The Hammer of Mysticism: An Encyclopedic Journey into Out-of-Body Travel, Mystical Processes and Terms - If you are looking for a guide to Out-of-Body Travel and Mysticism that you can refer to time and time again to understand methods and terms you may have forgotten . . . and searching for a book that you can read straight through because of its continuity of purpose but yet feel you have undertaken to comprehend such encyclopedic facets of knowledge regarding of Out-of-Body Travel and Mysticism . . . You can take both journeys with ‘The Hammer of Mysticism.'

This book was originally written by Marilynn Hughes for 'The Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Experiences' which she served as an Advisory Board Member for just over two years (2012 - Early 2015) to explain the Contact Modalities in greater detail. The original introductory papers are provided below.

The Hammer of Mysticism: An Encyclopedic Journey into Out-of-Body Travel, Mystical Processes and Terms, By Marilynn Hughes

"I have gone through your work 'The Hammer of Mysticism:  Encyclopedic Journey into Out-of-Body Travel, Mystical Processes and Terms'. Really a great work (one of its kind)." -  Chandresh Singh Krishna, Yogi 

"WOW! What a Masterpiece! I really enjoyed it . . . It is a special piece and requires a special time and place--  just like our universe." Reinerio Hernandez, Attorney - Co-Founder of FREE (The Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into ExtraTerrestrial Encounters), Miami, FL, USA

Dear Marilynn,  I saw today that you have released this book which I have been looking forward to.  I have to say that I am flying through it, its absolutely riveting. Its very very different to anything you have written before but I love the style of it. Wow, so much incredible knowledge! I've had some struggles lately and gotten a little lost. Your book is helping me to pick myself up, dust myself down and fight on.  Thanks, Marilynn. You are an amazing person and we all love you very much."
- Neil W., Reader, London, UK

I have been riveted by the picture on the cover for a while now, just wanting to absorb it.  The picture is amazing.  Wow. I was going to just leave it at that thinking that the contents of the book consisted of something like a glossary of terms, which I didn't think I wanted to read. I just opened the book . . .  and boy was I wrong. I am so excited to read this, I can't scan through it fast enough. I'm going to have to take it slower, because there's a lot to take in. This is really impressive. Thank you for sharing this info and I really like what I've seen so far and the transition back and forth between your experiences and the other sources." - Rosalyn, Reader, Schaumburg, IL, USA

"I learned so much from it! At one point, when I was out my body, I went through all these different types of tunnels . . . and I was wondering about them. When this book came out and I read it, it became very clear what types of tunnels I went through. It explains gateways, corridors, multidimensional portals and vortexes . . . and many many more." - Mari Tang, San Francisco, CA, USA

"Great Book." - Sara Jane, CA, USA

"Hi Marilynn. Great news! These new books look so interesting and the covers are awesome!'An Encyclopedic Journey Into Mystical Processes And Terms'. Wow, that's really got me interested! Your writings are a true blessing for us all! Love, Neil" - Neil, London, UK

"Ooooohhhhhhhhhhh . . . I like that Title, The HAMMER of Mysticism*** Right on! Smiles!" - Kayla Anne Reno, Daytona Beach, FL, USA

“I agree with Neil, your writings are a true blessing for us all! God is really good.” - Darja, Ljubljana, SLOVENIA

"Marilynn I dug into your new book. Fascinating. Will ask God to help me with it! Very DEEP!" - Bill Tuck, Reader, Phelan, CA, USA

"'The Hammer of Mysticism' is one book I think I've been waiting for and didn't even know it. I might have a new found affinity for all things Encyclopedia!" - Antonio Herbert, Reader, Kissimmee, FL, USA

"I thank thee." -  Isla Tula, Reader, Seattle, WA, USA