The Science for Moral Law
By Marilynn Hughes, Mystic and Founder of ‘The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation’


Dr. Rudy Schild, Professor Emeritus Career Astronomer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics and the Editor of Cosmology Magazine

Dr. Rudy Schild, Professor Emeritus Career Astronomer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics and the Editor of Cosmology Magazine - "I excitedly read your chapter and am very pleased with it. Thank you for sending to me the final version, which I have read and approve. I strongly endorse your writing material that brings new understanding of the workings of the Universe, and a focused scientist like myself has a hard time bringing such clarification to the experience of any. We need enlightened persons like yourself to lead this charge. I like working with spiritual individuals to try to bring grounded meaning to their work, as here. Bless you for your work to spread peace and love through understanding. My best wishes to you."

This inquiry between Dr. Rudy Schild and myself began after a discussion we’d been having on new discoveries in science (on his end) and mysticism (on my own.) Dr. Schild had mentioned in one of these conversations that there was science to support a moral law which holds the fabric of the universe in place and is consistently significant within its workings and operations. My interest was piqued. I asked him to explain the science supporting moral law and this was his reply.

“As science ponders the apparent conclusion that the Universe seems to have been constructed with fine tuning for a uniform cloud of expanding gas, the Big Bang, to become galaxies, stars, planets and physical sentient beings, it is increasingly difficult for science to avoid noticing that the universe seems to have been fine-tuned for this purpose. As scientists we notice that the Universe is fundamentally defined by a dozen arbitrary numbers, which seem to have no relationship to each other but which seem to have worked out perfectly, and if the numbers were to differ from the values observed, the amazing result of sentient life could not have occurred. The numbers I refer to are the speed of light, c, the Planck constant, h, the Newton gravitational constant, g, the mean ratio of protons to neutrons in our atoms, phi, the electron charge, e, etc. We find that if any of these numbers were off of their observed values by a tiny amount, like increased by 1%, then the complex sequence of events couldn’t have worked. For example, if the gravitational constant g were a tiny bit larger, then black holes would not have originated soon enough for their amazing consciousness-supporting presence to carry our memory and embody our souls.

So we can easily find ourselves slipping into the conclusion that the purpose of the Universe is for physical structure to occur, so that sentient life can thrive. Some would say, getting farther away from precepts of physical science alone, that the purpose is for love to originate and encompass the creation, for the celebration of the Creator.

If so, then we have a foundational basis for the moral law that must guide us. Everything that we do must foster and support the development of life, and the protection of the natural environment given to it by its Creator. We easily conclude that the ideal human life encourages all living beings, great and small, and recognize their places and needs. And how can we not appreciate and thank our Creator, and do we not glorify Him and his creation, by deeper inspection and study of it all?” Dr. Rudy Schild

So let me share my thought process with you when I first read Dr. Schild’s response.

If this is true . . . what does that tell us, what does this really mean for all of us?

We know we are mortal beings. We know we will die. We know our existence here is temporary. Yet most of us would concur that the soul is immortal and lives eternally.

So if this is true and all creation has been designed for the sole purpose of physical embodiment . . . why? Why would something so important also be so temporary?

Further, if this is true, it throws everything materialists have believed about physical reality on its heels. But yet, at the same time, it throws much of what religion, mysticism and the spiritual beliefs of many peoples on its heels, as well. In essence, Dr. Schild has just rocked all of our worlds!

By demonstrating that the physical journey is more important - so relevant as to require the entire universal system to be based on perfect mathematical accuracy to ensure  this outcome – whichever camp you come from, material or spiritual, your world has been completely changed by this scientific revelation.

In Dr. Schild’s discoveries we find an argument for a congruency to life; laws which could define forward, backward and steady action, and thus, motion, which could translate into mathematical formulas which can show expansion, retraction or consistent motion within the movement of universal creation.

Imagine this. Imagine how important this possibility has suddenly become in your world and mine. If actions have mathematical, and thus, energetic import; what does this mean about you and me?

More than anything, it would show us that everything that we do has meaning, purpose, substance and truth. It would demonstrate that the choices and decisions we make have universal implications which could affect our own world and worlds beyond our own that we cannot yet even imagine. It gives a substantive reality to everything we think, say, do or choose not to do.

Now, many of us have heard of ideas thrown around like the laws of abundance and the laws of attraction. But what if there is something inherently flawed in these concepts simply because of a misunderstanding on our part of what either of these actualities represent?

The laws of abundance as often stated are very often focused on financial outcomes. But what is true abundance really? Is it money, or is it a loving family? Is abundance having everything you want in this world we know is temporary, or having something more . . . perhaps something that would transcend this temporary world when it was your time to cross over into the other?

The laws of attraction are often again stated as bringing towards us what we believe that we want in this temporary world. But yet, do we really know what we want or what would give us a sense of satisfaction, well-being or goodwill? Do we know whether that which we are attracted to will bring us pain or a sense of peace? Again, would you wish to draw to yourself those things which are only of this world or those which could transcend this temporary world when it was your time to cross over into the other?

So, how do you know if the abundance you seek will actually fulfill your life, or the attractions that you currently pursue will be of any eternal consequence? These laws seem to contain within them a double-edged sword; that which could be deemed positive mixed with that which could be deemed negative in your life . . . and that very element annuls their worth.

Allow me to introduce you to an old law, one which mystics have inquired of for thousands of years, but much of humanity has failed to pursue in a truly tangible way and in a consistent manner. But the pursuit of this law contains within it everything . . . the law of contentment.

Going back to Dr. Schild’s comments, in particular “the purpose is for love to originate and encompass the creation, for the celebration of the Creator.”

How familiar is this to those of us who have kept up with studies on near death experiences? How familiar is this to those of us who have studied the ancient sacred texts of mystics throughout the ages? How familiar to those who have experienced out-of-body travel or other forms of mystical interchange with things divine?

Although there is more than one common denominator in all of these experiences, for the sake of our subject, let us focus on just the one – love.

Near death experiencers, mystics and others who have experienced other-worldly phenomena universally proclaim the unconditional love of the great Divine, the Universe, God – whatever they may choose to call it. They are encompassed within it. And it is considered one of the criteria of a valid near death experience to look upon the life of the individual who has experienced it and observe whether or not their life has drastically changed.

And this is so because so many near death experiencers come back with an enhanced awareness of those things within the context of their lives which promoted the universal good, and those things which did not. In my own near death experience, the Lord Jesus Christ revealed to me that the purpose of our earthly existence here was simple. It was to go from a state of selfishness towards selflessness . . .

How many of us have heard the bible saying which states very simply that we should do good and avoid evil?

“Seek good and not evil, that ye may live. Hate the evil and love the good.” Amos 5:14-15

Why? Is it because there is a choice between expansion and contraction involved within those choices? Perhaps we are to avoid evil because it causes a contraction.

And what about this?

“Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil; that put darkness for light.” Isaiah 5:20

Why ‘Woe?’ Could it be that if we call good evil or evil good we are promoting to those who hear us a contraction, while giving off the impression that we encouraging an expansion?  And ‘Woe’ to us who mislead others into doing the opposite of that which they may sincerely intend?

Perhaps these warnings in biblical and other ancient texts are there because there is a universal and eternal law at stake which affects the expansion and contraction of the universe? Perhaps, in being warned to do good and to take the time to form our consciences in a manner which supports our ability to discern that which is good from that which is evil, we are being directed to move within the universal law of love which naturally (again through eternal law) leads to contentment?

How does this lead to contentment?

Well, we have already ascertained that we live a temporal world which lasts but a short time. We will all die, our existence here is temporary. We have already ascertained from Dr. Schild’s comments that it is quite possible that the entire universe was created with the purpose of physical creation at its summit. These almost seem to contradict one another, yet they do not.

Let us digress. What is the secret of the saints?

How much do we really control in our lives here in this temporary existence? And what does come with us when we leave this realm and return to the other side?

We control only how much we love . . . and we retain only the love we engender and our deeds, be they good, evil, indifferent . . . be they expansive, contractive or simply sustaining.

The secret of the saints is that they chose to do good and avoid evil. And as long as they were doing this; there was nothing that could be done to them which could affect their contentment. In the fires of persecution, although it would be irresponsible to say they didn’t experience pain, fear, hardship or hurt; we can say they experienced peace. Because they were at peace with God. 

But who is God if not the center and creator of this universe? And isn’t this universe demonstrating to us in all of these mathematical constants which Dr. Schild so skillfully merged and explained for us a Presence which requires our understanding? And do not these constants show a unity and plan which require absolute precision? And the saints demonstrated that precision in their actions by recognizing that their only power within this physical universe - the physical constraint of our mortal lives - was their conscious and continual choice to do good and avoid evil.

Do good, avoid evil, contentment arises. This is a thought which is contained within, yet transcends and unites all world religious and spiritual thought.

Despite all the relativism our world has provided to us can we not all agree that in our heart of hearts we all know the difference between that which is good and that which is evil? We know the difference between actions which cause expansion and those which cause retraction, do we not? And I would venture to say that we know that which provides sustenance and those things which might be called ‘lukewarm’ which cause diminution due to a lack of any action, would you agree?

And the great thing about such things, as well, is that our universe has provided many mystical and ascetical theologians who can help us to define such matters and continue to form our conscience in a manner which would support the universal law of love, rather than contradict it in the name of our own desires or pleasures.

Perhaps what we should also look more closely upon those desires and pleasures of which we remain so attached; because in the light of the unconditional love of an Almighty God and a universal sphere of intelligence which presses us to higher modes of operation and stimulus, is it conceivable that these very things we believe we want and need are concealing from us the true and great dignity of humanity as created by an intelligence infinitely above and beyond them?

One cannot help but wonder if the simple name God gives to Himself in the Old Testament, ‘I Am,’ conceals a secret regarding the eternal law of contentment. Perhaps it is our need to define ourselves and others, to define world and personal events within a context, and maybe even our need to contain within the fragments of an unimaginative intelligence a confined designation which may have absolutely no meaning and bear no truth in the eternal sense; which keeps the soul in an eternal state of desiring and deprives it of peace.

A contented life results from an illumination of the soul that incorporates resonance with good, and hence with the purpose of the diadem of the universe. Good and evil vibrate with an actual physical quantum presence in our objective universe and in the soul. Bringing the two together in an act of consciousness generates creates a luminescence and compatible resonance with the actual purpose of the Universe. Because of this resonation within the context of the higher, finer vibrational spheres of will, motion and stringent access to that which is, the individual soul immediately experiences the arising of contentment. Other souls, other people, can touch into this resonation generated by an individual, and sometimes without even knowing why, find themselves swept up in a sudden onset of contentment, peace or well-being. This palpable resonance and alignment to the Eternal Soul of good and universal intention, design or schema is what brings us into the ecstatic experience.


For those of us who have been borne into mysticism throughout the ages, there is a desiring that emanates from desirelessness, a striving which is immersed in not striving,   and a contentment which derives from simply moving within the universal initiation of expansion. By thus uniting with and merging the forces of a single soul with that of a greater and boundless reality, the soul melts into an endless sea of cosmic delights and goodnesses. All things become one . . . contentment arises.

At almost all funeral’s, you will hear read the 23rd Psalm of David. Why is this? Do you know? It is the secret that everybody is seeking; yet concealed within the tempered words of a mystical soul who kept it silent and unrearing in its mysteries to those who might not yet understand them. Perhaps you are ready to understand them. Perhaps you are ready now, too.

“The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.” Psalm 23

Science and the moral law have always been united, But today, let us gather in their joining and announce to the world the excitement and adventure which lays beyond because of this revelation. Our former worlds have passed away, the worlds of those of us who were among the materialists and the worlds of those of us who were among the spiritually minded. And today we have seen something new, something that has engaged us in a rapid encounter with the universal intelligence which created us for this moment.

And we may now choose that this moment will bear fruit in every single one of our lives because it really is that simple.

Love one another. Do good, avoid evil . . . allow contentment to arise.

Namaste (I Bow to the Divine in You) – Hindu Greeting
Jai Jinendra (Victory over Sustainable Happiness) - Jainist Greeting
Sat Sriakaal (The Eternal Truth) - Sikh Greeting
Shalom Alechum (Peace Be Upon You) - Jewish Greeting
Hamazor Hama Ashobed (I am fine and hope you are, too) – Zoroastrian Greeting
Buddha Namo (In the Name of the Buddha) – Buddhist Greeting
My Peace I Give You, My Peace I Leave with you - Words of Christ
Peace be With You - Christian Greeting
As- Salaam-o-Alaikum (As Peace be Upon You) – Islamic Greeting
 Allah Abho (Glorious God) – Baha’i Greeting

“The Highest Good, pleased in Itself alone, made man good, and for Good, and gave him this place as an earnest of eternal peace. By his own fault, man did not dwell here long.” Dante’s Purgatorio, Words of Matelda regarding the Original Earthly Paradise

“My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9


Marilynn Hughes

The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation,

Marilynn Hughes founded ‘The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation’ in 2003 (Mission – Reduce Spiritual and Physical Hunger Worldwide). Marilynn has written 75+ books, 40 magazines and around 15 CD's on Out-of-Body Travel and Comparative Religious Mysticism. These books, along with accompanying music and art, are all available for free download. Marilynn has experienced, researched, written and taught about Out-of-Body Travel and Mysticism since 1987 and has appeared on innumerable radio and television programs to discuss her thousands of out-of-body experiences. She is featured in the documentary film 'The Road to Armageddon' which was released in the Fall of 2012 and has been included in 'The Encyclopedia of the Unseen World,' (By Constance Heidari, Red Wheel Weiser) in 2009 and 'Extra-Planetary Experiences: Alien Human Contact and the Expansion of Consciousness,' by Dr. Thomas Streicher in 2012.

Marilynn was invited to speak at the 2014 Conference for Consciousness and Human Evolution nine Global Scientists, Humanitarians and Mystics are invited to London to speak about the evolution of human consciousness; Marilynn has been the object of a Scientific Study on Out-of-Body Experiences and a subject in a Scientific Study on XPE, Extra-Planetary Experiences. 

Dr. Rudy Schild

Dr. Rudy Schild is an Emeritus research astronomer at the Harvard/Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, following an extensive career studying Dark Matter, Black Holes, and the fluid mechanical origins of Cosmic Structure. Because of his long association with Dr. John Mack, he has become interested in the formulation of a coherent understanding of a space-time in the universe, and is a champion of Dr. Edgar Mitchell's (Apollo 14 Astronautic, Founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences) quantum hologram formulation of the nature of existence and reality. As Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Cosmology he has attempted to broaden the scope of scientific inquiry to include the nature of consciousness and the Universe of Universes. 

The Change: The Science of Moral Law, By Marilynn Hughes and Dr. Rudy Schild