Prelude to a Dream: Book 1 of the Mysteries of the Redemption Series - In PRELUDE TO A DREAM, you will explore the nature of Lost Souls, Reincarnation, Karma and Dreams as you venture into the worlds of light to begin understanding the mechanics of creation through the mechanism of Out-of-Body Travel. Along the way, you will gain knowledge about the soul's awakening, entry into co-creation, and the nature of surrender in the spiritual path.

                Each of these books not only gives practical guidance on how to achieve the out-of-body experience, but each volume expands further on achieving higher states and handling the many situations that you come across when traveling out-of-body.

                Join with me as we enter now the Ascension Pathway, Karmic Purification, the Awakening . . .

Prelude to a Dream, By Marilynn Hughes

"... and I am feeling the Holy Spirit AGAIN as I was about to mention that I have resumed reading Prelude to a Dream. I can't describe how wonderful it is to read about your experiences... I can't imagine how glorious they were to actually experience." - John Lyssikatos, New Jersey, USA