Coming Soon! How to Have an Out-of-Body Experience

 From 'Astral Projection Made Easy,' 'Come to Wisdom's Door: How to Have an Out-of-Body Experience,' 'Out-of-Body Travel and Mysticism: A Primer on the Basics of Out-of-Body Experiences and Energetic Law in Out-of-Body Travel and Mysticism,' and 'Out-of-Body Experiences: What You Need to Know'

The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation
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The Stairway from Earth to Heaven:
Ancient Sacred Texts Class

From 'The Mysteries of the Redemption: A Treatise on Out-of-Body Travel and Mysticism,' By Marilynn Hughes

Initiations into the Mysteries 

From 'The Hammer of Mysticism: An Encyclopedic Journey into Out-of-Body Travel, Mystical Processes and Terms'

The Rites of Passage Class

From 'The Fragrance of the Mystical Rose: The Out-of-Body Travel Celestial Mysteries from the Enclosed Garden of God,' By Marilynn Hughes