration to me over the last few years. I have also experienced Christ on two occasions. Last October, I was hospitalized for severe PTSD symptoms. I was in small meditation class run by a Chaplain with Buddhist training. He led us and I went to a deep trance. A face started to appear. First the eyes. Then the nose and hair and then the beard. I started to smile at him and then He smiled back. I received a telepathic message. . . . This was so comforting to me and helped me so much. I'm just sobbing as I write this. I often say, why me Lord. I don't deserve this incredible Love. I know true evil. I've been true evil. I look forward to your next live radio broadcast. Maybe I'll be lucky and be able to call in. Thank you so much for what you do. The world needs people like you more than ever. ♥️ I loved your interview with Dave Scott. A lot of great questions. I do what Jesus did except with addicts, alcoholics, and people with mental health issues. We are on the same team. I'm so grateful that I found you Marilynn. God bless you, too. Joe Rupe updated the archives and your interview is online now. He will finish uploading the YouTube channel to day. I've listened to it twice. Your explanation was so helpful. In 2017 after meditating for several months, I had 4 OBE'S."

Michael Elston, Memphis, TN, USA - "I listened to you interview on The Kingdom of Nye and you were as usual, very interesting and informative."

The Aponte Family, Caracas, VENEZUELA - "We all send you waves of appreciation, love and admiration. I hope this world manages to catch up with the essence of all the wonders you came to share."

Lian Lunson, Director, Los angeles, CA, USA - "
You are a modern day mystic, and it is very rare. More people need to be able to see you. Best books, best videos, spiritually rich and immense in every way. Marilynn Hughes is a true modern day Mystic. Only one I have ever encountered in this life."

Gerardo Alva, USA - "Thanks for sharing the light. Fraternal Greetings."

Ron Hatton, Queen Victoria, CANADA - "I saw the smile in your eyes and felt you had been touched by the Spirit and knew immediately your message would be pure. Thank you, Marilynn, very much."

Michael Teal, Blogger, CANADA - “It was while looking for those who help others grow and blossom that i came upon your positive contribution to the web. Your site is a blessing and an inspiration. Know that you are having a profound impact on people. Your purposeful passionate path is transformative. Thank you for sharing your unique essence. I wish you a life immersed in wonder and wellness. May you live with intention as you align with the power of love and May you create a supportive loving environment where you weave joy into the fabric of life as you shine your light. Yours in Spiritual Consciousness.”

Brenda Holder, Albans, Victoria, CANADA  - "Hello Marilynn, Oh how I love your life, I also had many out of body experiences, and then I had an NDE see my testimonial on youtube "Dancing with Jesus" by Brenda Holder, you will love it. I love the roses on your cover page as well, I am trying to do embroidery that has seven different roses one uses silk ribbons and it looks so real. Love you!"

Lance G. Hale, Louisville, KY, USA - " am re-reading The Mystery of the Redemption concurrently with The Gnostic Bible, edited by Willis Brownstone and Marvin Mayer. I am gaining new insights from both."

Reinaldo Aponte, Caracas, VENEZUELA - (To Heather Wade from 'The Kingdom of Nye Radio Show) " am the guy who told Marilynn about your show. Just to say thank you and to let you know that I love your podcast. I have had amazing out-of-body experiences and I have become sortof 'addicted' to them, like you said, so I enjoyed the interview with Marilynn. We love Marilynn veryt much because she has a good heart and she has honestly helped nad inspired us very much. Thank you for having her on your program."

Reinaldo Aponte, Caracas, VENEZUELA -  Hi Marf
ilynn! This is Reinaldo, Gustavo's brother. I am listening to your program with Heather Wade, enjoying it very much. I wanted to tell you how grateful I feel because have been like a messneger of angels to us; thank you for helping us, and for your love and honesty. Also I am enjoying your work on out of body experiences, taking the time to unfold it. Gustavo gave me the links and archives."

Greg Olsten, Santa Fe, NM, USA - May you live with intention as you align with the power of love and May you create a supportive loving environment wher eyou weave joy into the fabrice of life as you shine your light. Yours in spiritual Consciousness. . . . "

Jodie Hart, Lousiana State University, LA, USA"Dear Marilyn Hughes, thank you for your excellent research. Amazing . . . "

Mary Dusina, Cosmic Consciousness, USA - "Fantastic show with Joe on 'Lighting the Void ' Bravo ! May I ask which 'Chief Joseph'" you enjoyed studying with? (Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce) Planning on ordering your book, The Mysteries of the Redemption: A Treatise on Out-of-Body Travel and Mysticism..' So powerful, thank you."

Dirk Rogier,, USA - "I loved your story. I try to read as much as I can from this subject, although english is not my language, I  help myself with translator when needed. If you have more material to read let me know please. Thanks."

Krissy Stark, Chicago, IL - "You are truly amazing to listen to."

Logan Smith, Mystery Schools Teacher, USA - "We are looking to restore earth to its paradaisical glory. There are many of us, Marilynn. We are trying to protect the ancient secret, the flower of life. We think that your purpose is very important in the coming times. Zedd."

Bill Bland, USA - "Your life's work intrigues me, Marilynn."

Kaal Chakra Bhoodham - Gurugram, Haryana, INDIA - "I love the way you help humanity."

Jodie Hartt, Baton Rouge, LA, USA - "Thank you for your excellent research! Amazing . . . . "

Salvador Uribe G, Mexico City, MX - "Cosmic greetings from Mexico City..thanks  10,000 . for your friendship and knowledge in this time space and dimension, hope your travel in this space ship called MOTHER-EARTH through space will be of light . . . and the gods and goddesses with us at all times. Namaste¡¡ I send you a picture of a sculpture i made. for all my comrades who are  awake .called 'Self-Portrait - talking with friend”.. .. end transmission……."

Chris Beechwood, Chicago, IL, USA - "Hi Marilynn - I just listened to your video about armies of darkness and light. You are so right on.You nailed it."

Peter Noyoudont, HUNGARY - "Dear Marilynn, I just listened to your 'Lighting the void' show with Joe Rupe. Again You are simply amazing. Again you give me hope and woke me up to see the error of my ways and current state. I feel alone and alienated. I've re-engaged in reading Swedenborg, but you enlightened me on that again, I am impatient and shouldn't worry about an OBE but rather to meditate, pray and purify. Reading and listening to books (including yours) I have encountered and dealt with demons around people and myself. I believe I have spoken with angels as well, yet I haven't done the work, I don't meditate and I've prayed less and less. I suppose it is (and has been for long) time for me to get to work on myself. I feel ashamed to be lazy and impatient, but your words touch my heart and steer me to better my path. I cannot thank you enough, I'll try (to do better) in my purification and development. I spiritually feel drained and beaten and I can only find effort to THANK YOU. Thank you for being, thank you for what you do, Hopefully I'll improve and later on be able to contribute (more to humanity, give back to Creation as you say). God bless you."

Judy Bayhart, Chicago, IL, USA - "Thank you so much for your live chat tonight, it was awesome. I’m glad I caught you. I had just come in from my run and I looked at my phone and saw you were on live. It was divinely meant to be.I have to tell you I enjoyed your live chat so very much and I’m glad the Lord brought you to my path. I’m fascinated by all of your books. I have read many of them."

Telesphore Marie, CA- "I truly appreciate how these books are free (I'm a broke grad student). And since I've been exploring your work/talks, I can clearly see how persistent your efforts have been."

Ricardo Vaca (Umhnpakrai) - "I want you express my regards about this interesting research, due to nowadays people don't believe in these facts, besides I send you my deepest congratulations for keeping on these topics."

Feytak Dipole, MIDDLE EAST - "Dear, Marilyn. I finally got your paper! I can't wait to read it. ["Near Death and Out-of-Body Experiences (Auspicious Births and Deaths): Of the Prophets, Saints, Mystics, Sages and Ascetics in World Religion"] I appreciate the intention you had behind writing this. I'm glad to see someone doing this work and such a massive Canon like way, with an intention very well made that is different from the social and anthropological studies we get where are we find out meaning as our ancestors or regional relatives. Although social studies are always powerful and fruit for everyone, having a massive work to read such as yours is going to be a useful and inspiring tool. Thanks for being the heroine on this journey of yours. Your book / paper is definitely a welcome push that I didn't know I'd indirectly and informally get from another Peace Walker and researcher. I'll get my integrative poem myths out there someday.

All the good thoughts I've been sent your way. I do wonder what is next for you? I'm sure you're busy I'd like to suggest for you, lol, take on totems, Carl Jung and others, maybe emergence of old or abstract and even new totems, along with the integration of that totem-hood with their historical pre- Conquistador and Colonial function to possibly record different tribes in the areas before the mezzo dysphoria and or thaw of Ice Age. Stuff like that, lol. Many blessings to you, and thanks for the research! Amazing."

Benji Lyons, Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops, BRITISH COLOMBIA - "Nice works, Marilynn! I am intrigued!" 

Rhonda Rushwat, North Carolina, US - "I just discovered you a few days ago, you are amazing. Been listening to your podcasts and your insights"

Maharat and Nazireh Elyas Fraenkel Isaacs, Nobel Laureate in Physiology, Fields Prize Medalist, Distinguished Professor, Colombia University, NY, USA -
Your sincerity and responsivity are meritorious. As my schedule helps, I study Daf Yomi preferably or Daf Shevui if visiting. You'll find helpful Jewish Theological Seminary of America online with its comprehensive and informing website. I'm sure you'll view something of interest. My Talmud Bavli colleagues are two noted Jewish Scholars, Rabbi and Doctor Gerald Sussman, Chief Rabbi Jason Herman, and Supervisory Rabbi Jill Hausman. Thank you for responding, SHALOM< SHALEIM, PEACE, LOVE." 

Ron Hatton, -
"I saw the smile in your eyes and felt you had been touched by The Spirit and knew immediately your message would be pure. I would love to have a conversation with you!" 

Judy Brown, Dayton, OH, USA - "Thank you for your wisdom and cheering me on, I love my Lord Jesus , He rocks! I never want to be without Him by my side. #He is my everything." 

Rebecca Rock, Lubbock, TX, USA -
"Thank you Marilynn Hughes for all you have done to help me. My first OBE came after reading one of your books, and I met some of my angels. It’s great to know you have also been to the New Jerusalem, walked with Christ Jesus, the Blessed Mother, met with great Saints, Prophets, Mystics, and Sages of all times in your journeys and brought back your teachings and theirs to help us. Thank you for your loving guidance. God bless you. 🙏🏻❤️😌 I’m just so glad you have all crossed my path in this life. As a child, all I wanted was to know the truth, and the mysteries Jesus spoke about in the Bible. I love you all, and God bless you. Thank you." 

Peter Johansen, NORWAY - "
Marilynn, Every time I read your words you make me want to be a better man. When I pray, I always thank God that he allows you to be among us." 

Cindy Dempsey, Remote Viewer, USA -
"I perused your website a little and was blown away by your body of work. My goodness! I can plainly see your high intelligence, your well blended mind, and your virtue just shines- You are a lovely being! You're a Rock Star!"

Ashish Arora, Delhi, INDIA -
"Went through your profile. It's really superb.  You have done a wonderful job as a CEO, publisher, Always a good feeling to connect with people like you :)"

Vikki Collins, Portland, OR, USA - "Please know that I consider the task you have been given very precious indeed.I find your dedication admirable!! Thank you for the live today--experiences are flowing!! You're certainly a blessing in my life/many lives -- I thank God and you for your work and efforts!! Just know how appreciative I am for your heart in these kind of matters and your voice -- Rarely is it recognized how important an ear can be in its simplicity to another--Thank you"

Kris Kahrs, Los Angeles, CA, USA - “You've rocked my world since I first heard about you through Dr. Albert Taylor.  I'm reading, watching and listening to everything.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I've been looking for this my whole life.  I've always felt that something was missing from religion and there was.  It was mysticism. Thank you so much for all of your help. Just answering all of our questions so honestly and lovingly is a gift beyond price. I don't know anyone else who does that. We are blessed and you are a blessing. Many blessings to you.”

Yoram Weiss, ISRAEL - "Dear Marilynn, May you continue every day into the wider, most magnificent dimensions of your soul, embracing the wells of love in your heart, as you go on pouring kindness into the world around you. Your awareness, sensitivity and wisdom, and the richness of your heart, are your gifts to the world – a world within which we rise like a dawn from chaos to consciousness, uplifting each other with the light of our being. These are extraordinary times we are all a part of, here together, called forth as humanity to cross this urgent bridge into our higher nature of love. Your  presence here, is a star in this vast universe of transformation. Thank you for shining in your unique light! Love to you! 💖 Stay safe and glowing!"

Deyton, The Ascension Chamber, Phoenix, AZ, USA - "God Bless You, Marilynn! You really inspired through Christ Jesus! I have given my life to Christ and gave up a lot of 'spirituality, the scriptures have shown me so much clarity about my walk! I thank you so much for you and I hope to see you soon."

Escape Velocity - "I want to talk to this woman, she understands and explains what is happening better than anyone I have read or listened to."

Overprotected1111 - "It’s finally time- everything in my life has lead up to this time and I thank all who supported me through preparing for this so I could be dedicated to it fully - getting to talk to Marilynn so much, getting things out of my system so I can work on the true FRUITS of the spirit - what a big deal - love and thanks 😊 ���. I laugh out loud now - realizing - thanks Michael 2012(Jackson) 🧚🏻‍♂️✨💫🙏 thank you to all who carried me through to this NOW."

Wesley Lantz, USA - "First off, thank you for your response, I really appreciate you taking time to read all of that, which is just a small portion of my full experiences but it gives a good broad view of how it all began for me. I am obviously looking for inspiration on how to get back to the path that led me to one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had and I will get your book today and start reading. I have been searching for a while and your YouTube video really resonates with me as holding a lot of truth in the "knowing" that I have been given. I have been looking for this exact type of response and guidance because the hardest part of being a spontaneous Astral Projecter is that you don't know what led to it to begin with so the path is blurred. Thank you again for your response and time and I will read your book and start there in, hopefully, my return to what I feel like I have lost."

Jake, Tutanota - "I love your channel along with all the information you share, you are truly wise! Thanks Marilynn, youre truly an amazing person!"

Adriana, USA - "I was listening to your interview today at Quantum Guides Show. In the interview, you talked about Swedenborg's book called "Marital Love" and how the author discusses all the things surrounding marriage and relationship between man and woman in this life and how it progresses into the next life. By the way, great interview and many of my questions were answered in that interview alone. I am truly amazed how you are able to graciously convey complex spiritual insights plainly/clearly...without confusion....and they are deep things that you talk about...with all honesty, pastors at churches cannot even come close....and I spent my entire life attending church (not that there is anything wrong with fellowship- there isn't and I enjoy doing so) but never topics like that are ever discussed nor even allowed to or I didn't even feel comfortable enough to ask. Your deep spiritual knowledge is a blessing. I was listening to your interview (Souls Curious with Sammy Anderson) and at the end you said you are an Aries! I just had to laugh/smile and giggle myself from an Aries to another Aries....We are so straight forward and yet there is this child inside of us :). So.... I am listening to your recordings, I've noticed you giggles and laugh/smiles... so joyfully and at the same time, I am always amazed how direct and to the point you are...I thought to myself this an "Aries" thing. Just want to say I have been listening to all your interviews one by one and reading 'The Mysteries of the Redemption: A Treatise on Out-of-Body Travel and Mysticism' and can't wait to finish to start 'The Hammer of Mysticism: Encyclopedic Journey into Out of Body Travel, Mystical Processes and Terms.' Thank you for all you do Marilynn, and I can't wait  to see you on the next Livestream (on YouTube). UPDATE (After Adriana starts having Conscious OBE's): You have seen so many beautiful things Marilynn....but for someone like me that never seen anything, I am so grateful that God allowed me this memory. The energy balls on the sky, I saw the sky full of them when I was on the street and I knew they were souls traveling and I wanted to fly to and somehow I did fly with them too. "

Elana Dewey, Coast to Coast AM Listener, USA - "Thank you for being on George Noory. I am interested in studying everything that you teach. Your spiritual work is very healing to me and is truly a blessing! I feel your kindness and encouragement. Thank you for your kindness and encouragement. Your spiritual work is awesome. I intend to . . . serve the Light incognito.. Your kindness is so healing.  inding your teaching is a great gift to me. It is inspiring. I am grateful for your spiritual work. I have signed up for all of your spiritual classes on Udemy. Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to email me. I am grateful. Blessings and gratitude. I tell as many people that I can about your incredible spiritual work. Your spiritual work is blossoming more for many searching souls. The movie on soul evolution is amazing, inspiring. It is helping awaken humanity. The anointing of your soul is helping uplift humanity by breaking the negative beliefs held within the consciousness. Wow! You are amazing. My heart vibration goes out to you at this time. I know heaven is surrounding you. God has you in the palm of his hands. All the Masters of Light that you wrote about are sending energy your way, as well.You help me so by your answers to my emails. I am humbled and honored. I see you as a Master Teacher. I am a neophyte. Your kindness is healing. Most of my life I was so lost because of what I allowed to happen in my spiritual journey. You take time with everyone, each student to praise their spiritual uniqueness. Even if you are suffering, you will encourage and spread the Light Of The Most High. Thank you. Thank you from all of us still struggling to wake up spiritually. UPDATE:  Do you counsel your students in the higher dimensions? I was meditating. I had left my body to travel to a violet flame temple. I was doing that meditating pray, violet flame. I saw your image. You gave me guidance. I am most grateful for that help. Your guidance was so accurate. It was as if you visited in spirit. You helped me another time in spirit. But, I thought it was my imagination. Now, I realize that it was a spiritual meditation. I love your spiritual work. It is incredible, awesome, and and amazing. Blessings and gratitude."

William Tuck, Phelan, CA, USA - "As usual, another great show. Tried calling but couldn't get thtough. But you had great calls. You did great. With the right question from a caller, you clearly and in a non-offensive way made it clear that Jesus Christ is God! George really enjoyed the show. I listen nightly and most of the people are cannced and trying to make money. You were for real. Ten stars for Marilynn Hughes and Out of Body Travel."

Brian Mahlum, Los Angeles, CA, USA - "Listened to your coast to coast interview and you rocked it! I went to the YouTube channel and it looks great!"

Robert Kalil, Typical Skeptic Podcast, USA - "Hello Marilyn, I'm really intrigued by this because nightly i have been practicing to have an obe . . . I've been using youtube binurals that induce an obe, but sometimes ive come close and got to a part where i start vibrating and I've had a couple different things happen . . . I watched your video on youtube as well and i really think you have a higher intelligence and understanding of things. Your documentary is awesome by the way. I watched the whole thing today because im off all weekendand i really appreciated it"

Pastor Soren Vestergaard, Urantia Libraries Worldwide, Aarhus, DENMARK - "I must admit you are an amazing person. I send you lots of love and light, my sister!"

Nichole Miller, USA - "I LOVED your video! So much of what you said resonated with what I have learned and started to discern in my scouring of everything I can get my hands on over the last seven years."

Paul N., Reader, USA - "Marilynn, you're so cool. You're an inspiration all right. This is the important work, nes pas?"

Marielle Abercky, Ontario, CANADA - "‘I love the spirit of Marilynn’s work that is healing and helping so many souls orient their lives to a new civilization of love, as in heaven so on earth." 

Eamon Condon, USA - "God bless, love your work."

Randall, USA - "Your literature is wonderfully eclectic and universal, as Truth is universal."

Elijah Detering, CANADA - "I love your work and am continuing to grow by reading and studying your books. Thank you so much."

Lian Lunson, Producer, Los Angeles, CA, USA - "Best books, best videos, spiritually rich and immense in every way. Marilynn Hughes is a true modern day Mystic. Only one I have ever encountered in this life."

Elmar Kask, USA - "Thank you Marilynn for everything!"

John Lyssikatos, Fountain Hills, AZ, USA - "Marilynn's experiences go so far beyond just astral projection. Her Out-of-Body travels bring us sacred truths and a path of living that have changed my life. Out-of-Body travel can validate that our spiritual lives and the universe are so much bigger than we think."

David Alvarez, Narrator, San Jose, CA - "A beautiful soul with a beautiful gift. I have had the honor of narrating several of Marilynn’s books, and more often than not, her writings will profoundly touch me in such a way that I will need to interrupt the recording session to allow myself to fully absorb what my soul was resonating with."

Mari Tang, San Francisco, CA, USA - "The site is a treasure box for those who seeks deeper into their own spiritual journey."

Telesphore Marie, Professor, CANADA - "I've had spontaneous OBEs and then I felt pretty serious about... Like it's more than cool and exploration potential, it's about the greater reality and is the higher meanings in life. Prior, I have very little religious background. Marilynn's fb page and books were the first place I started learning more about spirituality/afterlife/other religions/OBEs as a tool. In the order of books as they're posted on the website, I read up to the Mystical Rose (~6 or 7 books in now). If you're looking for another OBE, this will for sure catalyze your seeking. But most importantly, this is a great resource to learn about what religions were trying to do before it got all caught up in dogma/semantics. From the perspective of OBEs (as a personal truth if of the other side/afterlife if you've experienced it), I can attest to Marilynn's guidance and how she shared sooo many insights in her books that are precious to world."

Chad Andrews, The Ascension Chamber, Phoenix, AZ, USA - "Marilynn is an amazing soul doing great work to assist all on their unique spiritual journey. Marilynn takes the time to share her wisdom and experience with all of us to deepen our understanding and relationship with God and the Holy Spirit. Marilynn's dedication and willingness to serve is an absolute blessing to all of us. With much gratitude I highly recommend seekers take advantage of the love, resources and wisdom that Marilynn and the Out of Body Travel Foundation offers. Thank you Marilynn for your love and beautiful energy that is a bright light for all of to grow from!"

Gustavo Aponte, Caracas, VENEZUELA - "The Out of Body Travel Foundation is a breath of fresh air for those seeking knowledge to further their faith, regardless of their religious leanings. I was baptized and raised as a Catholic yet, growing up, kept a long list of questions about topics I never fully understood. Marilynn Hughes received an astounding gift that allows her to explain very complex topics in a way anyone can understand (that includes her beautiful and contagious laughter - those who have listened to her Internet radio interviews know what I mean). The information she offers is given freely and the amount of quality resources available on her website is sincerely astonishing. Thanks to Marilynn's input, I memorized a short but very powerful prayer that I know I'll bring with me when my time to move on comes: "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner. So many topics you have written about have stayed in my mind and have actually been truly useful during dark or difficult times. So many people in so many countries love you and your teachings, I get the feeling that this is only the beginning of a grand legacy in spiritual teaching."

Michael Elston, USA - "Marilynn has written many books with a wealth of information."

Ares Koumis, Retired Lieutenant Colonel, Air Force, Colorado Springs, CO, USA - "Suffice to say I have known the business originator and author for many years; her insights on subjects spiritual are uncanny and spot-on. Her honesty and altruistic purpose in Foundation charitable activities is nothing short of impeccable. I wish her many more years of good works in the spirit of Matt 25: 31-46."

Terry Burka, Tampa, FL, USA - "I give a high recommendation because The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation organized and established an educational approach to an enlightening technology. As the Foundation's Chief Executive, Ms. Hughes brings unparalleled experience and inspired commitment to an ever-widening audience and necessary life-skill. As well, I've read several of the Foundation's publications and found them to be well-written, credible, and revelatory. The Out-of-Body Foundation promotes social well-being, public interest, and I approve of the Foundation's charitable contributions."

Regina Heckfelder, CT, USA - "I am so grateful to God for your life. May He continue to bless it more and more, and uphold you constantly with His Grace. I wish you continued magnificent blessings as we all go forth into these very uncertain times."

Rebecca Hillsong, Boston, MA, USA - "I loved QA last night. That was awesome. This is Satsang with a Master. I appreciate and love you so much. ❤️🙏🏻🌹 Hello Marilynn. I just want to say I am amazed and blown away by God’s timing. After the Q & A, I purchased the Pistis Sophia and read along with the audio on YouTube finishing it yesterday . . . All I can say is “Lord, have mercy on our souls!” How do we not all know this?! How could this have been kept from us?  Still pondering the Pistis Sophia, I picked up (yourbook) ‘The Fragrance of the Mystical Rose:  The Revelation of the Out-of-Body Travel Celestial Mysteries from the Enclosed Garden of God,’ today to resume reading where I’d left off, and a few pages later I’m reading your passages from ‘The Mysteries of the Redemption: A Treatise on Out-of-Body Travel and Mysticism,’ about the Angels of Death and Angel of Ascension coming for you and that profound experience, then you go immediately right into the Pistis Sophia! The passages you referenced are still fresh in my mind. I’m mind blown by so much right now, and praying (for) God’s divine direction. You’ve spoken to my heart and soul today. I only pray that I can achieve and attain the Light needed to propel me in the Mysteries. Right now, I don’t know where I am in the whole scheme of things. I’m so full of questions, I wouldn’t know where to begin, but I do know the lining up of your books as well as others I’ve been guided to read is no coincidence. Thank you so much for being in my life and for your love, guidance and direction. I appreciate you so much. God bless you. Much love, Rebecca ❤️."

Yoram, Reader, SAUDI ARABIA - "I am interested in studying everything that you teach."

Justin Lang, CANADA - "People like yourself and the Swedenborg Foundation help me the most when I need good solid advice. I appreciate spiritual/light workers such as yourself !!!!"

Natasha Senkovich, TEXAS (Originally from Croatia) -"Your pictures are beautiful. You look so youthful! It was wonderful to meet you. I feel very blessed by our conversation."

Vikki Burke, Nashville, TN, USA - "I just wanted to thank you for sharing your vision. I wanted to express what I felt now coming off of you, as if you have been touched, in some new way - as never before - it was deep and penetrating and felt very significant and different than before. It was as if something had now begun to bloom differently - its fragrance gentler somehow and humbling. Your words now carried a tint of some new tenderness . . . it's hard to put into words. Perhaps it will bring you some joy to know this."

Astor Libero, SWITZERLAND - "Your work is tangible on the Mendicant Preachers."

Nancy Raffaele, Durango, CO, USA - "I'm reading your out of body book and for the first time feel my real experiences are being validated. It's so satisfying."

Brad James, Coast to Coast AM  Listeneer, USA - "Your Coast to Coast AM Interview was very fascinating. and resonated with an experience I had."

Katrina Yemaya, USA - "I found you just a week or so ago, and am THRILLED!  I am wanting to learn everything I can from you."

George Zgourides, MD, PsyD, San Antonio, TX, USA - "Great job on C2C tonight, Marilynn! I learned a lot. Proud to know you. Sounds like you’re thriving as usual! Although I’ve never had an OBE, I found especially helpful your tips on meditating in a lying position and setting enough time aside to make a difference. Also your descriptions of various realms including heavens, hells, and purgatories were very insightful. I never had really looked at things that way. I’ll be sure to revisit your website and YouTube channels soon. Again, your work is appreciated. Take care! George"

Moton Productions, USA - "I enjoyed your informative and insightful interview with George Noory on Coast to Coast. I concur with your observations and information."

Mike, Richmond, VA, USA - "Enjoyed your interview with JOe Rupe. Liked the resonance of your voice and words. I have also spent many years on this topic and have done numerous Monroe Institute programs."

Ed Madrid, Charlottesville, VA, USA -
"I heard you on Coast to Coast. I've been a lifelong student of OOBE and astral travel with little success. I was excited to hear about your experiences and all of the material you've created. Thank you for making many of your books available on your website. I also purchased your training workshops on"

Rozeta Mowery, Author, Atlanta, GA, USA - "I’ve listened to you, followed you and admired your insight for many years!"

Rhonda Sueve, Indianapolis, IN, USA- "I just want to say how in awe I am at all the content you have created. While I know this comes from God it’s still amazing. Thank you for your encouragement. Some things are just such a spiritual thing and when someone who’s got a better view and perspective through the grace of God as you do it does help so much. Thank you for sharing that gift!"

William Tuck, Thermopolis, WY, USA - " I believe you were some kind of great lLeader in a past life, and I was one of your students and helpers. At any rate I found you on Coast to Coast around 20 years ago now. Yes around 20 years ago. You had that great Ning site. and forum. This was no small deal for me. With the help of your ministry I have finished what I came here for this time. George Noory (of Coast to Coast AM) really brings out a wonderful side of you that no one else can do."

Antonio Herbert, Lubbock TX, USA - "With your books, I read them almost like scripture vs. cover to cover."

Yoram Weiss, Asheville, NC, USA Originally from Tel Aviv, ISRAEL - "My warmest wishes to you – may the year ahead be blessed and inspired to unveil your journey of fulfillment and blossom with all the gifts of your soul and all the aspirations of your heart. You are light in form, love in expression, kindness in motion and magic in intention. May you always glow with your unique light, steadfast in your inner strength, wise and impactful with your choices, and deeply loved as you fully are, forever guided by the inner calling of your heart."

Keith, USA - "I have recently been introduced to your material. I just want to send you a message saying thank you for your service to us all. I know that you're fulfilled through wisdom and understanding of the nature of the hidden reality and your place in it but it is still appropriate for me to compliment you. You bring a balancing message to the sometimes cumbersome and chaotic world we presently live in. Your message is both uplifting and delivered so eloquently."






Marilynn Hughes 2009, The Out of Body Travel Foundation
Marilynn Hughes 2020, The Out of Body Travel Foundation
Now I Am A Carthusian In Spirit

By Eduardo de Andrade 
Former Carthusian Monk, BRAZIL

"Silence is a pleasant solitude.
Silence is all.
It leads me to God.
Silence makes me to think of you,
human being.
Silence is love.
It never hurts.
Silence is truth.
It does not lie.
Silence is life.
It never dies.
Silence is infinite
Like the universe.
Silence is a garden
Where sweet dreams exist.
Silence is a place
Where deepest thoughts inhabit.
Silence is mercy!
Silence is where I want to live"

Dedicated to Marilynn Hughes



The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation's Marilynn Hughes