Simply Amazing Women

Simply Amazing Women: Be Inspired, By K.C. Armstrong
KC Armstrong named Marilynn Hughes as One of the Thirteen 
'SIMPLY AMAZING WOMEN' Featured in his Book

Released on July 1st, 2020

Brief Description:
 Interviews with 13 inspiring women who fought with everything they had to find peace, purpose, survival and redemption. Woven together by celebrity host of WMAP Radio K. C. Armstrong (formerly of the Howard Stern Show).


Full description:

Simply Amazing Women, second in K. C. Armstrong's Simply Amazing series, continues his themes of human resiliency and inspiration, needed now more than ever. Each of the 13 interviews showcases a woman who courageously faced severe challenges and ultimately used the experience for the benefit of others. It's not just about being a survivor; it's about surviving to ease the path of others. Woven together by celebrity host of WMAP Radio, K. C. Armstrong (formerly of the Howard Stern Show), Published to celebrate and honor our mothers and grandmothers: women of strength, passion, and wisdom.


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Simply Amazing Women: Be Inspired 
By KC Armstrong,
Featuring Marilynn Hughes