The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation Testimonials

Chandra-Bouri, Reader, London, UK -

 "Hi Marilynn,

Many Happy Returns on your natal day,
Blessings on this day.

 Thanks for explaining the knowledge of the Dominant Darkness, Total Darkness, Ignorance and Evil, about the Vibrational Raisings and the Various Vortices.

Thanks for explaining about Odysssey, your highest self.
Thanks for explaining about the Dragon (unfulfilled potential) who turned into the Silken Angel (fulfilled potential).

I was so happy to learn about Toam, about the teachings of the White Wolf, about Mandor the goddess of ancient knowledge.
Thanks for explaining that Realms 1 TO 4 are underworlds and exist below the veil of Illusion
and that Realms 5 and above are above the veil of illusion and there is ever increasing levels of light and love.

Thanks for explaining about the Rites of Passage, about the Time Tunnel and the Star Tunnel and the sacred Violet Tunnel and about timelessness.
So good to know about Chief Joseph, the Bird Tribe, the UTE Tribe, about the Medicine Wheels and the Crystal River.
Thanks for explaining about the 5 concentric circles, for explaining about the violence, rage and chaos which is so often a part of the human condition.
Thanks for explaining that turmoil and death are illusions on planets of redemption.
Thanks for explaining about the Sins of the fathers.
Thanks for explaining the mystery of the Crystalline Statue of Eve and explaining how each one has our own Crystalline Eve.

So enchanting to read about Queen Gridimaria, the Crystal Forest, the Talking Monkey and the Octopus which came from the Water.
So lovely to read about Chief Joseph, Red Jacket, Red Horse, Quasar, Kutahey, Daniel Pierce and Celeste, the Island of Truth, the Simmering Mountain Top, about the mountain of pure crystal, about the Hank Papa Woman, the Grandma from the Mesa swimming across the lake.
About the golden stick of incense, and about the thin white stick of incense lit by the breath of Odyssey. So enlivening to read about the Council of 12 on Easter Island;
thanking you for explaining about the Disaster Crew, about Ceramic people and about what happens to those who violate another's life.

So breath taking to read about the Assisi Marauders and the carving which came to life, about Wet Eyes, Juliosa, and the Old box covered in Jewels, about the Pistils Sophia, about the Warehouse of Unfulfilled Dreams.
How can one forget about the goddess Yraknin, Yammeth Symmeth, Lavelle, Long Hair, about Spinoza, about Heaven Dawn, about the Crystal staircase and Madame Trinidad and about the Android.

So lovely to read about the Magical Lace and the blanket with many symbols and about the sacred hoop.
How mystical and grand it was to read about the three points of the swords coming together.
How magical it was to melt into the cross.

I marveled at the lighted wand held by the angelic being, and the green bus, and the island of the Amazons surrounded by water and the sacred book.
So lovely to read about the Beatitudes and the Novenas.
I held by breath when your soul became liquid part of the mass of life.
Once again I held by breath when you experienced absolute dissolution of body and mind.
And how can I forget the Tribe of the Swallow River.
I was rapt in attention as you talked about Thoth who has a face of a bird
and about Isis who has the head of a cow.

I was engrossed with the knowledge you provide about Here, There and Always, about the Pyramid City.
A chill ran down my spine when I came to the Death Song, and read about Patch and Dawn and the punishment known as 'taking your heart out'.
I was sickened to read about the consumers of children and about many aborted babies.
Thanks for explaining about the Karmic Triangle, about the Gull and Aschira and the incident near the bridge across Forever.
Thanks for explaining about Muddy Flats.

The house of mysteries took my breath away and my eyes were joyful when you mentioned the Book of the Eights. I read about the Samurai Swordsmen, about the Buffalo Women and the Medicine Women.

My heart skipped a beat when you told about the appearance of the angel of death but then the Angel of the Ascension also appeared. I wondered how you felt when you were told you had to complete the bridge before you could cross it. What a sight it must have been when the man turned into a golden lighted pyramid.

A gentle smile gently crossed by face as I read about the thoughtform matches. What a novel way was found to ignite the Ancient Flame.
It was so good to read about the Golden Sphinx,

That was a long ride up the Holy Mountain.
What a thrill to read that above the 5O levels.
There is an Island in the Sky.
Where burns an eternal flame.

Thanks for showing the way forward to the lost souls.
Thanks for letting us know that it is the Ego which cannot fathom the true mystery.
Thanks for explaining about Karmic Multiciplicity.
Thanks for letting it be known that a soul must journey into their own delusions, in order to be purified of them.
Thanks for letting it be known a soul must recognize its own darkness
before it can comprehend the true nature of the light.

Thanks for telling us the knowledge of parallel earths.
Thanks for bringing the knowledge of our other selves in various realities.
The knowledge of the selves which branched off at certain important points in various different directions.
Thanks for bringing the knowledge of past life retrievals.

I marveled at the reunion of spirits from hundreds of your past lives.
Still wondering what was meant by the words:
It is your purpose to release the bondage Christianity has put on Christ's Spirit.

Thanks for letting it be known that there are realms of Energetic Alteration.

Oh Is it not true that you can only point the way,
Oh why is it so difficult for humanity to find the reality of love and oneness,
for truly this is where karmic purification takes place.
Oh what does it matter if I can't take Jesus into my heart,
for now I am content to admire Him from afar.

Thanks for letting it be known that chosen darkness is not tolerated by the Lord.
That one cannot affect worlds existing in time effectively from timelessness,
One needs to be present in the cut and thrust here.
Truly, it is as you say - Most of us do not recognize the pain that we cause,
only that which we sustain as this is the the selfishness of Karma.

Lastly, Marilynn thanks for hinting about the Mystery which encompasses Redemption.

Many happy returns.
Blessing on this day.

Christ Before you.
Christ Behind you.
Christ Within you.
Christ Above you.
Christ Beside you.
Christ With you.


Chand-ra Bouri, London, UK"

Daniel Kiser, Temple, TX, USA - "Hello Marilynn, I'd like to thank you so much for your book.  I had so many questions about the astral projection part.  I started my purification journey when I was in jail, and that was when I started witnessing alot of the spiritual gifts; being aware of the spiritual realm, seeing both good and evil, and started writing the word of God - prophecy. My journeys have had alot of pros, and only fear of the unknown has been my main struggle.  I've only had two out of body experiences besides the ones in my dreams; one unwilling, and one at will.  The astral projection at will was when I was in jail, I woke up and realized I was in my heart still . . . and was in spirit so I remembered what my fellow brother told me. It was like the movie jumper, think of where I want to go, and just go.  But I shot back into my body because I was scared. My very first attempt I tried it felt like my soul was getting ripped in half because I was scared when I attempted it.  But everything has been going very well. I've been growing a deeper relationship with God, and it's really hard to not do the right thing since.  But I want to thank you so much for all that you have provided us with.  I'm still reading your books. I've been taking my time on them but after  reading your first chapter of 'The Mysteries of the Redemption: A Treatise on Out-of-Body Travel and Mysticism;'  I realized what you witnessed was the truth.  I still am getting ministered to by good spirits and have had visits from an angel and my higher self. That one was awkward. But I met  quite a few people that God has put in my path that have witnessed themselves such things including the spirit-gift aspect. Marilynn you are a true sister thank you so much."

Roopam, INDIA - "Hi Marilynn, Namaste. My name is Roopam and I am 38 yrs old. I come from a physically far, remote city on the Earth from the U.S. I live in India. In my quest for finding answers to questions that surprisingly and suddenly started striking my mind since fee years, I am traveling far and wide on the internet, in the books, etc. trying to find something about God or the Spiritual World . . . and don't know what I am looking for. There are many Spiritual Gurus in India. But my heart kept telling me that there are some answers I need to seek before I go back to them. (Probably my modern, scientific bringing up did not let me accept things just like that. I started with listening to Hindu Gurus, then to Einsteins Theory of Relativity!, Spirit Science, and then you, Bhagavad Geeta, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa (this title is related to Realms of life), Spiritual life of Tibet, Hindi Gurus again.... but I keep coming back to you always.) I started at one point, curious in the beginning, frustrated later, but now I have settled and just let myself flow with it because I am now believing GOD and believing that He will take me where he wants me to be. All I do now a days is pray and meditate more, and keep coming back to internet and let my guardians guide me. This change is because of you. In one such quests of mine, I had happened to hear your Coast to Coast Interview on Out-of-Body Travel on Youtube. Your interview followed by the treasure of knowledge on your website probably addressed some of my questions. You have made me embrace "believing that I should let God take me where he wants me to go, without being restless, and continuing my quest." You also opened my eyes to love and peace, although "purpose of life" and philosophy of Karmas was something we Hindu's are aware of through our upbringing. Thank you . . . I have realized that Meditation, Love and Prayers will lead me to what I am trying to find, and I am now finding ways to do something we call as "Seva". Love. God. Peace. P.S. I dont know why, but I cried after sending this email to you. And it was a happy crying. Smiley face."

Gavin Johnston, Reader, Westport, NY, USA – “I’ve woke up the last few mornings with a different feeling than usual.  After reading the parts where Marilynn makes clear that we must seek deeply within ourselves where and how the seven deadly sins are in our lives I let my philosophical guard down enough to let those truths creep in.  As it says in the “Redemption”:
No soul can be purified until it is willing to see the darkness within itself, and no soul can comprehend evolution until it absolves within itself the long ago and darkened past from which it came, with the present day seeker who absolves to know only God. (page 60)
I’m aware of this, but in my exuberant love of knowledge I often overlook this aspect of myself.  Of course I notice the shortcomings in everyone else, but in my desire for deep connection with God I stick with what brings me close to Him, the path of knowledge.
But this is about experience!  Love is an experience!  Or as Aurobindo puts it “love is the crown of works and the flowering of knowledge…”  We can have all the knowledge about our sins possible and still commit them, still be limited by them, still be torn apart by them!  And they run deeper than our conscious mind can often be aware of at any single moment.  That is what we see in the recounting of Marilynn’s adventures, a continual digging out of the sin lodged in her soul.  And as Marilynn makes clear, most of us would not even want to go through that process.  But then look at what we deny ourselves.  Along with the pain of purification is the ecstasy of being purified!  Our spiritual journey isn’t like one big waiting to go the dentist in excruciating anticipation of the painful ripping open of our mouth!  We all have toothaches and what bliss a few hours after the pain is excised.  That wasn’t so bad…
There are just so many ways that we put armor over our sins that need to be purified and the way we do that doesn’t all stem from some evil and twisted motive.  There is a tremendous sadness and fear behind much of our armor that we keep artificially polished.  As Antoneek says to Marilynn: “Rejecting others became a way to protect oneself from rejection.”(page 127)
What would we do on earth if we didn’t have people like Marilynn who desire and are chosen to be purified?  As we unravel the layers of sin, fear, and all that is negative we see that a deep desire to express the profoundest love was moving every aspect of being all along.  Yet, it is the contortions, the painful moaning, the cynical wrappers that we often experience on the surface of our dry and desolate waking life.
The feelings I’m having over the last few days is a realization that my trajectory needs some correcting and remapping.  In my impatience I became frustrated and just wanted to keep moving ahead.  But in my going sideways, backwards, and all around I realize that I’m still moving towards the goal.  This impatience also opened up a deeper desire for God.  As much as I want to self-flagellate and feel sorry and angry over myself, that pain opens up a deeper desire.  I try to frown, but feel this huge smile underneath my skin.  This isn’t a lose 20 pounds in 7 days free trial!  But as it makes clear in Romans 5, we become aware of our sin and the greatest realization about our sin is that grace abounds more:
Moreover the law entered that the offense might abound. But where sin abounded, grace abounded much more, so that as sin reigned in death, even so grace might reign through righteousness to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Lord, let my offenses “abound” let them be declared to the universe because I know beyond it that all Your creation is waiting and watching for me and just as I collapse and lose the faith, You will lift me up!  So, I do not fall simply because I want you to lift me up, I fall because it is REAL!  I know You will lift me up, but let me fall as far as I must so that I may be a worthy sacrifice for Your cause.  I will sacrifice my armor or knowledge I hold so dear so that I may feel and experience one ounce of Your Love.
There!  I’m feeling a lot better and inspired! God Bless!!!”

Aaed Ghanem, Reader, Beirut, LEBANON – “Blessed Marilynn, Thank you for the inspiration and guidance that you are. Thank you for the knowledge that you are channeling and parting to us. Thank you for the purity, honesty and for quenching our thirst for the ever lasting, always shining light of God.

I chose the below quote from The Book of Mirdad by the Lebanese Author Mikael Naimy which was, and still is a light and lantern to me and to many others who are walking The Path.

Gratitude, appreciation and Lots and lots of Love. Aaed”

‘So think as if your every thought were to be etched in fire upon the sky for all and everything to see. For so, in truth, it is.Love is the law of God. You live that you may learn to love. You love that you may learn to live. No other lesson is required of Man. You are the tree of Life. Beware of fractionating yourselves. Set not a fruit against a fruit, a leaf against a leaf, a bough against a bough; norset the stem against the roots; nor set the tree against the mother.’ Mikael Naimy"

Michael Boyce, Reader and Out-of-Body Traveler, Green Bay, WI, USA – “I am seeking God for His plan and purpose for my life. I have had different experiences and been out of body on occasion that I remembered and wrote down. I know there is a particular teacher in these places. Still I seek strongly the will of God and His plan and purpose in my life. I am learning to let go and let God, to let go and trust God to show me the truth, because that is what I seek.

I appreciate the book “The Mysteries of the Redemption, ”and it has been a real eye opener for me. Even before I started reading this book I read “Come to Wisdom’s Door.” I could not put it down, and in fact, did not put it down until I finished reading the book. An even extra blessing and help is to play the audio CD’s of the book while reading it.
I feel that these two books, “Come to Wisdom’s Door” and “The Mysteries of the Redemption,” are very important pages in my Life Book. I wonder what is in store for me next, as I do feel my purpose is to not only be blessed but to be a blessing to others. I feel a strong purpose is about to break through in my life, and that soon it will be shown, as it already has been I imagine.
I could write a book on it, but so I don't make this long and boring, I just would like to say thank you for this site."

(Two Years Later) "Many blessings to you and yours.  I wanted to thank you for your great ministry.  I cannot come up with the words to express my thankfulness to you and your service.  Thank God for you. A while back (about a year and a half ago) you mailed me a book "The Spiritual Life"  and I want to tell you that it has been a tremendous blessing to me. There has/have been confirmation after confirmation regarding the "journey" I have been on. Also the many books, pdfs and audio books you have authored and prayers and help you have given to and been to me. This journey, this purpose, this plan that God has for me; is far greater than I have ever imagined and far more real than I before realized (and I have always known it was "real" of course). The Lord just keeps telling me to write the vision down and the experiences He allows me to have. I have thought and prayed for you and yours and this ministry and service you have in this life. I just wanted to express thankfulness with a humble heart and felt to send you a message. Many, Many Blessings to you."

Divine Love, Reader, Toronto, CANADA – “This is easily one of the best sites on the whole internet. And I will not even begin to make comparisons, where money is concerned. I will just say, that it speaks volumes, about your character, and your heart, that you offer so much for free.

Yes, of course, there is an option to donate. As those who can, certainly should. And will. But there are those, who cannot afford these things. And most sites one visits, there is very little offered for free.

I do realize, that we inhabit this plane, and that we all need money, in order to survive. I do appreciate this. But I have been to some sites, where spiritual courses and books, run into the hundred dollar range. Some  of my favorite courses, are by Orin and Daben. But the cost for the content, is incredibly high. A six part series, is $600 before tax. They have hundreds of other courses. Not exactly accessible, to everyone.

I wonder sometimes, how people set such high price tags, when there is so much poverty and limited means, in this world?

I do not wish to prattle on about the flaws of the system we live in. But certainly, people like yourself, should be praised and thanked, for the tremendous work that you do, and then share, in turn, with others. Thank you Marilynn! :)”

Peter Komaromi,  HUNGARY - "Dear Marilynn, I don't mean to annoy you with my gratitude messages, but you played and are playing a crucial part in saving my life, my family's life. Through your instruction I became aware of my vices, dared to pray, received divine feedback and literally changed my life. I don't shout and become aggressive anymore with my family (for about one month now). My wife is shocked and still doesn't know where to put the situation. Everything is too nice and calm and sometimes even annoys her. A shift occured to which you were one of the main catalyst's. Never experienced anything, anything like it and I'm nowhere even close to an OBE, this is only the beginning. "Come to Wisdom's Door" describes all my experiences spiritually so far with astonishing accuracy. Basically you held together a family in Hungary because of basically your selfless teachings. You are an example I follow. I'll try to "bug" you less with my overzealos joy. If it helps in any way I would like to update you on my progress spiritually. Infinite blessings to you and your family. I pray for you and your family. This is my three daughters, my wife and myself. We're staying together in love and care, because of YOU!" (How could I be annoyed? You made my day, Peter, thank you for letting me know. It's people like you that keep me going, so I thank YOU. And please do keep me updated!)

Neil Walker, London, UNITED KINGDOM - "Hi Marilynn, This is a special thanks to you. Reading Mysteries of the Redemption has been an amazing experience. At the same time that I am experiencing testing times in my life it has been an enormous value to have this book alongside me. Some days I pick up the book and it tells me exactly what I need to hear. I can only read it in small bits because I soon come across a Truth which resonates so much that I just have to put the book down and absorb and think about it. What I have experienced lately has shocked me. Shocked at how much darkness I really have inside me. Shocked that I have fallen into behaviors that were profoundly wrong, blindly, abandoning principles which I thought I held true so easily. I'm overwhelmed by how much darkness I carry around within whilst spending all my life not noticing this. I have been so selfish. Whilst studying 'An Introduction To The Devout Life' (as recommended to me by you) a couple of weeks ago and praying daily to the Blessed Virgin Mary for her Graces, I had an amazing lucid dream. I was told telepathically that Jesus Christ was sat ahead of me in a Garden that I could see. As I approached this figure it turned out to be actually someone I know from work so I smiled at them and turned away. I was urged to check this again because it was actually Christ, and as I turned back I could see what looked like Jesus sat on a chair holding a parasol quietly looking to the ground as if he were in meditation. I went to him with such excitement aware now that I was fully conscious in the Astral and possibly in the presence of this amazing being. I was overwhelmed as he lifted his eyes to look on me. He looked quite like all the depictions I had seen. His skin was radiant. His eyes were incredible, so full of Peace and Love, he was so humble, he just gave off an essence of calm and grace (I'm trying not to sound cliche' here but it's hard to describe!). I can't remember what I said, something like "I can't believe it!".  He quietly encouraged me to calm myself down, but in my excitement I woke up only spending moments in his company. Now since then I have thought to myself, how real was this experience? Did I just project his image myself in a dream? Or was I really blessed with a one to one meeting with our Lord Jesus Christ? It made me consider that if it was real, then how great it is that God would grant someone like me, a sinner, with all this darkness still inside of me this experience. I thought that you might have to be so far up the ladder spiritually, to be really advanced, to have this kind of vision. But maybe the reality is that he is there for all of us if we really reach out to him. I hope it was real, it felt real. Sorry to rant, this is an emotional time. Thanks again. You dont need to reply, I know you are busy and have important stuff to do. Just wanted to say thanks, I dont know where I would be right now without your books. Thanks, Neil" (From the Author: Don't doubt it was real, it is wonderful that Christ is absolutely really there for ALL of us if we really reach out to Him."

Neil Walker, London, UNITED KINGDOM (SIX MONTHS LATER) - "Hi Marilynn, This afternoon I have finished 'The Mysteries of the Redemption'. It's been long read. I read slowly anyway, but this book for me worked best when read a little bit at a time, giving some time for reflection and contemplation. I wanted to take the opportunity to say a special Thank You. Thanks for your hard work in putting the book together and in offering it freely. Thanks for your personal support to me over the last year or so. I have a tough battle on my hands working through my own Purification and it helps to know I have someone like you available if times get hard. I hope you are always aware of how much of a help you are to so many people Marilynn. I feel very fortunate to have stumbled upon a recording of your Coast to Coast show some time ago, which inspired me so much to follow your work. Before then I had a sense of what I needed to do, but it was only through your work that I have been able to make sense of the many lucid dreams and OBE's and give my life the Spiritual direction, focus and discipline that was absent before. Mysteries is quite simply an incredible piece of work! Love and Thanks, Take care. Neil."

Antonio Herbert, Reader, Minneapolis, MN - "Hi Dearest Marilynn, you are a Saint in the making Marilynn and I am honored to be a son, friend, and eternal defender and guardian on behalf of the Lord. I seek to stand at your side and alongside many other great Saints, Mystics, Sages, and Seers from all throughout the ages, and I pray you will accept my humble request to be there next to you and all of our dearly beloved brothers and sisters upon the return of our father who art in heaven. I pray for you health and that you may be blessed in all that you do as a parent, mystic, friend, worshiper of Christ, defender of the word/ world, and of all souls. Thank you for your service to humanity and I aspire to one day be a guardian and helper of souls for our Lord, Jesus Christ and His Divine Royal Family. I love you dearly Marilynn. Best, Antonio"

Ramzi Almahayri, Reader, Toronto, CANADA – “I have had noise coming to me during prostration and meditation and was not able to find a person who understands what they meant! And when I saw the cloud breaking apart in my forehead, there has not been any person around to ask what they meant.

When I listened to you talking on YouTube about noise and the cloud breaking experience, I was very happy, and I thought “finally there is somebody who can explain these strange spiritual phenomena.”

My Hindu friend showed me the cloud experience in the KHADA UPANISHAD book, and you also talked about. What a surprise!

I consider you to be a Christian sister, and what I like about you is your broad view of religion. You Love Christ and the prophets, I love Christ, Muhammad, and the prophets, so at the end we all love God and we are all researcher for the truth. And the search for the truth will always continue forever, because there are always higher levels of beliefs, truth and experiences since God is infinite.

People in the west have acquired the mind of research and development and updating their information, the matter that creates broad view of religion and God, and make religious talk flexible and progressive.

In the East, since such mentality is still in its infancy, the perspective is narrow, and people conflict in violent ways sometimes, because they cannot see the pure deep truth. Environment is the projection of our consciousness, if our consciousness is shallow and conflicting then our environment is conflicting too, and regretfully humans are the elements of such conflicts. However our consciousness eventually grows deeper and bigger in slow pace.

Organized religion leaders neglected spiritual experience. Imagine that Hinduism explain spiritual experiences more than organized religion. One day I met a Muslim master who teleported his cup of coffee to his room, red my mind and gave me great advice for free! Spiritual experience is kept secret in organized religion!

What is the best way of knowing God? It is spiritual experience.  Putting the person on the road of spiritual development will free the person.  That is where the depth is.  That is the common thing between us.

Thank you my Christian sister, thank you Marilyn. Thank you all my Christian brothers and sisters and all those who love God.”

Amy Tanathorn, Reader, Alameda, CA, USA -Thank you very much, Marilynn, for your warm welcome. I've now read "Come to Wisdom's Door" and am now on the first part of the Mysteries of the Redemption. I can't put your books down! They are draining my tablet's battery! :)
I'm hooked on your stories and experiences ever since I listened to your interviews with George Noory on YouTube. You have such a warm personality and I am extremely impressed with the knowledge you have of world religions and their mystic rishis. 
I've only become recently interested in the astral plane. See I just finished reading Autobiography of a Yogi, by Parahamsa Yogananda, and the chapter where his gugu Sri Yukteshwar was resurrected deeply affected me. This is the chapter that Yukteshwar described the astral plane and how he was a savior on the planet Hyeniloka (I can't remember the spelling), a plane for very highly developed casual-bodied beings. I was mesmerized and thus began my hunt for astral travel, which led me to you. 
I have not yet had any sort of experience with a naturally occurring altered state of consciousness. I've revived my  meditation practice, but have only had feelings of expansion twice during meditation. I'm now up to 45 minutes every morning, but don't want to just sit there like a chicken on its nest. I strive to be mindful and concentrate.
At night, I repeat to myself body sleeps, mind awake and I travel to the astral plane, in the present tense. The only experience I've encountered is a whole body vibration, which was only a week ago or so. That's a good sign! I want to do this right, though.
I heard another astral traveler on C2C where he gives step by step effective instruction to achieve an OBE, but what you said in "Come to Wisdom's Door" struck me where you say on page 10 "Pursuing Out-of-Body Travel through the wrong path may yield results, but it will not yield long-lasting results which actually produce within your soul progress towards the goal of your existence in this realm, which is karmic purification and union with God."
Yeah, I don't want to be an astral tourist. I'd like to actually have some purification so that my next go-around will be better. Thank you deeply for all your hard work. Your writings are gratefully appreciated. Amy"

Rolf Fischer, Reader, Irvine, CA, USA – “I would like to learn from Marilynn's experience in other realms of reality, as well as, from her own knowledge from other religions and their spiritual representatives and works.

If God allows me, I would also want to one day have the privilege to consciously experience myself these realms, and meet with my Lord Jesus and the other angelic beings, sages, master, etc.. That would be awesome, for I have been going through a very, very painful human experience - living for 13 years with one of the most severe types of Chronic Pain conditions know to medicine. I live in pure physical hell daily. Had more than 75 surgical procedures in the last 5 years. In a single week, I may experience more physical pain than most will have to endure their whole life's...

Still, I try to keep my faith in the redeeming power of God, through my Lord Jesus, always close to me. He is the source that sustains me, and I pray that I would be granted at east one of these transcendental, divine encounters with God and all his love!

Marilynn, I seek help for my soul and for my current human vessel. I seek understanding for the reasons of my condition, and what I can still do in this incarnation to not only endure and learn from this experience, but to also purify my soul, grow spiritually and be able to one day also help others in this realm and in others - just as Marilynn currently does.

Pure, sincere and authentic Workers, Teachers and Masters of the Light such as Marilynn are a pure blessing from God to all of us, especially in times when fundamentalism in all areas of Science and Religion seam to always be able to distract, divide, corrupt all that seek closeness to all truth of the Divine.

It is very clear to all of us, that God, along with His son Jesus, choose really well during her first, 9 year-old, out-of-body spirit vision. She faithfully followed and endured the hardships of her journey serving God through this wonderful ministry of light here in this world, and in other realms too! Praises to God for His enduring love to all of us, and also for your faithful work Marilynn.

Blessings to you and your family.

In Jesus name!
Rolf Fischer"

Steve Burnand, Reader, UK - "Hi Marilynn. In your book of the eights painting, you have the two main planes of human consciousness, being the horizontal and the vertical plane as portrayed clearly in the cross. The male energy portrayed here is that of the last phase of the great cycle and this is now changing in many males to 'flow' from right to left. This puts the Yin side of our being as our lead and the way that nature intended it to be. I am of the conclusion after many years of lucid dreams that our waking state is just another density of the dream state and that we all have the potential of many states of being and that this once common knowledge, has been stolen and possessed by a few over a long period of time. It’s good that our true nature of being is now returning on mass and I feel many changes will occur in our life time. Thank you for the free books. Having watched your videos, you have truly walked your talk. I feel that sharing is our natural way of being and that ownership is only by necessity; being a chair to sit in and a bed to sleep and a pen to write with etc. In this sense by sharing our universe, naturally self -organizes and reaches states of higher order. Best wishes to you and your family."

Adi, Reader, Gauteng, South Africa - "Hi There. I had a stunning dream last night after reading your book. I was shown exactly what was blocking me - very symbollically though: my trust issues stemming from childhood and the fact that I haven't spiritually severed ties with my ex yet. In my dream, I was handed a hardcopy of your book 'Come to Wisdom's Door' to work through and only then was the rest revealed. I was also shown to simply raise my astral arms and then take off like an aeroplane. Thank you very very much for your help and for making these books free to download. I was obviously guided to your website - how I stumbled across it was simply universal synchrinocity - a chapter on it's own - I didn't even google for obe's. Thank you once again. Blessed Be!"

Mark Rydesdale, Reader, UK - “Hi Marilynn, today I attended Mass at the Chapel underneath the Liverpool Roman Catholic Cathedral and then afterwards I attended Confession there with the Priest. These last few days there was an almost irresistible force driving me to do this, which is very hard to explain. For every day that passed it got stronger and stronger until it became absolutely overwhelming. So despite my fears about how it would go, I just threw myself in and did it.

The Priest was amazing. He was very young. He was so kind and I will never forget him. I explained that I was Baptized Church Of England but that I had chosen to become Catholic and that I had begun attending Mass recently. I also told him that I was still deciding where exactly I wanted to worship and whereabouts I would join a RCIA course. He invited me to go there, which is such an amazing place! (although a bit far). When I told him that I had 2 sins in particular which were a burden on me he agreed to hear my confession. I told him in detail of my worst sins and we talked about them. It wasn't easy to say the words and give up all the details. He was awesome! After we talked, he gave me a penance to do and told me that God has forgiven me and that now I needed to forgive myself too! He read a prayer of Absolution and then said " In other words, your Soul is saved". He also welcomed me to the Catholic Church and said 'Well... You've made it!'

I am so happy right now, it couldn't have gone any better. I know that this was a really important thing that I needed to do. I knew on the deepest level. I feel like I've taken an important step which will help me in a big way, and will give me more confidence when confronted by demonic attacks in dreams. Also I can now enjoy this process of becoming a member of the Catholic Church instead of worrying things so much. I didn't realize just how much guilt I was carrying around. The words 'weight off the shoulders' comes to mind.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support. I don't think I would have made that leap without your help and inspiration. And I REALLY mean that, Marilynn. God Bless you!

Its just awesome and I'm so happy!
God is so good! Love, Mark”

Mari Konishi, Reader, JAPAN - "Hi Marilynn, I just wanted to stop by and thank you . . . This is my second time reading your "The Mysteries of the Redemption".  Reading this book makes me realize how much knowledge I was missing and how ignorant I have been. I cannot help but to see the sins I have done, how much vanity I have, and because of this how much pain I have been causing to other people. I am starting to see how angry my insides are. And I know I have only seen just tiny part of it. The book has shown me so much. It is just indescribable how sacred your book is for me. I am reading again and taking it in trying not miss one word you write. Quite often, When I read,  I have to put this book aside and take a deep breath. I don't know how to explain but some kind of energy comes down through my seventh chakra. And I know those energies filled me with the knowledge which I need to be filled with in order for me to keep purifying my soul.  I cannot  thank you enough, Marilynn, and I do hope many more will come under your guidance like I and all the people here did. For me, you work as a pipe which connects us to Christ. You have been sharing this valuable knowledge through your books and this forum. You make this unbelievably valuable information available to all of us. And by doing so, you are allowing us to re-experience what you have experienced. We cannot do it on our own because our vessel is not clear enough. We can re-experience it because of YOU, Marilynn. This is Huge, Marilynn. Because after all, all these re-experience things trigger our soul to start the purification process in our unconscious level. This is very true because see how many souls you have been leading on this earth to Christ including me. God will not let you go. I know it. God bless you Marilynn. Thank you so much. Love, Mari"

Michael Elgers, Reader, USA - "Marilynn, Thank you for the work that you have freely given on your site. It has been a blessing to me so much so that I have chosen to completely give my life over to God. I was just a ‘regular’ Christian, but I knew there was more. It took me a while to find the realization of truth through your writings. Back when I was in my young 20’s (over 15 years ago) I had an experience where I was with Jesus and we were fighting it out against evil. I must say now that it was very real, you confirmed it for me. Spiritual fighting can be exhausting because I felt like I didn’t get any sleep the night it occurred. My curiosity lingers about another experience that happened last night. I was in a home, I think it was mine in the spiritual world, and me and two other people that I don’t remember vaporized what I would call a witch that was there. I have not had one of these battling experiences since the first one with Christ which did not start again until I started reading your writings. I’m very grateful for what you have done because it tells the truth about what people really need to know. Concerning vices, I do have some and I’m working to break them. I know God has started ‘fixing’ me and I’m thankful for that. I would like to ask for your prayers for this also. I must also say that you are one of the most amazing people that I’ve come across and I don’t say that lightly. I wish that I could be half as learned as you are now in spirituality. I had many encounters with evil during the time I was praying heavily against evil. The devil hated it - obviously. Although I’m not as clairsentient and clairvoyant as you, I have rebuked many of them. It was getting so bad at one point in my life that I had to stop everything because the devil was working overtime causing all kinds of problems in my life. At one point he sent the only thing I can describe as a huge powerful demon against me when I was sleep, but the Angels took care of him. Thank you, Michael Elgers"

Hania Stromberg, Reader, Albuquerque, NM, USA  - "Dear Marilynn, I have thought to email you many times.   

Bwfore I say anything else I want to thank you so much for having come into my life. And you probably have no idea how much you have given me through your books, your website, just knowing that you are a real person and such a wonderful friend on this journey home. I will not write much this time. (Maybe I'll write more another time.)

The recording of your singing of "Our Father " sometimes opens a door to such a great love for me that it is beyond my ordinary comprehension, and Jesus Christ standing to me, saying "at last you have a glimpse of understanding of My love for the Father. 

Your poem from page 122 of 'The Mysteries of the Redemption: A Treatise on Out-of-Body Travel and Mysticism' - "My soul, my soul, I've found my soul, my love, my love, I've found my love. My heart, my heart, I've found my heart, My God, my God, it's you . . . " is a way for me to enter a meditation. It is so "mine" that sometime I have to remind myself that I have not written it but you did. And perhaps indeed the light of truth has written it.  No, do not misunderstand me Marilynn, it is your poem, I do not take it from you, it is just that it feels so "mine." I love listening to you reading your books.

But what I really wanted to say in this email is THANK YOU. Have a blessed Christmas. and thank you again.  so much so much love to you, thank you for living . . . In Love, Hania"

Dustin, Reader, USA - "Thank You! I'm an avid listener of Coast to Coast and I happened upon your show two days ago, the one you did in June 2009.  I was so very impressed with you that I listened to it again right away. I had a very good feeling while listening to everything you had to say and I know it's the spirit testifying of truth, so I then went to Amazon and looked at your books - I felt inclined to buy the "The Mysteries of the Redemption." I can very genuinely say that even though I'm not very far into it yet, it has very much "tweeked' (in a marvelous way) my perception of EVERYTHING.  I've believed all that you attest to for a very long time, and now, your work is greatly enriching my understandings and igniting my desire to truly make the most of my life - its at a time in my life that I need it desperately. I'm so grateful for your testimony of Jesus Christ.  I know, as you, that he is the way and the light.  I grew up Mormon, and served a LDS mission in the Dominican Republic - but didn't have a strong testimony for myself -"for ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith" Esther 12:6 -  Book of Mormon. After I came home, I lost touch with who I am, and was blind sided with a bad decision . . .  I'm grateful to be alive and that I still have the opportunity to progress to do the things I agreed with Heavenly Father to do before being born. Your teachings are helping me see my vices for what they truly are. Thank you, and thank God!! Dustin"

Wendy L., Astral Traveler, AUSTRALIA - "Thank you very much for answering my questions and with the suggestions of the other books.  I read "Come to Wisdom's Door" for the second time and got even more out of it the second time than I did the first.  Thanks to you I think I now understand where I went wrong.  While I had been praying, I don't think my prayers were fervent enough or purging enough.  I hadn't taken a good look at myself.  I have always said that we all have like a black hole inside ourselves where we put all of the painful, embarrassing, shameful etc experiences that we have and then put a lid on that black hole, never wanting to look at it.  If you don't look at yourself wholly, then you are not looking at yourself truthfully.  I read over my out of body travels journals again and read that I had been told to write my autobiography.  My answer to this was "What's so interesting about my life that someone else would want to read it?"  And so I dismissed this as a silly idea.  But thanks to you, I see now that writing my autobiography was a way of assessing my life and facing that black hole.  The autobiography was never meant to be read by anyone else - it was for me - an exercise - like a confession.

'I feel now that I was not ready to travel out of my body, that even though I capable of getting out of my body, I was not spiritually ready (even though I thought I was).  It was like I sneaked through without an invitation.   Perhaps that is why I was left to wander on my own - although not entirely as I was always helped when I ran into trouble, but never guided through the realms.  In my prayers I have asked that my travels, or my memory of them be blocked until such times as I am spiritually ready to be guided properly.  In the meantime I will work hard to achieve that goal.'
'I purchased "Introduction to a Devout Life," (By St. Francis De Sales) as you suggested and have begun the exercises. I can now see a clear path to what I have to do.  You have truly been a light in the darkness to me.  I will never forget that you were the one that showed me the way.  You will always be in my prayers and in my heart for the magnificent gift you have given me. 'With all of my love, Thank You. Wendy."

Wendy L., Astral Traveler, AUSTRALIA (ONE YEAR LATER) - "Hello Marilynn, I hope you remember me. My name is Wendy and about a year ago you recommended to me a book that you said would change everything. It was An Introduction to the Devout life. It did in fact change everything and using the meditations and advice, I entered a period of repentance and surrender. At the end of it, I was so ashamed of myself that I thought that even if God could forgive me, how could I ever forgive myself? I surrendered my life to God.

Finally, one night as I had finished my prayers, it was about 4 am. As I rolled over to go to sleep I became aware that I could see, even though my eyes were closed. Rose petals began to fall to the floor. I sat up a little and looked to see where they landed, but as they hit the floor they disappeared.  It was beautiful. Then all of a sudden I could see through my bedroom wall and a bright light was coming towards me. As it came closer, a beautiful female voice came out of it. "Welcome to the light. You are doing very well." She asked me something which I don't remember, but my reply was "If it comes from God, I accept." The light began to enter me and I flinched a little, but the voice said.  "Everything is alright. Take in all the oxygen you need." With that, the light entered me. I don't know how long this lasted, but afterwards I had a book in my hand (obviously out of body). The words were being formed at a great speed. They were coming out of the book - Hebrew - as though they were carved out of wood, they just rose up out of the book - line after line, page after page. I couldn't understand it, but when it had finished I turned to the front of the book and realized I could read it. (I don't remember any of what was written, though).
During the months that followed this my life became so devoted to God, that the love would fill me so much that my heart would actually feel that it couldn't contain all of the love. Many times, I could only cry. At times the love would be more than I felt I could physically take.  I actually developed an abnormal heart rhythm a few weeks ago.  I don't know if it is related. One of the messages I was given was -"Every bit of filth will be revealed." I assumed this was talking about my own deepest darkest vices being stripped and laid bare. I accepted this gladly. Then out of body one day I came out of the tunnel and said "Hello teacher.  Where am I going?" He pointed to the distance and said "See those clouds over there in the distance? Just under those . . ." Obviously, a troubling time was coming up.
Marilynn, two weeks ago, I found out some very life devastating things. In one foul swoop I lost my past and my future, and some people I dearly loved. (Lines in Blue were Edited to Exclude Personal Information.)

You can imagine that my life has become very difficult.  I hold onto God like a vice, and yet at times, my small self cries out in agony. Before this, my thoughts were on God continually, but since this - a couple of weeks ago, my thoughts are not with God as much as they should be - rather they dwell too much on what I am going through. I am struggling to regain my spiritual balance.

Today I turned on my computer to be met with your new download on suffering and just the sight of it brought me to tears. (Suffering: The Fruits of Utter Desolation) I thank you with all of my heart for your beauty. Your love reaches far and wide, and in my hour of agony and desolation, it has reached me.

All I can do is tell you my story and thank you with all of my heart . . . again.

Your new book was just what I needed to remind me of all the things you spoke of. The size is wonderful and it has instant impact. It can be read and re-read quickly and I thank you for that so much. I am actually feeling much better. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement, I know it has helped. I have actually touched on that beautiful peace again. All my love, Wendy, Astral Traveler, Australia"

Neil Roberts, Reader, UNITED KINGDOM - "I wanted to share some news with you... I have finally taken the decision to become a Catholic. I have contacted my local Priest and he has invited me to Mass on Sunday. I am meeting with him afterwards to discuss joining the RCIA. I am really excited! It's been a long journey getting here and I have slipped up along the way but it's time now. I need to take this step forward and trust this process to allow myself to be renewed and reborn in Christ. I want to thank you for your part in this. Years ago when I started to confront my own sins and take action I was confronted by evil in open warfare through dreams and experienced powerful visions and experiences. Your books and personal messages helped me to understand what was happening to me in a down to earth manner. I will always be grateful for your guidance. Amongst the books you once sent me I have a copy of The Cathecism of the Catholic Church which is going to guide me in the months ahead. I also have a lovely hardback copy of The Spiritual Life by Rev Tanquerey which will help me along the way. I pray that one day I will be able to work in a humble manner for the Lord in helping other souls as you do. But I have to work on my own purification first. God bless you Marilynn!! Much love."

AnaYel, Austin, TX, USA - "Dear Marilynn,  have to share.. I had my first OBE’s (2) very early this morning... very easy and gentle. Short but flew up through the ceiling. Was calm in the experience going slowly in the astral area where I was. Met 3 of my angels quickly going by me. One stopped, held my hand and introduced himself as Abraham. Then he had to leave quickly uttering something between Abraham.... and Africa. I have close ties to Africa so this caught me. But, gentle experience and meditating all night, praying, praising, singing without ceasing.  God heard my prayers after emanating my light. After watching the Rites of Passage 3 and 4 yesterday. I had not been using one of my gifts, and you hit it home for me on #3. This was a powerful and positive message for me. By God’s Grace and gift of unconditional love to me, I connected with His sacred heart once more and was filled. A humbled yielded vessel of His love and light, full and radiantly beaming for what seemed hours to the planet. I was in bliss smiling the whole time. I was so ashamed I had not been utilizing this gift. You are right about unworthiness. I felt unworthy, but so thankful. I was a “But, why me?” I never knew. Thank you. God bless you. I received a precious gift, and my soul yearns for more. I love you dearly. ❤️ 

The gift I had not been using... Radiating his loving light. Early on in my life he gifted me with unconditional love for all. He also said, “You have the ability to love the soul for the purpose not yet defined.” He put light in my body many years ago. An initiation I will share later. But, I turned into a brilliant light being. I was all white and full of so much love. His love. I was to meditate in this radiance projecting His unconditional love to the world and all souls. I did for some time, then the world with its fears took it from me. I’m so ashamed. I would beam light all over the world. I could cry now thinking of it. 

So much I’ve wanted to share, at times it’s been more than I could express. I just want to follow God’s will. Remove the fetters and be reunited back with my holy family. I have shared His love, daily.. but not to that degree in awhile. I feel I let Him down. I let myself down. I can and must do better. I will. ❤️

With your help, Christ Jesus and the Masters, I will. You are His gift to me. 

Thank you for being you. Definitely Rites of Passage video #3... and you spoke of the light and sound current in #4. This a path God brought into my life over 10 years ago through a dear friend. I also spoke with him yesterday right after watching your videos and told him about them. God is so good. ❤️🙏🏻😊🌹Love, AnaYel

P.S. AnaYel is the name I was given. I was told it’s my true name many years ago in meditation. Unconditional love. ❤️ I’m so basking right now. Blissfully enjoying. Most humbled. 😌🙏🏻 Within 2 days of being given that name, a family member and a friend both said they heard that name for me. I did not share it, but they confirmed it after I told them they had heard the name. One was my ex brother in law who has had dreams and visions of the Sikh masters with me and me being all in white, and I might add, my also being in Africa."

Marilynn Hughes, The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation
Now I Am A Carthusian In Memory
By Eduardo de Andrede
Former Carthusian Monk, BRAZIL
I am a former Carthusian monk
Small chapel was my place
And it continues to be in spirit
Somehow is just there that
I left my heart in Évora, Portugal
It was an Autumn morning
So many dreams, even reflections
They were waked up
In those leaves on the ground
What would be of us
if butterflies don't land up
On the trees' flowers?
Ah! We wouldn't get fruit
And the beauty of all colours
And I think of solitude
It leads me into a desert
And you can believe
Full of life, Yeah! The desert where God
Dominates both my soul and mind
They become greater and greater in humanity
And I think to myself:/ God is great
God is good!

What a divinity He is!
There seems to be Merton's simplicity

Dedicated to Marilynn Hughes
Post-Doctoral in Metaphysics,
and an Angel who happened in my life.