THE ALIENS OF THE REDEMPTION – The Mysterious Role of Extraterrestrials in Salvation History and Ancient Sacred Texts: Look into the face of Nefertiti, as she beckons . . . there is something lost, lost to history. She wants you to rediscover it. This book will take you to an unexpected destination through the mystical and out-of-body experiences of Marilynn Hughes. In the Religious history of humanity, there lies a thread of visitations that have come from otherworldly visitors. Some of them distinctively extraterrestrial, and others only by implication. What was their purpose? What were they trying to infuse into the human experience? What type of acceleration did they hope to bring to the spiritual potential within humanity itself? Read this book to find out.

"This book is like a very loving friend, who puts his arm around you and says, 'Come home, and be with God in all his Glory.' You're constantly blowing things open. Get your seatbelt on and hold on for dear life. I mean it in a good way. This new book incorporates the Extraterrestrials into the conept of God and Religion. It's mind blowing. We limit ourselves so much down here. When I read your stuff, it just opens up the Universe. I feel very privileged to read your books. I feel blessed. Great theme that God is and always will be in us. Still the mind and let God emerge. Thank you for writing this great work. " - Andrew Hughes, Fountain Hills, AZ, USA

"I’ve been following Marilynn Hughes’s works for decades now and I must say that I can clearly see God takes Marilynn into deeper and deeper and higher truth as years pass by; just like taking steps into higher and higher understandings. At the very beginning of her writings, as anyone who reads them can see, they started out in more of a new age sort of place. However, as her out of body travel journey progressed, she was taken into and had revealed to her the deeper mysteries held within each religion. This was done so in a very specific, precise and gradual manner. If you read her books in chronological order, this can easily be seen and experienced yourself as I have done. Ironically, by going through this process with her, I began having experiences which deepened and became more meaningful, as well, as I studied Marilynn’s works. I think this is one of the very unique things I’ve discovered in her writings.

Every time I read her books, I feel the Holy Spirit is moving through. Her work is  truly a proof of the Holy Spirit’s existence and the proof of ever active presence of God. As she wrote further and further, I could see that they became more focused on each religions uniqueness and sacredness. And then ultimately, even this took a turn in ‘The Aliens of the Redemption’ and she ultimately reveals the Universal truths regarding the extraterrestrial involvement from the beginning of time. As the Redemption series comes to end, Marilynn is showing us that no matter what religion we choose to practice, or if we follow a unique spiritual path that is yet to be defined, all of these paths are directing themselves toward one summit of point which is God himself.

I’ve learned from her mystical experiences that authentic religion is an exercise of the spirit. It is a practice of our faith while we are here in this physical body and doing so helps to place us on the road that leads to the summit. Most importantly, she repeatedly conveys to the reader that God exists within us and that in order to bring this about, each of us is responsible to create the heaven within and inside of us. To create Heaven within our own heart requires daily, constant, never ending practice during our earthly life . . . a never ending purification process. 

For those still wanting to touch the face of God, but find it hard to grasp, I highly recommend you follow your curiosity and start reading Marilynn’s books. She mentioned in her last book a quote I will share in closing, ‘That life comes from the spirit, and that spirit is of God. Without God infusing into and within us, we simply can not have life within us.’” She speaks of this enlivenment, this vibrational life that is explained throughout her books and I have now been very grateful to receive in my own life, and this is very true. It is a higher, more refined life she speaks of . . . and it is available to all who will receive of it, but it only comes from God. I’m grateful that Marilynn’s books have played a role in helping me to find it in my own life.

 Thank you, Marilynn for this book, it really wrapped up the Redemption series in an unexpected way.”" - Mari Magdalena Nagasaki, San Francisco, CA, USA

"I downloaded 'The Aliens of The Redemption', felt super impressed about how much work you have put into the Out of Body Foundation!!" - Gustavo Aponte, VENEZUELA

The Aliens of the Redemption: The Mysterious Role of Extraterrestrials in Salvation History and Ancient Sacred Texts, By Marilynn Hughes